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Painting of seven horses: Significance and Benefits

In today’s industrious world, everyone desires to be victorious. But, at times one is not able to attain the fruit of his hard work. But this does not mean that she or he is making lesser effort. To be triumphant in life, one must have faith in Karma and be energetic and healthy. If one is vigorous and has the determination to work, then he is certain to attain success. Vastu explains that the energy can be positive as well as negative. The positive energy in one’s atmosphere leads to a prosperous and happy life. Vastu Shastra consists of several ways to bring fortune and luck to one’s life. One of such ways is getting a 7 horses painting, which, according Vastu, bring stability and speed in one’s life. Now, you must be wondering, why seven running horses painting?

The number 7 holds a special importance and is taken as lucky number. The rainbow has 7 colors, the groom and bride take 7 oaths during their marriage in Hinduism and the 7 sages (saptarishi) of prehistoric India, all depict the number 7. This seven horse painting holds great significance and has several benefits. In this article, we will come to know about everything regarding this auspicious painting.



In Hinduism, the God Surya rides a chariot that has 7 horses. Hence, these 7 horses are extremely auspicious. The 7 horses painting hold an extraordinary significance in Vastu too. The horse is symbolic of success and power and hence this seven horse painting is assumed to bring power and success in one’s life along with the success in profession.

The picture of 7 galloping horses fetches positivity in person’s life and removes the negative energy. According to the Vastu Shastra, this auspicious painting creates a balance in the energy in one’s house and 7 horses are considered to represent peace, progress and success.



1. The running horses are the indication of speed. In this industrious world where everybody wants to be triumphant, speed plays a big role. On hanging this fortunate painting, one can observe how quickly she or he is able to complete any work of his or her life.

2. According to the Vastu, horses are also representational of success. So this seven horse painting makes sure that success in all fields of one’s life.

3. This painting fetches financial stability to person’s life.

4. The horse also symbolizes courage, speed and endurance in Feng Shui. Therefore, this painting is significant as it brings fortune.

5. In addition to this, the painting of 7 horses in a chariot together with Lord Surya is esteemed to be even more auspicious and fetches one’s good luck.


Where to place it?

This fortunate painting should be hanged on East wall of person’s house. The poster of 7 horses can be hanged on North wall too. It leads to person’s promotion in service sector and fetches prosperity and riches at home as well. Placing this 7 horses painting on the south side of person’s home brings them name and fame. Also, it generates a positive environment in person’s home and makes tem successful in life. If somehow, person is unable to place the seven running horses painting on south side, it is suggested to hang this fortunate painting in the frontage of your home’s window in a way such that the 7 horses are looking out of window.


Things to be taken care of

Horses are believed to fetch good luck, but not always the case. Person requires taking care of the following things when hanging a painting.

1. Under no circumstances hang a picture of only a single horse in your home. To make clear, it’s considered unfavorable and stops the prosperity from entering your home.

2. In the 7 running horses painting, person should carefully see that none of the horses in that painting has a rope tied on its back since it is also considered inauspicious.

3. The horses must be running on land and full image of horse must be entirely visible. Never hang the picture in which the shoe of horses is not visible.

4. In the painting, the horses must not be furious but should depict courage and happiness. Also, there must be symmetry in galloping horses.

5. Additionally, hanging this picture in person’s study room, bedroom, temple, near the washrooms or on the main door is not advisable.


Vastu must read tips

1. While making the purchase of the seven running horses painting, you must guarantee that the faces of horses must have a peaceable expression. Horses should not have a furious expression on their face.


2. The finest color for the horses in painting is the white color. White color of the horses symbolizes peace, success, growth and prosperity. Person should prefer the white colored horse painting for use in the business or home.


3. Hanging the 7 galloping horses painting at the wrong place or in the wrong direction can have a negative influence. So make sure to make use of this painting in the right manner as per the Vastu.


4. The background of the 7 galloping horses' poster is also very significant. The background of the painting shouldn’t show turmoil, storms, sunset, dust and any other such negative and disturbing weather condition.


5. While choosing the 7 horses painting most vital thing that you should think about is impression of painting on you. If you sense positivity and happiness looking at the painting in that case you should select it.

6. You shouldn’t hang the painting of 7 galloping horses in pooja room or bedroom of your home. Also, shun placing this painting in space near the bathroom and toilet in your home or office.


7. Using the 7 horses painting according to Vastu guidelines will also assists in providing financial steadiness to you. It is stated that in a way it assists you to receive the blessings from Goddess Lakshmi in your home.

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