Pushkaraj Stone

Pushkaraj stone benefits

The yellow sapphire gemstone, also known as Pukhraj or Pushkaraj stone in English, is an exceedingly valuable member of the Navratna tribe. The Corundum mineral group produces this lovely yellow-colored diamond.

Pukhraj is a stone symbolizing love, compassion, and liberality because of its association with Jupiter. It is thought to be a powerful stone that can help you gain wisdom, wealth, and prosperity. Aside from that, the yellow sapphire gemstone has an unending list of advantages for its wearer, such as


·        Blissful Nuptial Life 

One of the well-known benefits of wearing yellow sapphire is a happy married life. Wearing a Pukhraj stone is highly recommended by expert astrologers for a happy and healthy married life. Wear a yellow sapphire gemstone for noticeable benefits, especially if you're having trouble getting married or looking for marital happiness. It not only brings marital harmony and satisfaction to those who wear it, but it also shields women from evil-eye.


·        Success in Business & Academics 

Because Jupiter oversees both knowledge and money, Pukhraj stone aids in the restoration of fortunes in careers, businesses, and acts requiring a high level of intelligence or inventiveness, such as academics, civil service preparation, judicial services, and so on.

Yellow sapphire improves a person's capacity to deal with ambiguous situations. It aids individuals in making sound judgments, maintaining discipline, identifying life's goals, and achieving the required results.


·        Rejuvenates Physical Health 

Health rejuvenation is one of the primary benefits of wearing a Pukhraj stone ring. It improves the function of your digestive system and helps to avoid mouth, liver, and kidney problems. Yellow sapphire's supernatural properties help the wearer's body deal with diseases like cough, fever, jaundice, tuberculosis, and rheumatism. Yellow Sapphire's beneficial benefits provide you with a totally refreshed state of health.


·        Improves Social and Financial Status 

The increased social and financial standing in the wearer's life is one of the many renowned astrological benefits of wearing a Pukhraj gem. Expert astrologers place a lot of faith in a yellow sapphire stone's metaphysical abilities for providing financial stability to its wearer's life. It not only attracts tangible money, but also wisdom and social authority, which aids in the maintenance of an imperial and sumptuous lifestyle as well as the enhancement of one's social status.


·        Bestows with Mental Peace 

The Pukhraj stone aids its wearer by improving not only his or her physical condition but also his or her mental health. It is one of Pukhraj's main advantages. This mystical stone aids in the treatment of mental illnesses like as stress, anxiety, and depression.

Astrologers think that wearing a yellow sapphire ring will relieve one of all mental, bodily, intellectual, and spiritual difficulties. It aids in the attainment of mental clarity and serenity of mind. 


·        Provides Progeny Pleasure 

Pukhraj ratan represents divine grace and might in ancient mythology and science. It is thought to be a symbol of peace and wealth, while also ensuring the family's survival. The Yellow sapphire not only promotes loving relationships throughout the family, but it also ensures that the wearer has a happy progeny.

Because Jupiter regulates offspring, astrologers highly advise childless couples trying to re-establish fertility and have a healthy progeny to wear a yellow sapphire gemstone.



Best time to wear pushkaraj stone

When the Nakshatra is Vishakha, Punarvasu, Pushya, or Purva Bhadrapad, buy the stone. On a Thursday during Shukla Paksha - the ascending lunar cycle – you can also purchase the stone.

The stone must be worn at sunrise on Thursday morning.


Best finger for wearing pushkaraj stone

Wear the ring on your right hand's index/first finger.

Stone's weight should be optimal, preferably 2 carats or more. Pukhraj's power and influence increase as the weight increases.



Benefits of blue, yellow and white pushkaraj stone

Wearing the Blue Sapphire protects you from robbery, fright, accidents, and troubles related by natural disasters such as storms and fire. As a result, blue sapphire functions as a shield, shielding the wearer from all hazards.

The white sapphire gemstone boosts one's self-esteem, confidence, and personality. It eliminates anxieties and complexes. - White Sapphire improves one's health and immunity. It's especially good for women's reproductive health.

Yellow sapphire bestows legal knowledge, ethics, wit, wisdom, worldly happiness, physical power, cleverness, long life, good health, glory, and mental peace on the wearer, as well as intellect, excellent health, better behaviour, and a long life.


How to identify the original pushkaraj stone



Fake stones and genuine gems appear identical; however the genuine Pukhraj stone has exceptional clarity and colour. Furthermore, it is extremely hard, whereas a phoney stone would be less so.



If you can see anything flowing inside the bubbles or stone with your naked eyes, it's a good sign. It denotes that the stone isn't genuine.



If your Pukhraj stone scratches when rubbing it against a hard surface, it is apparent that it is a fake yellow sapphire.



There may be an impurity or negative hole in the stone as a result of such inclusions.

A shady jeweller then fills it with borax and other contaminants. It's tough to spot it with the naked eye, but it's simple to inspect with a magnifying.



If the X-sign is found on the reverse of the Pukhraj stone. Then it's obviously a false stone.

Price range of original pushkaraj stone

The price range of Original Pukhraj stone is Rs. 2100 per ratti to 41000.00 per ratti.



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