Narak Chaturdashi

Narak chaturdashi

Narak Chaturdashi is a Hindu festival that occurs on the 14th day of the waning moon in the month of Kartik. Narak Chaudas, Roop Chaudas, and even Kali Chaudas are other names for it. People adore the Lord of Death, 'Yamraj,' with uttermost devotion and adoration, according to ancient Indian mythology. It is also known as Choti Diwali because it falls a day before Diwali. After nightfall on this day, people light diyas in their homes. People who lionise the god of death ensure that they are free of the clutches of untimely death and pray for greater health. Additionally, applying sesame oil all over your body and bathing in water infused with Apamarga leaves on this day, prior to the break of morning, is regarded exceedingly fortunate.


Narak chaturdashi according to holy book

Narak Chaturdashi is observed on the 14th day of the waning moon in the Krishna paksha of the Kartik month, according to Hindu tradition.

·      On the Kartik Krishna paksha of the 14th day of the waning moon, just before the moon rises or the period before dawn, we remember Narak Chaturdashi (for a duration of 1 hour and 36 minutes). According to the tendency, the time before dawn is thought to be more essential.

·  If both the Narak Chaturdashi dates are within a few hours of the Moon rising and the time before sunrise, we celebrate Narak Chaturdashi on the first day. If this is not the case, i.e. the dates do not correspond with the Moon's rise or the period before sunrise, we nevertheless celebrate Narak Chaturdashi on the first day.

·      It is an age-old ritual to apply oil all over the body before the Moon rises or the period before dawn on Narak Chaturdashi and honour the god of death, 'Yamraj.'


Narakachaturdasi puja vidhi

·  Bathing before sunrise is regarded particularly lucky on this day. You must apply sesame oil all over your body when bathing. After that, you must circle Apamarga leaves three times over your head.


·  Fill a vessel to the brim on ahoi ashtami, during the month of Kartik on a dark lunar fortnight, before Narak Chaturdashi. Mix the water from the vessel with your bathing water on Narak Chaturdashi day. This is thought to charge the water and help you overcome your dread of damnation.


·  After you have finished your bath, link your hands and face southwards in prayer to Yamraj, the god of death. This will absolve you of all your previous transgressions.


·  In honour of Lord Yamraj, fire a properly oiled diya outside your main door on this day.


·  All the gods are worshipped in the evening of Narak Chaturdashi before lighting an oiled diya, which is then placed on both sides of the entrance area or the main door of your home or workplace. It is widely thought that by doing so, you are inviting Lakshmi, the goddess of riches, to make herself at home and bring her money with her.


·  We call Narak Chaturdashi by several names, including Roop Chaturdashi and Roop Chaudas, and this is an important reason why we praise Lord Krishna on this day since it leads to physical beauty (our roop).


·  On this day, there is a time period called as Nisheeth kaal during which it is recommended that we toss aside all of our unnecessary belongings. This custom is also known as poverty elimination. The goddess of wealth Lakshmi is said to enter your home on the next day of Narak Chaturdashi, which is Diwali, bringing with her an aura of prosperity and fortune in abundance. This is why you clean your house to remove any pollutants and grime.


Significance of narak chaturdashi in 2022

Narakasura's nefarious acts were put to an end when Lord Krishna and Goddess Kali slew him. This celebration honours their triumph. Lord Krishna is said to have taken an oil bath after killing the demon during the Brahma Muhurta. This is why taking an oil bath with proper rituals before daybreak is regarded extremely lucky.

The auspicious day of Narak Chaturdashi is celebrated to ward off any evil and negative energy from one's life. It is a day of fresh starts, when we shake off our sluggishness and lay the groundwork for a bright and happy future.


Date and time of naraka chaturdashi in 2022

Naraka Chaturdashi 2022:  October 24 Monday

Abhyang Snan Muhurta: October 24, 5:10 am - October 24, 6:31 am


How rituals can be performed during narak chaturdashi

·  Getting up early before daybreak and applying 'Ubatan' is the most important ritual of Naraka Chaturdashi (a paste of oil, herbs, flower and other essential beautifying ingredients). After that, you'll take a bath. This is called 'Abhyang Snan.' It is believed that by executing this ceremony on Naraka Chaturdashi, a person will be liberated from Hell's torments. They will, however, go straight to Hell if they fail to do so. On this day, it is also believed that washing one's hair and using kajal will fend off the evil eye, known as 'Kali Nazar.' After the holy wash, it is also customary to change into fresh garments.

·  People light diyas and lamps in their homes on Naraka Chaturdashi, just as they do on Diwali. To worship Goddess Lakshmi, the entire family comes together. Various offerings and special prayers are made to the Goddess in order to obtain Her divine benefits. Family members, particularly children, burst crackers after the puja.

·  On the day of Naraka Chaturdashi, some devotees also fast. The fast observer worships Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Kuber with complete devotion and breaks their fast once all of the puja rites have been completed.

·  On the day of Naraka Chaturdashi, people in several parts of the country also worship their 'Kul Devi.' This is done in order to ward off evil spirits. Some families also make food offerings to their forefathers on this day in order to receive their blessings.



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