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Timings of Marriage in Vedic Astrology

Marriage is considered as a very auspicious event in a person’s life by every religion. It is considered a stroke of luck and a blessing to find a wonderful and loving partner. They can make your rest of life much more beautiful.

Everybody has one question in mind about the timing of marriage after a certain age. Some people marry so early but some marry late. Often, people whose marriage is getting late start getting frustrated as to why they aren’t finding the right match for themselves. 

The answer to these questions and marriage predictions is hidden in one’s horoscope or Kundli and can be suggested through astrology. For accurate marriage predictions, you will need your date and exact time of your birth.

Astrology is the study of positions of planets, stars, and cosmic objects and their effects on human lives. Astrology can not only tell people about their timing of marriage but literally about anything and everything about a person’s life from a person’s future job to a person’s future huddle. It helps you identify the problem and gives you a solution to it. Hence, many people who are facing different problems in their life visit astrologers to find a solution. There are many people around the world who believe in astrology but there are many people too who do not believe in it. For them, it is their hard work and sturdiness that matters. However, a large population of India has a firm belief in astrology and always considers it especially before starting something new or during the time of their adversity. 

A human has many relationships in his/her life. Some are natural with our birth like the mother, father, sister, brother, cousins, etc., while some are that we got to choose like our friends and our life partner. A life partner is a very important relationship that gets to choose and hence should be chosen wisely and carefully as one gets to spend his/her life with that person. This is also the reason why the people after a certain age get curious about their marriage and timing often seek astrology and horoscopes for answers. But, it will remain a fact that the computer-generated reading and predictions will never reach the accuracy which can be achieved by the manual reading of the horoscope which is done by the expert and experienced astrologers.

Following are a few principles to keep in mind: 

*In astrology, the moon is symbolic to girlfriends and Venus is symbolic to wifes for the males. 

*Mars represents boyfriends and Jupiter represents husbands, for females.

*For males, the moon also signifies the emotional attachment with the wife and for women, it signifies the sexual expertise of the husband.

Darakaraka is the lowest degree of planets as per the Jaimini System which in this system means life partner. While looking at Darakaraka it should be remembered not to look at pseudo planets that are Rahu or the Dragon’s Head and Ketu or the Dragon’s Tail.

Houses for Marriage Prediction

The different houses in our horoscope also influences our marriage timings. According to astrology, the four houses, 2nd, 5th, 7th, and 8th houses are the prominent ones that directly affect our marriage predictions.

The fifth house shows happiness, joys and romance in one’s life. The 7th house represents romantic relationships, either it is your marriage or long term relationship. Therefore, the interaction of these two houses indicate early marriage or love marriage. 

Another house that influences your marriage is the 8th house. This house is for the stability of marriage. If your 8th house and the 5th house is making any kind of connection, the chances of an extra-marital affair may arise. 

Along with these, two other charts are also considered, i.e. birth chart and navamsa chart for marriage timing prediction. Among these, the navamsa chart is considered as most relevant for marriage predictions. 

How Transits Affects Your Marriage Timings?

 Both Transits and Dasha affect the timings of the marriage of the native. When reading the transitions, we give extra emphasis on two planets I.e. Saturn and Jupiter since these two planets deposits on a sign for long durations.

So, following are the transitions which are important for predicting the timings of the marriage:

*The transition of Jupiter in a house where it aspects the natal Venus, as well as its transition on the 7th house or the 7th lord, brings the luck of getting married during this period.

*The transition of Jupiter in the trikona from Rashi or Navamsa which is ruled by the 7th house lord.

*The transition of Saturn on the 7th house or the 7th house lord or in the Upapada indicates towards marriage.

*The transition of both Saturn, as well as Jupiter on the Navamsa Ascendant, will lead to the marriage.

How To Predict Marriage Timing With Date Of Birth And Timing?

  To predict the marriage timing from Kundli and date of birth and timing, we need to follow certain steps:

*Since the 7th house is for the marriage, we first need to see which planets are place in this house as well as the position of the lord of the 7th house.

*Navamsha chart is also important. We need to read the position of planets sitting on the Navamsha chart and the 7th lord of it.

*Then, we need to read the 8th lord in the birth chart as well as in the Navamsha chart. We also need to keep an eye on the planets of the 8th house.

Along with all these, we have to read that there is no influence of planets that creates problems in the way of marriage. The affliction of Saturn in the 7th house or the 7th house lord will indicate that there will be a delay in marriage. Also, the affliction of 8th house lord in the 7th house or the 7th house lord on the birth chart or Navamsa chart will create problems too. 


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