Uttarashada Nakshatra

Uttarashada Nakshatra

Uttarashada Nakshatra

Out of total 27 nakshatras present, Uttarashada nakshatra positions as the 21st nakshatra. It can be found in the north-south direction of the sky. Uttarashada nakshatra forms the shape of a table, in this each of the four stars of Uttarashada nakshatra and Purvashada nakshatra seems to be hanging from a single star forming the shape of a casket. While its symbolized by a small bed or tusk of an elephant. The ruling planetary force for this nakshatra is the Sun. And the governing deity of Uttarashada nakshatra is  Vishwadevas or the Universal god. Uttarashada nakshatra spans from 26:40 degree Sagittarius – 10:00 degrees in Capricorn.

Basic Information Of Uttarashada Nakshatra

Uttarashada nakshatra has a strong influence of Jupiter and the Sun on it. When the kundali of a native is decked with advantageous positions of Mars and Sun, it proves very salutary, and the person will have good shepherding skills and will reach to the high respectable positions in the administrative services.

The natives of Uttarashada nakshatra are usually questers of spirituality, acquiescent and appreciative. They are triumphant with profound knowledge. They are affectionate and generous.

Names of Uttarashada nakshatra’s natives should start with: bay, bO, ja, jae.

General Characteristics Of Uttarashada nakshatra

The natives of this nakshatra have great luck in terms of their life partner. They often get alluring and supportive life partners and they themselves are pulchritudinous and prepossessing. They have a balanced body, vivid eyes, broad head, fair complexion and long nose. An endearing and courteous personality is one of their major positive traits.

Natives of Uttarashada nakshatra will typically be very self-effacing and soft spoken. They come out as very affable person, who is full of innocence. These natives are wholehearted people and when they undertake any job they pursue it to completion with utmost responsibility. They don’t hoodwink anybody and their personality attribute of being inherently honest can be easily perceived and is adorable.

Behavioral Characteristics

Natives of Uttarashada nakshatra are reticent and in order to understand their behavior properly, it  take number of meetings and along acquaintance for people around them. Nevertheless they are very truthful beings who dislike duplicity and vainglory.  Although they are plain hearted and are really simple and straightforward in their day to day life’s dealings, still they possess strong resolution and they don’t bend easily in unpropitious situations. Consulting to other people prior to taking any decision and being tranquil and controlled is another behavioral characteristic of such individuals.

The major positive traits of natives of Uttarashada nakshatra include their humble nature and the fact that they always respect others for what they are and what is that they do nevertheless of their own social and financial positions. They give utmost respect to the females. They are unpretentious and will never utter an even a single bitter word against anyone in spite of having strong opinion differences.

The natives of Uttarashada nakshatra many a times lack motivation to do things in life and constantly look for approval or admiration for their work, in absence of which they might tend to exhibit the negative traits of being despondent and miserable. They are meek and sometimes may even show extreme tolerance to people who do not deserve it. This overabundance of humbleness of being unable to harsh to people, on one hand is positive trait but many a times land them into problems and this here manifests itself as negative trait for particular situations.

Male natives of Uttarashada nakshatra lead a simple life and they have pure heart and soul. They don’t like to brag and it makes them earn respect from people around. They should be cautious when dealing with matters concerning legal contracts or money. They must check the background of the person before indulging in any business with them otherwise they might face losses. They should pay attention to health, their health may decline if they do not take care of it. Prone to pulmonary and stomach diseases.

Female natives of Uttarashada nakshatra have adorable eyes and sharp facial features. They reflect the sign of aggression. They are sometimes stubborn and also prone to indulging in conflicts. Their irrational arguments in a fight might get them in trouble. But despite all of this, they live quite a simple life and uncomplicated life. Education is their forte. They may not lead a pleasant marriage life, after an unpleasant life they might move towards spirituality. Health of female natives is no better case, they are prone to gastric, hernia and uterus problems.

Career Options For Natives Of Uttarashada Nakshatra

They possess career interest in constructive stuff like that of engineering industries and architectural work. They attain triumph in their profession after 38 years of age and may be compelled to aface some struggles in the beginning. The fruitful profession interest includes mechanical engineering jobs, engineering jobs, architects and working with maps and planning.

Uttarashada Nakshatra Compatibility And Incompatibility

They often have a happily married life and helpful partners. Hasta nakshatra, Bharani nakshatra and Rohini nakshatra are compatible with Uttarashada nakshatra, while Bhadrapada nakshatra and Ashlesha nakshatra are incompatible with the Uttarashada nakshatra.

Uttarashada Nakshatra Padas

First Pada: First Pada resides in the Sagittarius Navamsa. And it is ruled by Jupiter. The natives focus on magnifying their self-esteem and confidence. They do attain profound knowledge.

Second Pada: The second pada of Uttarashada nakshatra resides in the Capricorn Navamsa and it is ruled by Saturn. Thus the natives have to pay heed to their aspirations and ways to succeed. Achievement of goals is their top notch priority.

Third Pada: The third pada of Uttarashada nakshatra resides in the Aquarius Navamsa. And it is ruled by Saturn. The major tensity for the native people lies in learning and building a comfortable life.

Fourth Pada: The Fourth Pada of the Uttarashada nakshatra resides in the Pisces navamsa. And it is ruled by Jupiter. The natives here move away from the materialistic solacement to the path of spirituality.


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