Varalakshmi Pooja

Procedure of the Varalakshmi Pooja

Goddess Varalakshmi is one of the Goddess Lakshmi's most auspicious and holy forms. Varalakshmi Mata is a goddess who, when appeased, bestows the blessings desired by her followers.

‘Varamahalakshmi' is another name for the Varalakshmi Mata. Mata Varalakshmi, the goddess of boons, is well-known for the Varalakshmi Vratham.


What is the significance of the Varamahalakshmi Festival?

On this day, married ladies fast for the full day and perform the ‘Varalakshmi Pooja,' praying to the goddess for good health and longevity for their husbands. A few newly married women and women without children also pray to the goddess for a child and for their family's well-being.


What is the Procedure Varalakshmi Pooja ?

Varalakshmi Vrat is seen to be beneficial to both the individual and the entire family. The Varalakshmi Pooja can also be performed at your own home; however, you must first prepare the full Pooja Samagri before to the Puja.


Varalakshmi Pooja List (Samagri)


·       Kalash

·       Face of goddess

·       Akshatha

·       Chandan

·       Kumkum

·       Colours  & rice flour– for drawing rangoli

·       Banana leaves

·       Turmeric powder

·       Mango Leaves

·       Lotus Flower

·       A big wooden plank known as Thambaalam or Peeta

·       Few Coconuts

·       Devi Vastra

·       Full Raw Rice grains

·       Devi Abhushan

·       Betel leaves

·       Flowers and garland

·       Banana

·       Betel nut

·       Milk

·       Fruits (all seasonal fruits)

·       Dry fruits & nuts

·       Panchamrit comprising of fruits, Dry fruits, nuts, ghee and jaggery.

·       Scented water (comprising of saffron, Cardamom, cloves, Mace and edible camphor) to be filled in the Kalash.

·       Thoram (A holy thread that comprises 9 knots and 9 strings smeared with Turmeric powder in order to be tied on wrist)

·       Pongu nool (A single thread dipped in turmeric powder and worn around the neck)

·       Mahalakshmi stothram book

·       Neivedyam

·       Takeaway sets, which are given out to the women who come to pray. Thamboolam is a set that includes bananas, coconuts, betel leaves, almonds, turmeric-smeared thread, a shirt piece, and a one-rupee coin. Plastic bowls and cups to hand out Prasadam.


Varalakshmi Pooja Vidhi

The preparations for the Varalakshmi Pooja Vidhi, which falls on a Thursday, begin a day before the actual day. On a Thursday morning, the women get up early to clean all of the pooja vessels, as well as the Kalash (pot). Prepare the Thoran and Pongu Nool, as well as the Kumkum; arrange the Puja plate; and keep the entire samagri ready for the Varalakshmi Vrata pooja the next day.


On Thursday Evening Padi Pooja Is Performed

Sweep and mop the floor in the entrances to all the rooms in your house on a Thursday evening around 5.30 p.m. Apply two lines of Kumkum and one line of turmeric to each corner side of the entrance once you've finished cleaning. On these lines, put Chandan and Kumkum dots. Now light a lamp and make a neivedyam offering. Place a banana leaf over the wooden board in front of Maa Varalakshmi's statue or portrait, then spread a handful of raw full grain rice over it.



How to Perform/do Varalakshmi Vratham?

·  Married ladies must get up early on Friday mornings, take a bath, and dress in a silk saree with gold jewellery.


·  Fasting must be observed until the Valakshmi puja is completed (Fruits and milk are suitable for older ladies and women with medical issues).


·  Make a rangoli out of rice flour and set the Peeta on top of it.


·  On the wooden board, place a banana leaf, then a handful of whole rice grains, the Kalash filled with aromatic water, and finally the coconut and betel leaves on top of the rice grains.


·  Cover the coconut in a conical form with a fresh blouse piece (fabric used to make blouses for ladies).


·  Apply turmeric to the coconut's face that faces us, then         decorate it with nose rings, fancy eyes, and a neckpiece. You can also purchase a goddess's face or a pot that are readily    accessible in the market.


·  Tie a pongu nool around the coconut's neck or Varalakshmi Mata's face. The Mangalsutra is known as the pongu.


·  Apply chandan and kumkum tikas to the goddess's head, legs, and hands.


·  Begin the Puja by lighting the ghee diya.


·  Energized Lakshmi Yantras can be used or meditated on to worship Goddess Lakshmi.


·  Simply concentrate on Goddess Lakshmi and chant Her seed mantra, "Om Hreem Shreem Lakshmibhayo Namah.",‘ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं लक्ष्मीभयो नमः॥


·  On the Lotus Seed bead, you can chant the Lakshmi Mantra.


·  Under the supervision of competent Brahmins, you can also do a Mahalakshmi Puja. On this particular day, it is a highly recommended activity.


·  Kalash Sthapana is included in the pooja.


·  Sthapana Panchang (Punyavachan, Gauri Ganesh, Shodash Matrika, Sarvotabhadra, Navgraha),


·  64 yogini Pujan,


·  Shetrapal Pujan,


·  Swasti Vachan,


·  Ganesh Pujan, Sankalpa and Abhishek,


·  Navgraha Pujan and one hundred and eight chants of each planetary mantra,


·  In Kalash, great Goddesses and Gods are invoked.


·  Abhishek and Laxmi Idol Pujan


·  Puja of Laxmi Yantra


·  Lakshmi Suktam recitation


·  Lakshmi Stotram Mantra and Kanakdhara Strotra Recitation, Lakshmi Mantra Japa


·  Laxmi Homa,


·  Aarti & Pushpaanjali.


·  Because it is ruled by Goddess Lakshmi, you can wear Seven Mukhi Rudrasksha beads. On this day, wearing Rudraksha beads purifies your inner self, develops your willpower, and attracts income chances.


·  Begin the puja by adoring Lord Ganesh and reciting His mantra and stotram.


·  Take some akshat and fresh flowers in your right palm after doing the Ganesha puja and say the Avahanam slokha.


·  Now with the utmost devotion think about Lakshmi Mata and then offer the flowers and akshata to the Kalash or pot that you have previously installed.


·  In your mind, visualise Goddess Lakshmi, and offer the flowers and akshatha to Kalasha.


·  The Thorakrandhi pooja, also known as the Nonbu Saradu pooja or the Thoram Pooja, is then performed.


·  Finally, execute the Mangala Aarti by offering the God Nonbu Saradu several varieties of Naivedyam.


·  Women must now wear a Pongu nool around their neck and tie a thoram (turmeric-covered thread) on their right wrist.


·  Now sing the Mangala Aarti while mixing Kumkum and turmeric with water in a vessel.


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