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Nadi Astrology

What is Nadi Reading ?

The word "Nadi" is foundation of the Nadi Astrology. A sign or Rshi has 150 Ndis; one sign is 30 degrees of the zodiac 360. The zodiac signs are divided into three groups: moveable (Chara), fixed (Sthira), and dual (Dvisvabhva). Each of these three sorts of indicators has its own 150 Ndis nomenclature. In 360 degrees, there are 1,800 Ndis. All four Chara signs have the same Ndis numbers and names. Ndis have same numbers and names in all four Sthira signs, although their numbering differs from Chara and Dvisvabhva signs.Similarly, numbering of Ndis in each of four Dvisvabhva signs is same, but differs from Chara and Sthira signs. In Chara signs like Aries, first Ndi is Vasudh Ndi, while in Sthira signs, sequence is inverted, and Vasudh is 150th Ndi. Vasudh is 76th Ndi in Dvisvabhva signs like Gemini; that is, from centre of 150. In total, zodiac has 450 different names and numbers. This idea of Ndi is used as the basic unit for prediction in Ndi writings. That is why they are referred to as "Ndi amshas."Nadi Astrology is quite accurate in predicting one's history, including personal details, but it is incorrect in predicting one's future. This is because only God has comprehensive knowledge of the future! There is no branch of astrology that can accurately predict future. Hence, anticipating something like this is foolhardy.


What is the Reading Process?

1. Search Process Stage

Initially, you must make an imprint of your thumb print; ladies must use their left thumb, while males must use their right. Nadi Reader may then categorise your ‘Nadi bundle' and focus in on your specific leaf based on your thumb impression. This may be accomplished by sending us a scan through fax, email, or cell phone. After you order your Nadi Program, you will get basic instructions. When the Readers are satisfied with the quality of your scan, they begin selecting your bundle of potential leaves. You will then be scheduled for a 'Reading' or Leaf Identification.


2. Identification Stage: Through Skype, Email or Telephone

Identification The Identification and Translation stages of Nadi process are also included in the Reading section. Because the Nadi Readers are based in India, you'll most likely be able to participate through Skype. However, if a client want to go to India for an In-Person Reading, that is also possible. There is no discernible change. It is entirely up to your personal taste and/or convenience. This step is crucial since it identifies your leaf. Nadi Reader searches for important aspects to match, such as the sounds of your name and your parents' names, as well as confirmation of specific astrological factors at the time of your birth. The Nadi reader will give you a series of questions to which you should respond with yes or no, yes or no.If he asks if you have three brothers, you should not respond that you have four. That is not something you should say. You should also avoid claiming that you don't have a brother. All you have to say is "yes" or "no." When your leaf has been recognised using the keys, the identification step of your Nadi Reading is complete, and the translation step starts.


3. Transcription Stage

Skype-and-call The Nadi Reader looks over the material that is organised in ‘Chapters' or parts referring to different areas of your life after your ‘Index Leaf' has been found. Before trancribing all of those data into a "Book of Poetry," the reader must first translate the archaic form of prosaic Tamil from the leaf into modern-day Tamil.


4. Translation Stage: Via Skype or Phone

Transcription After that, you will be given a time slot for the translation over skype or phone. The Nadi Reader and translator will offer you a clear explanation of what is written in the poetry book, with the Nadi Reader speaking to you in modern-day Tamil and the translator in English. The Nadi ‘Reading' is the most common name for this step. At this time, we can seek clarificationandask questions. The Remedy Prescription is provided in the reading (Please note that the price for performance of the remedies is not included in the Nadi Essential Package) This section of the Reading will be recorded and made available to you in MP3 format in your AstroVed order log.Before Your ReadingPlease Read Carefully.


Divine Dialogue – Conversation Presentation

Siva-Paarvathi Your Nadi Reading will be portrayed as a Divine Dialogue between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, the Universe's All-Powerful Masculine and Feminine Energies. Goddess Parvati asks Lord Shiva inquiries on your behalf, and He responds to His most adored consort/partner.


What if you can't locate Your Nadi Leaf?

Leaf of Nadi True, some individuals hunt for their Nadi Leaf their whole lives and never discover it. Don't give up hope if you can't find your leaf. In Nadi, timing is really important. When the leaf is discovered, it is inscribed with the current date and, in certain cases, the time, as determined by the present position of the planets in our solar system. If your leaf isn't located after two weeks, you can look for it again in four to six weeks. Within central Nadi libraries, Nadi Readers exchange their Nadi bundles. If we are unable to locate your leaf through AstroVed, we will refund your purchase minus a 175 Rs administrative fee.


The Science of Thumb Prints

Thumb-impression Because your thumb impression is unique, it is vital. Your thumb impression is used by Nadi Astrology to determine your fate. That is one of differences between Nadi Astrology and conventional astrology, which asks you to provide your birth facts. Human thumb prints are reported to have 108 categories, and your unique prints are then broken down to determine your soul grouping or bundle, which can have anywhere from 20 to 25 separate leaves. Nadi Reader then utilises the sounds etched on the leaves to pinpoint your specific leaf.

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