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Mundan Muhurat 2021

Mundan Sanskar is a highly important Vedic ritual or cultural tradition that has deep scientific as well as spiritual importance. It is claimed that while the kid is in the mother's womb, microbiological contaminants grow in the hair on his or her scalp, which tend to stay and, in fact, proliferate after birth. Even after washing the baby's head, these pollutants stay on the scalp and hair.

By shaving the baby's head for the first time or conducting his or her Mundan Sanskar, all microbiological contaminants are eliminated from the baby's scalp. This procedure helps the baby's mental development and supports a healthy brain and neurological system.

When a kid goes through Mundan Sanskar, he or she loses a lot of bad karmas from previous lives that have followed them into this one. Surprisingly, according to the holy texts, Mundan is a rite that bestows a long and healthy life to the kid. Mundan Sanskar stimulates a child's subconscious mind and urges him or her to accomplish virtuous karmas in this lifetime.

Every important life event in Hindu culture takes place at a certain period of time known as a Muhurat. Depending on the transitory motions of several planets or their locations in the cosmos at any particular time, a Muhurat can be both auspicious and inauspicious.

A job or event completed during an auspicious Muhurat draws favorable cosmic energies that assure success and wealth in our lives while also dispelling any impediments that may have been in our path.

This is why people consult with Astrologers before deciding on the timing/schedule for any major life event, in order to ensure maximum planetary/cosmic support, which will ultimately result in positive outcomes in their lives and or the lives of those who are directly affected by the event or task performed.

When it comes to providing the best for their children, parents must plan their child's Mundan Sanskar according to the Muhurat and Guidelines provided by Hindu Astrology.

When it comes to a child's Mundan Sanskar, there are a few things to keep in mind: The Mundan Sanskar or Ceremony must be held in a holy or spiritual place because the sacred atmosphere in such places attracts highly positive energies that bless the child with success, health, and prosperity in his or her life ahead.

After evaluating the present transitory location of the planets as well as the child's particular horoscope, the Mundan must be performed at the Muhurat computed by an expert Astrologer.

The barber must be skilled in dealing with a child's rapid and unexpected body movement, and the shaving equipment must be clean.

Therefore, call Future Point and speak to one of our highly experienced Astrology & Vedic Experts to determine the most auspicious & appropriate Mundan Muhurat 2021 for your child. Plan your child's full Mundan Ceremony in line with authentic Vedic Rituals to draw positive and successful cosmic energy or heavenly blessings into his or her life!


Why is it necessary to shave a child's head after birth?

Mundan, sometimes known as the tonsure, is a term that most people are familiar with. While the youth continue to be more conservative with their hair, everyone has to become bald at some point in their lives, such as a child. Many people are aware that a newborn's head must be shaved as part of a ceremony, but they are often unaware of the rationale for this.

Surprisingly, the practice of shaving an infant's head is not exclusive to Hinduism. The practice is also observed in Muslim families throughout the country. The main difference between the two religions is that tonsure in Muslim households must be done between 1 and 40 days after the baby's birth, but it can be done at any time between 1 and 4 months in Hindu families.


The religious justification behind shaving head of a kid

If you've ever wondered why does tiny toddlers are forced to shave their heads, here's why. According to our astrologers, a person's soul receives a human body after experiencing up to 84 lakh yonis after death. And all of these yonis have an effect on human shape in some way. As a result, removing a child's head hair symbolizes a gesture of cleansing from prior yonis and liberation from the past.


Why Yogis Shave Their Head?

Human’s experience something similar when they shave their heads, which is known as Mundan. Of course, leaves do not sprout from their bodies, but suppose that a flow of energy spearheads in the direction of the person's head if they grow bald. This is only one of many reasons why Indian yogis shave their heads. Going bald not only increases their concentration but also their Saadhana. They can better channel their energy into their awareness, bringing them closer to Nirvana and helping them to get the most out of their spiritual experiences.

Furthermore, just as there is a right moment for everything in life, there are some situations and occasions when shaving one's head is a very good idea. For example, the Yogis we've been discussing consider Shivarathri to be the optimum time to shave their heads. Amavasya, or the new moon, is one day before Shivarathri. There is a continual rush of energy in the human system at this time, and shaving one's head at this time might speed up the process even more.

You've probably also encountered the Yogis who choose to let their hair grow rather than chop it. What's the big deal about that? Certain conditions, according to Vedic science, occur when a person's energies begin to break out of their body, activating two Chakras above the physical body. According to Vedic science, there are 114 chakras in the body. Two of them are external to the physical body (the ones we are talking about). Only 108 of the remaining 112 can be used in various ways, such as mediations and other methods. Meanwhile, the remaining four blossoms as a result of one's efforts.

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