Sun in Taurus

Sun in Taurus

Sun in Taurus

Taurus is ruled by Venus, an earth sign that is fixed. While the Sun is a male, flaming planet, Venus is a feminine, aqueous planet. The Sun's placement in Taurus is not regarded favourably in Vedic Astrology because both are antagonistic to one another, especially if it is influenced negatively. Taurus-born people have many problems and difficulties in life. Such people are weak physically and have poor health, as seen by their lack of immunity. Additionally, they are susceptible to disorders of the face or eyes. For these locals, water may also present concerns and dangers. Sun in this position also causes a spouse's unhappiness, which is unfavourable for marriage.

However, these indigenous typically have a good appearance and a kind disposition. They’re perceptive and smart, and they are well-versed in performing arts like singing, dancing, and music. Actually, they occasionally perform musical instruments as well. They typically enjoy a wealthy lifestyle and are well off. They frequently acquire substantial riches and financial gains as well.


Traits of Personality for Sun in Taurus

Vedic astrology classifies Taurus as an Earth sign, which signifies that you are rooted. You are confident in yourself and stand by it. You enjoy taking actions that will make other people happy. After doing something wonderful for someone, you like seeing their smile.

You have a strong desire for security when the Sun is in Taurus. You want a secure life free of significant ups and downs. You put in a lot of effort. When you set your mind to something, you will stop at nothing to make it happen. You enjoy discovering new places. Your experiences teach you more. 


Positive traits of Sun in Taurus

You become overly focused with your profession or pleasure-obsessed when the Sun is in Taurus. Nobody can influence your decision once you've made it. Then, you put all of your effort towards achieving that goal. You hold steadfast ideas, convictions, and viewpoints. You are a wise person who considers your next move carefully. Every business suggestion you make and every trip you organise is carefully considered and evaluated. Hasty decisions are not a trait of yours. You put your all into whatever it is that you chose to undertake.

You value steadiness in your life. Although you don't care much for material things, if stability is represented by a savings account, a good house, and a car, you will take the plunge. These provide you with extra motivation. You take a sensible and grounded approach to living. You think that having unrealistic expectations and crazy dreams won't help you at all. You like contemplating all facets of life, including love, relationships, and business.

You are a devoted lover and friend. In front of your pals, you exhibit a good sense of humour. Your grace endears you to others around you. You are friendly and giving. In general, people are content in your presence. You are dependable and obedient. You are quite skilled at carrying out your responsibilities and doing them properly. You typically possess artistic abilities, such as a strong singing voice. If you look into it, you could succeed there. 


Negative traits of Sun in Taurus 

The Sun's unfavourable traits in Taurus include a few. You're averse to change. If something doesn't go your way, you'd rather wait till the circumstances are right than risk starting anything new. You are incredibly stubborn as a result of this. Instead of attempting to move into a better position, you prefer to stay in your current one for as long as you can. This mentality will cause you to miss out on many amazing possibilities.

You can also occasionally be overly lazy. You could become caught up in ease and pleasure to the point where you lose sight of other things. Becoming too protective of a relationship, belongings, or objects is another option. You enjoy the idea of something or someone being yours alone, even though you are not envious. Although everything in excess might be a problem, you have a lot of passion, which could be a bad attribute.

You can also exhibit some snobbery on occasion. You enjoy the company of clever, beautiful individuals. You avoid being with scum. Although you are patient and peaceful, once provoked, you can become very violent.  


Effect of Sun in Taurus for love and relationship

Astrology with the Sun in Taurus encourages you to help those who are less fortunate in society. Focus on improving the world by loving people as you would like to be loved. You experience greater love in return the more you give love to others.


Effect of Sun in Taurus on Career

You value your career highly. Additionally to wanting to see the best in others, you also want to improve yourself. With the Sun in Taurus, your prosperity may not always be tangible. You consider yourself wealthy and fortunate as long as people are content and you have fulfilled your divine life purpose.

People with the Sun in Taurus make excellent mentors for those who look up to them. You should always strive to have a positive impact on others who are pursuing careers similar to your own.



Taurus Sun sign individuals strive to be as sensible and analytical as possible, thus they are not particularly emotional. However, they do possess a persistence that is challenging to overcome. When they decide to pursue something, it will eventually become theirs. Going for the same thing might require more time than, example, a fire sign. However, Taurus is a patient and intelligent sign, and their methodical approach produces results.

Dealing with these natives sometimes needs having the same patience they do. They will lose control of their terrible anger if you press them too hard. Take care to avoid getting to this point. Then, it takes some time for them to recover from their rage and bitterness. But if you walk the same route as them, you'll always have a reliable friend, ally, or love interest.


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