Pitra Dosh

Pitra Dosh

There is always a dosh in our horoscope, out of all those we are about to tell you one important dosh. We should know about this dosh necessarily because it has a huge impact on our life. Only a few people realize it. Let's know what Pitra dosh is and what effect it has on our life. There are few Doshs in our horoscope within which we do not have any contribution but still, we've to face the results of that. Whenever we've to face problems because of ancestors within the Horoscope then it's called Pitra dosh.

It is stated in the Brahma Puran that, on the evening of Krishna Paksha in Ashvin month the Lord of death “Yamraj” grants freedom to souls so that on the occasion of Shradh they can accept and eat the food made by their children. The beings who don’t do the Shradh for his or her Pitras are the one who faces from the curse of “Pitra Dosh” as their Pitras got angry and returned to their world. Because of this the upcoming generation will face many problems. This is known as “Pitra Dosh”.

Pitra Dosh in horoscope arises, because of the soul of our departed forefathers not getting Nirvana. It mainly occurs when our dead forefathers and ancestors didn't get peace or proper salvation (Moksh) at the time of departing their souls. people who believe in the term rebirth can easily understand that this dosh is due to the belief that the souls of our forefathers aren't resting in peace and therefore the evil deeds or sins, which they or we might have committed in previous birth or past, knowingly or by mistake, could be a debt on us and desires to be cleared.

 The souls of our ancestors or departed forefathers earnestly hunt for Moksha and wander on earth aimlessly, if their death was unnatural or occurred at their early age. Second reason is, if their strong desires aren't accomplished before death, they leave the world without peace of mind and a few of their wishes remain attached with the soul because of which they cannot get salvation. Third, if the cremation of the body of the person couldn't be performed because of any circumstance, the soul of the departed person is alleged to be without salvation. Fourth, evil deeds and sin also bind the person for not getting Moksha.

 The signs of Pitra Dosh in your horoscope Pitra Dosh are created because of the placements of Sun, Moon, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu in our birth horoscope. If the Sun is afflicted by malefice Rahu or Ketu especially within the 9th House then Pitra Dosh is made in your horoscope If Moon is afflicted by Rahu, Ketu or Saturn then Pitra Dosh is created in your horoscope. Rahu in 9th House and particularly within the Ascendent also gives rise to Pitra Dosh. Some astrologers also believe when Rahu is positioned in the 2nd house with no auspicious planet, Pitra Dosh is created.

Though this dosh can't be irradiated, its influence can definitely be reduced. It’s correct to say that you simply can certainly decrease the ill effects of Pitra Dosh from your horoscope and then you can lead a cheerful life.


Reasons of Pitra Dosh Occurrence

1. Whenever we don't follow our parents, teachers, our elders then God gets angry with us and in our horoscope Pitra dosh gets started.

2. Mostly our ancestors get annoyed at us because of the incorrect way of their last Shradh and rites.

3. Whenever we chop down any propitious tree then alongside us, our ancestors also get.

 4. Putting obstacles or offensive in any of the religious work forms Pitra dosh.

5. One of the chief reasons is that whenever we install any other symbol or idol apart from the memory idol of ancestors.

6. It is alleged that a woman or man should not keep cheating a husband or his wife otherwise they will face the penalty of Pitra dosh.

7. Whenever we insult any cow, beggar or any reputable person.


Effects of Pitra Dosh

Pitra dosh have some tremendous effects on our lives. A person’s life is greatly affected by the Pitra dosh. The effects are as the following.

1. The chief effect of Pitra dosh is that we will face the negative penalties which cause a negative impact on our lives and consequently which causes lack of peace in our family and life.

2. Our growth in the business stopped and work deteriorated.

3. Marriage faces lots of hurdles and lastly breaks up then it is seen as the negative effect of Pitra dosh.

4. Another negative impact of Pitra dosh is getting cheated by our close ones.


10 Ways to get rid of Pitra Dosh Effects

 1. Participate in auspicious events and donate in the name of your ancestors on Panchami Ashtami, Navmi, Amavasya and full moon.

2. To your god, please visit the temple daily and pour water on the Lord Shiva in the name of your ancestor.

3. Keep fast on Monday and after concluding the fast offer food to needy people and also put a cloth (Chola) on Hanuman Ji on Tuesday.

4. Respect your elders and take their blessings.

5. Daily for 11 days offer Dough to cow and pray to her.

6. Remember that on special days do not forget your ancestors and on every special day bow your head before them in order that they become happy from you.

7. On every full moon opt for Ganga Snan and do a havan of the name of ancestors together with Pind Daan.

8. Lookout to offer food to guests and beggars and offer food to animals and birds and keep water from them also.

9. The auspicious occasion must always take place in home like her havan, bhajan, keertan, kanya pujan etc.

10. Lookout of old people or elders every Tuesday by going to a senior citizen home.


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