Rahu in Aquarius

Rahu in Aquarius

Saturn governs Aquarius. Both planets are light and have a harmonious relationship. However, such people are heavily influenced by the air element. They have strong desires and lofty goals. They have a habit of erecting castles in the air. Saturn is concerned with social standing and society. When Rahu is in its sign, the native is more likely to seek social recognition. People like this want to be admired and respected in their social circles.

This placement often impacts native's health. Aloofness from loved ones is also an issue for these individuals. However, Rahu is in a favorable position in terms of one's financial prospects. Such people make a lot of money and amass a lot of wealth. They supplement their income through their own efforts. Their strong determination aids them in attaining their goals. These locals have a penchant for lavish purchases. They carve their own niche in society and achieve a lot of success through their own efforts. 

When Rahu joins Aquarius, the person can become cunning and strategic in their pursuit of any goal in life. They may develop a serious health problem during their lifetime. It is also possible that these people will be dissatisfied with their sexual lives, which can cause intense tension between couples. They are self-centered people who are unconcerned about how others feel. 

In a previous life, how did Aquarius interact with Rahu? Their previous lives were centered on themselves and weren’t helpful. They held a high social status and were held in high regard. Consequently, this lifetime requires them to be more humane and interact with the commoners.


Traits of Personality for Rahu in Aquarius

When Rahu is in the seventh house of an Aquarius, the person can be very selfish. They won’t make any compromises in life and will go to any length to make their dreams a reality. It's partly because they are so obsessed with their dreams that they can't imagine their lives without them. They do have a fantasy about their love life and their marital life, both of which are essentially compromised of a happy sex life for them. If any of their desires aren’t met, dealing with them can become increasingly difficult.

Their family members are also unsupportive of them, owing to their stubbornness. This affects every relationship, and it will also affect a person with Rahu in Capricorn, which has a direct impact on their health and personality. When it comes to work-life balance, they struggle because they are intensely passionate about whatever they pursue. They will devise strategies to complete their tasks, regardless of the consequences.  


Positive Traits of Rahu in Aquarius 

Aquarius is the most stable of all the zodiac signs. They are expressive and approachable. This ensures that they have a close relationship with their family members, including their children. They are also very patient when dealing with people, which is why they are regarded as good parents and partners. They are high achievers.

Even if they have a difficult start in life, they tend to become happier with time. Their mid-twenties are their happiest years because they believe in living their youth and having fun. They are also adamant about succeeding. While their success will come whether Rahu is present or not, Rahu can have an impact on other aspects of their lives. Certain Rahu placements, for example, can cause problems in their lives. Although they will achieve their goals at any cost, it is possible that they will have to sacrifice their family life. Even though they don’t believe in repenting for their actions, which prevents them from feeling sad, they do feel the need for life support. When they do approach their relatives, they will embrace them wholeheartedly. 


Negative Traits of Rahu in Aquarius 

Rahu's presence in Aquarius can cause serious problems in one's life. Natives are obsessed with materialistic pleasures, and this is the only reason they work so hard. They are so consumed by materialistic pursuits that they sometimes end up sacrificing the values they were raised with. In the long run, desire can ruin them. Even if they will go to any length to achieve their goals and become successful, their success will not last forever. Their ambitions can cause them to become estranged from their family members, particularly their partners.

The person with Rahu in Aquarius is dissatisfied with their sex life in marital relationships. They don’t experience pleasure because of detachment, or they don’t experience any sense of attachment because of a lack of physical pleasure. They want to experience everything with zeal, and this may be a make-believe world in which they enjoy living. They should recognize that life is full of ups and downs, and that not every day is exciting.


Effect of Rahu in Aquarius for love and relationship

Health problems are the native's first blow from Rahu in Saturnine sign. They are separated from loved ones at some point in their lives and experience the dreadful pangs of separation.

They always have a problem with their romantic lives and suspect foul play from their partner almost all of the time, which causes stomach upsets. Their unbridled aggression causes them to be unsettled in their life and mind continuously.


Effect of Rahu in Aquarius on Career

Their lives revolve around fantasizing about the impossible and longing for the inaccessible. Native is an adventurer who craves social recognition and wishes to be a part of society's cream layer. They expect respect and acknowledgement from those in their network. If their Saturn is well placed in their natal charts, they will be actively involved in charitable organizations. 



The presence of Rahu in Aquarius suggests that such people will be prosperous in their middle ages. In the latter half of their lives, they can enjoy the luxuries. However, they may feel alienated as a result of the conflict with their family members. They must mend things before it is too late if they want to live a happy life.


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