Understanding the 3rd house in astrology

As we know that there are 12 houses, 12 zodiac signs and 9 planets in astrology. Each house has its own significance with the presence of different planets in it & thus the effect of every planet differs from person to person depending on the sign & house they have in their birth chart. If we talk about the 3rd house, it is also known as the house of communication.

3rd house is related to Gemini. Mercury acts as the natural significator of the 3rd house. Body parts like shoulders, arms, hands, upper chest, lungs, collarbone, ears & breathing canal are included in the 3rd house. This house refers to the neighboring countries & relations with them in the chart of any country.

If the Rahu or Ketu are placed in the 3rd house along with mars, then the person may suffer from ear ailments. If the malefic planet occupies the 3rd house then it may cause the problem to the body parts but there may be some positive effects like if the 10th lord is in the 3rd house then the person will get a job. Such a person will also have courage & the presence of Saturn in the 3rd house makes the person more cautious.

Here, we will see the presence of zodiac signs in the 3rd house.

1. Aries sign in 3rd house – It acts as a blessing as well as a curse for the person. He will have a fast approach to all the things but will be aggressive in communication. The person will have lots of ideas & will be energized. 
2. Taurus sign in 3rd house – The thoughts of such person are very slow & static & thus sometimes end up in irritating the people. As soon as they discover their talent, they incorporate that in their daily routine.
3. Gemini sign in 3rd house – It is the most natural of all the positions. The person will have a smart approach, clarity in their thoughts & choices will have an attachment with their siblings.
4. Cancer sign in 3rd house – such a person will have inherited intelligence but will have emotional issues with their parents. They will face problems in expressing their emotions in an acceptable way.
5. Leo sign in 3rd house – The person will be more focused on their own self rather than on anybody else which will affect their relationship with friends & family. He will also have lots of ego challenges & they lack emotional satisfaction.
6. Virgo sign in 3rd house – It is considered to be at a very strange position as it weakens as well as empowers. Such person is very intelligent, have lots of mental abilities & proper clarity but they have many health-related problems that they have to deal with.
7. Libra sign in 3rd house – They speak very often with others but they have a liking towards lots of people. They are very careful about their judgments, attitude, personality before talking to anybody else.
8. Scorpio sign in 3rd house – Such person are strong, deep minded, often have a dark sense of humor & their thoughts will never remain free of dissatisfaction. They always end up recognizing the good of all the things.
9. Sagittarius sign in 3rd house – Such people are philosophical thinkers & have a wide perspective which is mostly positive. They are very optimistic, travelers & teachers. 
10. Capricorn sign in 3rd house – It is a sign of karma, damaged things, depth & rational choices. They require a lot of sleep so that their mind clears up & they can see everything very clearly.
11. Aquarius sign in 3rd house – Such people have a variety of beautiful ideas & good social life to interact. They don’t wait or depend on other’s advice & use their way to solve any problem.
12. Pisces sign in 3rd house – this is a sign of Mercury falling down & the beginning of confusion in the mind. There will be lots of emotional problems & they may not speak or think clearly. They need to avoid all mind-altering substances like alcohol, narcotics, nicotine, etc.

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