nageshwar jyotirlinga

History of Nageshwar jyotirlinga

The Nageshwar Lord temple is advantageously positioned between Gomti and Dwarka, as well as close to the Bait Dwarka Island on the Gujarat coast. The Nageshwar temple is a hallowed sanctum that houses Nageshwar Mahadev's holy statue. Sri Krishna is said to have pleased Lord Shiva by performing the Rudrabhishekam here, and Lord Shankaracharya set the foundations of his Western Math at Kalika Peetha here.


Architecture of Nageshwar jyotirlinga temple

The temple was built in accordance with the area's basic meteorological parameters, and it slowly slopes towards Nageshwar Lake. Along the Nageshwar Lake, there is a retaining wall. Because the temple is so large and there are no rock strata beneath it, the foundation is built in a raft manner. The entire temple is made of RCC, or Reinforced Concrete Cement, which is coated with anti-rust chemicals. The structure is coated in Porbandar stone, which has a light and porous texture. To finish the temple, a large number of workers were brought in from Bombay.


Mythology of Nageshwar jyotirlinga

The most prominent storey about Nageshwar temple is about the name of Darukavanam (of Dwarka) and the establishment of Nageshwar.

Daruk, a strong demon, and his wife Daruka used to live in the jungle. Daruk had grown haughty and headstrong as a result of a boon bestowed by Parvati. He and his Daruka began interfering with and destroying Hindu festivals. He even kidnapped Supriya (a Shiva devotee) and many others, imprisoning them in a secret dungeon. Supriya performed all Shiva Puja rites on a daily basis, as well as wearing the holy ash/ Bhasma, wearing Rudraksha, and reciting the Om Namah Shivay Shiva Mantra. Lord Shiva was moved by their unwavering faith and devotion, and he came at the location. A holy Jyotirlinga was established there at that time. After Lord Shiva slew the demons, the area became known as Darukavanam, and the Linga became known as Naganath.

Another legend dates back to the Dwapar Yuga and the Pandava brothers. Bhima, the eldest of the five brothers, saw a river full of cream and milk, and he and his brothers discovered a Swayambhu (self-manifested) Lingam in the centre of it. The Nageshwar temple was built on this precise location.



Advantages of visiting Nageshwar jyotirlinga

Lord Shiva bestows blessings on his worshippers. It is claimed that visiting Sri Nageshwar Temple will help to break the cycle of birth and death. He guards the lives of his believers and ensures that they live in safety and security. It is also believed that Lord Shiva grants people's requests.



Importance of Nageshwar jyotirlinga

The sacred Nageshwar Jyotirlinga, which has a unique significance, is housed in the Nageshwar temple. It is one of the first Jyotirlingas to be built, and it is thought to be the seat of Lord Shiva's Divine might. This Jyotirlinga possesses the ability to protect beholders and worshippers from all poisons, particularly serpent poisons. This is also recorded in the Sacred Rudra Samhita, which refers to Nageshwar as Darukavana Nageswaram (this links Nageshwar with Daaruka or a forest). It is also stated that individuals who meditate on Nageshwar with a clean mind will be liberated from all physical and spiritual toxins (Maaya, sin and anger and temptation). The word Nageshwar refers to the serpent Cora (the King of Serpents) who coils around Lord Shiva's neck at all times. A person who prays at this temple will not be harmed by snakes, and this deeply held belief endows the temple with its unique significance, attracting thousands of followers.


Best time to go Nageshwar jyotirlinga

If you want to go on a holy pilgrimage to the Nageshwar temple, you should go during the winter months, from October to February. The weather in the Nageshwar area is excellent at that time, with gentle breezes. Nageshwar temple trip, on the other hand, is an all-season tour that has significant spiritual meaning on every full moon night for those who do not mind the sweltering heat of the summers.


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