Shradh 2022

What does shradh mean?

Shraddha is a Sanskrit term that combines two words: "Sat" for truth and "Adhar" for foundation. As a result, it refers to everything or any act that is done with sincerity and faith. "Shraddhyaa Kriyate Yaa Saa," it is said: "Shradh is the ritual performed to satiate one's ancestors." This ceremony displays one's undying respect for one's forefathers and mothers.


Why shradh rituals is performed for ancestors?

According to Hindu astrology, Pitra Paksha begins on the 1st Tithi of the Ashwin Maas and lasts till the New Moon day (Amavasya), also known as Sarvapitri Amavysya or Mahalaya Amavysya. Pitri Pokho, Sola Shradha, Kanagat, Jitiya, or Apara Paksha are all names for this 15-day period. During this time, the ancestors' Shraddha or Tarpan is done on the Tithi on which they passed into eternity.

According to Hindu mythology, after death, the soul must travel through several worlds. People perform Shraddha to pacify their deceased ancestors during Pitra Paksha. It is a ceremonial in which debts to the forefathers and mothers are settled. The significance of "Shraddha" is explained in great depth in Hindu scriptures such as the Agni Puran, Garuda Puran, and Vayu Puran.


Can daughters perform shradh?

For the uninitiated, Pind Daan is a crow-feeding ritual using cooked rice balls mixed with black sesame seeds. These birds are thought to be Yama's (God of Death) representatives or emissaries of the deceased.

Although Shradh and Pind Daan are primarily performed by men, it is stated that ancient tradition did not preclude women from doing these ceremonies. As a result, it's possible that practises evolved over time. Furthermore, according to a narrative related with Goddess Sita, in the absence of Shri Rama, she performed the Pind Daan for her father-in-law, King Dasharath's soul. Most likely, the practise of forcing women to conduct these ceremonies came to an end for reasons that are yet unknown.


Shradh dates for 2022

Pitru Paksha in the year 2022 will commence from 10th September 2022 (Saturday) till 25th September 2022 (Sunday).


Significance and rituals shradh 2022

In the world of astrology, Pitru Paksha is given a great deal of weight because astrology emphasises the concept of 'Karma' and previous births. Our current lives, as well as our future lives, are totally dependent on our previous actions. Pitru Dosha is caused by a unique 'Grih-Yoga' combination in one's Kundli, which might cause problems for the rest of one's life. When a person is unable to achieve any form of achievement, even when they are very near to achieving it, has problems with delivery, loses money frequently, and has a high level of stress in their marital life, it is thought that Pitru Dosha is present in the Kundli of that person. In this case, an astrologer should be called for advice on how to calm the Pitru Dosha. The most fortunate and significant time to execute such cures is during Pitru Paksha.

Pitru Paksha is said to begin on the day the Sun enters the zodiac sign of Virgo, according to Vedic astrology. The fifth house of the horoscope represents actions taken in a previous life. Aside from that, according to the Kaal Purush Kundli, Sun is the lord of the fifth house. This is why the Sun becomes a symbol of the 'Kul' or bloodline.

कन्यागते सवितरि पितरौ यान्ति वै सुतान,

अमावस्या दिने प्राप्ते गृहद्वारं समाश्रिता:

श्रद्धाभावे स्वभवनं शापं दत्वा ब्रजन्ति ते॥

As a result, when the Sun reaches the Virgo zodiac sign, our forefathers are thought to come to pay a visit to their offspring. If the Shradh rituals are not completed during Ashwin Amavasya, which occurs only during Pitru Paksha, our forefathers will return unhappy and curse us to return to us again. This is why you should make a Tarpan out of a mixture of fruits, flowers, water, and other items to please them and obtain their blessing.

On this day, a fast should be observed, and Brahmins should be offered delicacies such as Kheer (porridge).

·  The Shradh Puja should begin at 12 p.m.

·  On this day, Hawan is performed.

·  With the assistance of an erudite Brahmin, mantras are recited and worship is performed.

·  Following that, a portion of the dish offered in worship is served to cows, black dogs, crows, and other animals.

·  You must remember your forefathers and mothers throughout this time.

·  Furthermore, the Brahmins should be fed before being handed a donation.

It is thought that those who do Shradh worship according to the prescribed procedures will have no troubles with their ancestors. In addition, the ancestors bestow success, riches, and happiness on their descendants.


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