Shaligram Stone

Shaligram stone

Shaligram is a blackstone that was transported from Muktinath, Nepal, on the banks of the Kali Gandaki river. It is a sacred stone that Vishnu Bhakts worship in temples and homes all across the world. The Vaishnavas revere it as the most sacred and holy stone (Especially those who worship Lord Krishna). There are various forms of Shaligram with various names, but they are all regarded auspicious Lord Vishnu idols. Chakra curvature vary according to Vajrakita (an ancient bug with sharp fangs). Shaligram is a scientific term for black-colored Ammonoid fossils that date back millions of years.


Shaligram stone is used for

It is the most prized stone among Vishnu Bhakts. The Shaligram is the Vaishnavas' most sacred stone, and it is used to worship Vishnu. Shree Shaligram is worshipped for six life values: righteous living, wealth, protection, good health, pleasures, and spiritual benefit, according to shastra.


Benefits of shaligram stone

·  The Shaligrama is a deity who is worshipped. Sila is considered to cleanse the soul of all previous incarnations' sins.

·  According to various Puranas, worshipping Saligram bestows material comforts, long life, excellent health, and success in all endeavours on the worshipper.

·  Keeping and worshipping the Shaligram at home brings a devotee peace of mind, aids in mind calmness, and promotes clarity of thought.

·  A devotee who worships a Shaligram is blessed with confidence and bravery, as well as protection from the evil eye and harmful energies of all kinds.

·  A devotee who worships Shaligram is blessed with health, money, success, a good spouse, and offspring, according to the Padma Purana, Skanda Purana, and other Vedic Scriptures.

·  According to the Padma Purana, devotees who worship the Salagrama with absolute devotion would be able to break the cycle of life and death and achieve Vaikuntha or Moksha. Shaligram assists in the removal of all impediments and obstructions, as well as the fulfilment of wishes.

·  Worshiping the Salagrama is supposed to spiritually enhance one.

·  Drinking the water that has been used to bathe Holy Shaligram is claimed to offer relief from all diseases and afflictions. If the water is offered to a dying person, he or she is said to die peacefully, free of all sins from this and previous lives.


Significance of shaligram stone

In Hinduism, there are several ancient holy scriptures written by hand. For example, there are four Vedas, 18 Purans, and 108 Upanishads. The value of the original Shalagrama has been mentioned in various Puranas, and Hindus respect and attempt to follow it in practise. It is claimed to be more valuable than gold, silver, and other precious metals. Furthermore, the water that has just been stroked the authentic Shaligram Shila will turn into "Amrit" (an immortal making liquid), which has the capacity to bypass any ailment or negative element of the customer's body.


How to keep the shaligram stone at home?

Lord Vishnu's formless Swaroop is Shaligram. This sacred stone contains Lord Vishnu's divine forces, and if one places the Salagrama Sila in their home's puja altar, they must perform a daily Salagrama puja. Shaligram is 'Jagrut' in nature (awakened), hence no invocation or Pran Prathistha Puja rites are required. However, daily obeisance and a tiny act of worship are required. This serves to activate the energy in Shaligram and bring optimism and bliss in the lives of those who live there.

If you're going to install a Shaligram at home, make sure you put it in a copper plate and pray to it. After the puja, make sure to place new Tulasi leaf next the Salagram and present fresh flowers and food.

Do obeisance (Namaskar) to the Shaligram and purify oneself and surroundings with Gangajal or Gandaki river water. Bathe the Shaligram in Gangajal, put a tilak of sandalwood paste to the Shaligram, and offer incense sticks or dhoop as a fragrance to the Shaligram. Fresh Tulsi leaves and mala are available, as well as other flowers and prasad. After that, you can chant any or all of the mantras below:


1. Dhyayami Devam Lakshmisam Shankha-chakra-gadhadharam Peethambara paridhanam Padhmasannibha lochanam Mandasmitha mukhambhojam madhanayutha Sundaram Maayanirmitha lokaougam megasyamala vigraham Sri Lakshmi Naaraynam dhyayami


2. Namo Namasthe Karunalaya Namo Namasthe KamalAdhavaya Namo Namasthe Jagatham chasrashtre namo namasthe nathsoka harthre Thrahi maam Karunasindho! Paahi maam Kamalapathe! Thvayi bhakthi: sadhaivasthu mama sarvarTadhayini (Om) Namo Naarayana Subhamasthu


You can also chant the Shaligram Mantra which is given below

Shaantaakaaram Bhujagashayanam Padmanaabham Suresham

Vishwaadhaaram Gaganasadrasham Meghavarnam Shubhaangam

Lakshmikaantam Kamalanayanam Yogibhirdhyaanagamyam

Vande Vishnum Bhavabhayaharam Sarvalokaikanaatham ||


The Shaligram is deemed meritorious and useful just by looking at it. Even if you don't have time to conduct the Shaligram's daily puja procedures, simply lower your head, connect your hands, and call out to the Lord, and He will answer your request and bless you.


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