Shravana Nakshatra

Shravana Nakshatra

Out of a total of 27 nakshatras, believed to be present by the Hindu Vedic ancient literature, Shravana nakshatra is positioned at the 22nd place. Shravana nakshatra spans across 10 degrees to 23:30 degrees in Capricorn rashi or the Makara rashi and it is ruled by the creator of all, Lord Vishnu.

Basic Information About Shravana nakshatra

Shravana nakshatra is ruled by the planetary forces of the Moon and it represents the pinnacle of lunar energy. In the night sky, its shape appears to be that of an eagle and three footprints is the corresponding symbol to it. In actual fact the meaning of the Shravana in Shravana nakshatra is ‘hearing’ and it signifies the skill of listening or the education that is propagated via audible means. The symbol of three footprints represents hobble, which can be associated with the lord Vishnu, the creator of all. It is also the birth star of Devi Saraswati, goddess of knowledge and education. Consequently Shravana nakshatra vouchsafes the wealth of educational proficiency, knowledge and intelligence to its natives. They are also intellectual and learned beings. The natives of Shravana nakshatra emit warmth and hence people find them affable and admirable.

General Characteristics of Shravana Nakshatra

Being linked with the birth star of goddess Saraswati, the natives of Shravana nakshatra are generally masters of various forms of art such as music, acting and dance and also endowed with enormous amounts of wealth of knowledge. One of the most important attributes of these natives is their warm nature and amiable personality. They esteems their parents a lot and their actions always show their solicitude for their parents. They are generally extremely dedicated to their duties and responsibilities and never ever are the reason of anyone’s trouble or miseries willfully.  Their trait of being extreme devout, religious and honest is very much revered by the people in their surrounding.

Shravana nakshatra Characteristics

One of the most admired behavioral traits of these natives is their amicability. Natives of Shravana nakshatra are always at peace with their surrounding people and situations. They make plans and carry out calculations to achieve higher and bigger goals in their lives, but yet they will never make any compromise with their generosity and truthfulness towards others. Another easily detectable attribute of these natives is their intelligence and fearlessness that they exhibit in their day to day activities. They are kind of pedant and are extremely alert about their work which is devoid of blemishes most of the time.

Female native of Shravana nakshatra physically are tall and have a sharp nose. They are religious, pious and have a special inclination towards charitable work and therefore they partake in many social service related events. But they can also be cunning whenever the situation demands for it. They like to brag about stuff. And they can go hours chatting and talking. They strive for perfection. Females need to pay extra attention to their health. They are vulnerable to skin diseases.

Males of Shravana nakshatra have a special thing for cleanliness, they like to keep everything around them neat and clean. And they don’t even hesitate to comment on people who maintain an untidy environment around them. They are soft spoken and polite by nature. People find them lovable and friendly. They can go beyond limits to help people in need. They make excellent hosts and love to have people around them.

Positive Traits

These natives are magnanimous and compassionate. Apart from that they own a colossal amount of knowledge and they provide their help wherever they are allowed by their knowledge to do so. These are some of their constructive attributes that make them adorable among people. With positive characteristics of heroism, brainpower, mercy and appreciation they add up to a comprehensive personality in the society.

Negative Traits

There is a contradictory side to their personality as well, where their negative attributes are divulged. Natives of Shravana nakshatra are often found to be sharp witted and this combined with wealth of knowledge and expertise’s, many times gives rise to egocentricity and adamancy as negative traits. Since natives of Shravana nakshatra are extremely dedicated towards accomplishing their goals, a wrong move or unorganized move might hurt other people for the sake of accomplishment of their own targets, fulfilling their own interests.

Career Options For Shravana Nakshatra Born People

Career interests of the natives of Shravana nakshatra spans through the services to having their private business. Since they are dominated by Devi Saraswati, they will prove to be successful in their chase of a victorious career. Natives will be owning interest in varied career interests, like streams of engineering, medical education, science and many forms of art. They will be financially sound, unless they choose the wrong path to move forward.

Shravana Nakshatra Compatibility And Incompatibility

Natives of Shravana nakshatra generally lead a happy married life with many kids.Shravana nakshatra is compatible with the Swati   nakshatra, Krittika nakshatra and Anuradha nakshatra. While they are incompatible with the Moola and Mrigashirsh nakshatra.

Shravana nakshatra Pada

First Pada: A native of Shravana nakshatra, who took birth under this pada shows an underlying Martian trait in relation to the Shravana nakshatra, which is uttered as initiative, logic and career conscious or aspiring approach.

Second Pada:  Natives of Shravana nakshatra born under this pada are soft spoken, bright and diplomatic in nature.They know how to make money and they never leave a work in between or incompleted. They generally have round balloons like face and arms and have dark complexion.

Third Pada:  The third pada falls on the mercury ruled Gemini Navamsa. It reflects the best of Shravana nakshatra which is clever, well versed and flexible in speech. It also has the aspiration to learn. Third pada is concerned with people who work in the media and communication fields.

Fourth Pada: Fourth pada brings out the part of Shravana nakshatra which is receptive, commiserating and understanding. Their career interest lies in fields like hoteliers, service industry etc.


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