Planetary Conjunction


Planetary Conjunction in Vedic astrology

In the most fundamental terms, a planetary conjunction occurs when 2 or more planets dwell in the same house. But what will happen when planets are conjunct in 1 house? They will define your life in a nutshell. A conjunction can be malefic or benefic, it depends upon more than one factor such as the nature of the planets those are involved and their relationship with one another, and the sign/house they are placed in. The strength of planet is also considered here, as in whether the planet is combust, direct or retrograde.

There can even be 5 to 6 houses inside a same house but if this happens then definitely this is a rare occurrence. These kinds of horoscopes are in fact the toughest horoscopes to interpret. While doing that one must carefully notice the effects of planets on each other as that is very important factor. There could be a planetary combination or a Yoga forming because of the conjunction but if in case a malefic planet is operational in same house, there are chances that the Yoga may not fructify for the person. In contrast, in the case when multiple malefic or weak planets get together in a house, existence of a benefic could balance the condition. However, its power would be little due to malefic impact consequently the horoscope can only be considered as average.

Conjunction of multiple planets in 1 house indicates the spotlight area of your life - the house where the majority of the planets are positioned. However, there could be some kind of misbalance in the personality of the person because of the powerful pull of a single house. The lord of that house where the conjunction of planets takes place is also under the focus spot. If it is placed well, it casts a favorable influence upon the person. It tends to make the other planets strong as well. Nevertheless, if it is under malefic influence or weakly posited, in this situation it may only deem negative outcomes and may even worsen the situation.

Planet Mercury being the lord of fifth house (education) would increase earnings from learning and intellect. And as it’s the 8th house lord as well, it may give spontaneous gains but simultaneously, health problems and obstacles in life may occur, extra so because it is positioned in an enemy sign.

Moon is the lord of sixth house (difficulties) and is positioned in Sagittarius in the eleventh, so the native will tussle, but native will put in hard work and beat clash to shoot off income.
Sun, being the seventh lord in friendly sign will provide you earnings from the partnerships and spouse.  

Venus, which is fourth and ninth lord is Yoga karaka for this horoscope, it will give plenty of opportunities to earn good. It is placed with Sun and Moon, its natural rivals so its constructive effect will slightly get reduced but still Venus is a very benefic planet for this horoscope.


Some of the fundamental rules for the interpretation of conjunction are as following:

1. To begin with, pay attention to the degrees. Real conjunctions between the planets occur in the case when they are at least within fifteen degrees from each other. Assume in a horoscope Sun is at two degrees in second house and Moon is at the 27 degrees, then there’s no exchange of energy between the two of them. The Sun has just entered house and the Moon is about to depart from the house. Consequently, to make any kind of good conjunction, all the planets should be within the fifteen degrees of each other. Subsequent to that closer they are, more strong is the conjunction.

2. The mutual relation between the Planets - It has to be checked whether the planets making the conjunction are mutual friends or not, or are they enemies or neutrals. The mutual relation between is going to make a huge impact on results.

3. Lowest Degrees - In the conjunctions, the planet holding the lowest degree of all has the highest say. It is estimated that on the basis of this lowest degree the planet, other the planets are sitting.

4. Sign placement – Here, sign in which the conjunction is taking place also matters. Consider Venus and Jupiter are conjunct in certain horoscope in sign of the Cancer. The Jupiter is exalted in the Cancer whereas for Venus, it is a rivalry sign. Now, the Jupiter will possess higher say. Same Venus and Jupiter conjunction in the Capricorn will give Venus more strength as for Venus, it is affable sign and the Jupiter gets debilitated there.

5. Antardasha and Mahadasha – It is popularly believed that it is the most decisive in outcomes. Mahadasha planet will possess authorization over Antardasha planet.


Nature & Friendship among Planets

The planets have Panchda friendship and natural friendship. If the planets that coming together are friends, their attributes, properties join and if not then they tend to cancel each other, with more powerful planet’s attributes prevailing but to a smaller extent. Likewise the natural importance of planets may or may not coincide. If they do coincide, outcomes will be marked better. But if contrasting each other, then it will decline the importance of stronger planet. Over if the planets belong to the identical nature i.e. fiery, airy, earthy or watery, it amplifies their combined results.


Number of Planets Placed Together

Sometimes the number of planets positioned together in a house/sign may be as high as all 7. The number of planets is directly proportional to the confusion. The planets may be debilitated, combust, in planetary war, in enemy sign or inimical to one another. In such kind of cases, the final results of association/association will be working in distinct directions causing poor outcomes. The net outcomes will be decided by net malevolence/benevolence of combinations. Again the planets may be in close conjunction, exact conjunction, conjunction, or only in association, thus giving varying degree of outcomes.


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