Simple Pooja‌ ‌Room Vastu‌ Tips


Simple Pooja‌ ‌Room Vastu‌ Tips

Designing a pooja room according to Vastu Shastra draws positive energy and is therefore important for every home. To be honest, our astrologers are frequently asked, "Where should the mandir be located in the home?" What direction should God's idols face? As a result, we decided to write this post to address all of these concerns once and for all.

Even now, every home's pooja room is meticulously constructed with the correct orientations in mind. However, because to cultural shifts and space constraints, particularly in urban areas, people sometimes strive to fit God's idols wherever they can, which is a bad habit.


As Per Vastu, The Best Direction For Pooja Room Are

1.   Northeast is greatest direction for a pooja room in house. In addition, when praying to God, one should always face north or northeast. The pooja room is situated in this manner to provide you with an abundance of positivity and the appropriate type of vibrations.

2.   However, if the northeast direction is not accessible for whatever reason, the east or north directions of the house might be considered.

3.   The pooja room should never be located in the home's south orientation. If you're not in the east, north, or northeast, go west rather than south.

4.   Apart from the south, the pooja room should not be in the bedroom, beneath a stairway, or close to the bathroom wall. Positions like these can stifle positivity.

5.   The pooja room should be on the ground level of the house, according to vastu shastra.

6.   Make sure the pooja room's doors open in the north or east directions.


Direction That Idols Should Face In the Pooja Room

Some individuals think about putting numerous God idols in the pooja room, while others just think about putting one. Nonetheless, all of them should be aware that, in addition to the proper placement of the pooja room, it is also in their best interests to put God's idol in the proper direction of the room. Consider the following scenario:

1.   Lord Ganesha and Shiva must have their portraits or idols facing northeast.

2.   The east is the most favourable direction for a Lord Ram statue or picture.

3.   Lord Krishna should be placed in the home's west direction to ensure wealth and good health.

4.   The goddesses Lakshmi and Durga must be placed at the northeast corner of the house. The picture of Maa Lakshmi and Kali can also be kept in the southeast direction.

5.   Placing the Devi Kali statue towards the south might bring good fortune.

6.   According to Vastu shastra, Lord Hanuman must face south or southeast.

7.   In the meanwhile, Kul Devi/Devat must sit in the northwest.


Decor Vastu Tips For the Pooja Room  

When it comes to interior design, the pooja room has also succumbed to people's instincts. And, to tell you the truth, there's nothing wrong with it. Even while constructing the pooja room, however, some guidelines for pooja room vastu can be kept in mind.

1.   It is in one's best advantage to build a pooja room out of wood and marble. If not the entire chamber, at the very least the platform on which the God sits must be made of marble or wood.

2.   Two wooden shutters must be installed on the pooja room door. If the door contains old school carvings, it is extremely lucky.

3.   The pooja ghar should have any sort of cabinet for keeping pooja-related items towards the south or west.

4.   Make sure the pooja room is set up such that the idols within don't face each other in any manner.

5.   The light, agnikund, or other similar objects must be placed towards the southeast direction.

6.   Copper utensils are considered lucky because copper absorbs beneficial energy.

7.   Another vastu tip for pooja room is to make sure the space has adequate ventilation.

8.   Ensure that the pooja room is adequately lighted at all times. If lights aren't available, use diyas or lamps to create a relaxing atmosphere in the pooja area.

9.   The diyas must always be put on the person conducting the pooja's right side.

10. When it comes to decorating your pooja room, the colours white, light blue, yellow, or other mild calming tones are ideal vastu colours for pooja rooms.

11. The kalash, or water body, should be positioned in the room's north or east corners.


Other Places of the House for Pooja Room

It's reasonable that if you own an apartment, you won't always be able to make changes according to your ideas. As a result, they have a separate set of vastu recommendations for a pooja room.

1.   If you're going to put the pooja ghar in the kitchen or living room, make sure it's facing northeast.

2.   Though it is not a good idea to install the pooja mandir in the bedroom, if you must do so for any reason, make sure it is in the northeast direction.

3.   Make sure your legs aren't pointing in the same direction as the idols, no matter where you put them.


Don’ts When It Comes To Pooja Room

We've compiled a list of vastu techniques for attracting positive energy to your home. Let's have a look at certain things we shouldn't do in the pooja room to guarantee proper vastu.

1.   Dry flowers should never be used in the pooja room.

2.   Don't keep your belongings in the pooja room. Only keep pooja-related items in the same place.

3.   God's broken idols must not be kept in the pooja room.

4.   Things made of the animal skin, leather, or any other unlucky materials should not be utilised in the pooja room.

5.   Avoid filling the pooja room with artwork depicting war scenes or anything else that could make someone feel bad.

6.   Make sure the pooja room is well-lit. At night, use artificial lighting, and during the day, if feasible, allow natural light to penetrate the room.


Tags/Category : - Vastu principles state that the north-east is considered the divine direction. Therefore, you should place your prayer space in this direction. For peace of mind, prosperity and tranquility in your life, the north-east should be the location for your pooja room.
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