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Significance of chandra kundli

What is Chandra Lagna

Moon is also known as the Lamppost of destiny. It is a sign of the human mind. The state of the moon in the horoscopes tells us the level of thinking, judgment, consciousness, perception, the memory of native. It is considered as the Queen of the Solar System. It also has a very important significance in Hindu mythology. It is believed that the moon is the disciple of the Jupiter as it goes to Jupiter for its education. In the view of astrology, the moon is a celestial body, it is considered as a planet as it impacts directly on human beings & all living beings. Moon is the fastest planet among all the planets. The day-to-day predictions are done on the basis of the moon & its position. The day of the Moon is Monday, Colour is white, Direction is North-west, Nature is Calm & peaceful, approx. 324 days is required to pass 12 zodiacs & 27 days is the approx. orbit time to pass 1 zodiac. The friendly planets of Moon are Mars & Jupiter while the enemy planets are Rahu, Ketu & Saturn. Mercury is considered a neutral planet.

The whole direction changes if the position of the moon changes. Any yoga needs to be checked again with the Chandra Kundli to confirm the event. One Lagna changes roughly in 2 hours & 15 mins but the moon changes its sign in roughly 2 & quarter days.

Many times even if a person has Raja Yoga or Dhana Yoga in their horoscope but still they lead a normal ordinary life. It happens because the Yogas do not get fructified because the planets that are involved in the Yogas are losing their dignity. If the planets in these Yogas should not be in combination with any enemy Rashi or enemy navamsa. The bad Yogas forming from the moon chart can destroy the good Yogas in the ascendant chart. Moon gets an equal amount of PakshaBala even if it is at the exact point of Amavasya or Poornima. There is a misconception among people that the moon gets a week or Ksheena as it goes towards Amavasya but the actual fact is there are various factors of Shadabala which makes moon strong or weak in various calculations & in various situations.

Importance of Lagna Kundali

  The astrologers from a very long time used to draw the Chandra Kundli next to the Lagna or ascendant chart. The importance of the moon chart is far greater than any other chart & it can put a positive or negative impact depending on which another planet it is associated with. One should always read Chandra Kundli while reading LagnaKundli, else many important information & facts will be missed. Though Lagna is the most powerful house in the horoscope, the moon is so important that the moon is also considered while seeing the horoscope. Chandra Kundli is used to determine & judge the psychological mapping of a person’s individual character. It is being prepared by keeping the Moon as the primary decider while the rest of the planets are placed according to the position of the Moon.
If we compare the day to day activities of our life, then if the ultimate success of ours is determined by the LagnaKundli then the periodical success is judged by the Chandra Kundli. On the basis of the Moon chart, we can calculate the SaadeSaati. Dasha or direction calculation is another thing that can only be done with Chandra Kundli. For those who have their birth time at night, it has been seen that Chandra Kundli is more effective for them than the LagnaKundli. Chandra Kundli is the foremost important thing that we need to take into consideration while we judge the strength of the house & any planet. 

There are many Yogas formed by the moon. Sunafa yoga is formed when there are planets in the 2nd house of the chart. It is a very powerful yoga in Hindu astrology. Anafa yoga is formed when there are planets in the 12th house of the chart. If the moon is powerful, then the person can do well in those fields which requires fertile imagination. GajaKesari yoga or elephant lion yoga is a planetary combination in the Vedic astrology. This yoga happens when Moon & Jupiter are positioned in the center from each other. Durudhara yoga is formed when the planets are either side of the moon.

 Aries Moon sign characteristics 

There are many different situations when Chandra Kundli with Moon is placed in a different zodiac sign. Aries sign is considered as a movable sign & it is ruled by Mars. Birth moon in Aries indicates being impulsive & it makes the person native fickle-minded. Ruled by Venus, for Taurus, the moon finds all the resources for achieving primary goals. It makes the person native influential. Gemini is ruled by Mercury but it is neither a male nor a female. Moon in Gemini indicates creativity, fondness for women, etc. In Chandra Kundli, Leo sign is ruled by Sun which is fiery & peach colored. Along with Gemini, Virgo sign is also ruled by Mercury. The planet moon is exalted in the Taurus till 3 degrees which makes the person very imaginative. In Scorpio, the planet moon gets debilitated if it is just opposite to the Taurus.

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