Venus in 10th house


Venus in 10th house For Aries ascendant

Venus rules 2nd and 7th houses and stays of the 10th house in the Capricorn sign if the ascendant is in Aries. This are the people who are enamored with power. These people enjoy maintaining cordial relationships at work, especially with those in positions of authority, so that they can draw on those relationships if needed. Colleagues are often misunderstood as adversaries or rivals, but they are not the same individuals. They also maintain strong relationships with their former employers so that they can return if necessary.


Venus in 10th house For Taurus ascendant

Venus rules first and sixth houses in the Taurus and resides in the tenth house in the Aquarius if the ascendant is the Taurus. At work and in public, they have a very friendly attitude. They'll get along swimmingly with their managers and coworkers. These are the people who, for a change, like working in the business world. In society and at work, they maintain a very attractive, friendly picture. They want to be removed from workplace politics and to treat others with respect.


Venus in 10th house For Gemini ascendant

Venus not only governs the 12th house of unknown gifts, but it also rules the 5th house of creativity and lies exalted in the 10th house of career, making this a good placement for those in a creative career such as movies, arts, or media. As a result, any career in the arts is strongly recommended for them. If they are under the influence of Venus MD, a routine job-oriented career will feel like punishment to them.


Venus in 10th house For Cancer ascendant

Venus rules 11th and 4th houses of Cancer and sits in the 10th house of Aries. He may also be in the financial or wealth-related sectors. This person may have a large number of female coworkers or work with women. It's possible that the work environment is friendly. As Venus aspects back at the 4th home, this is another place where a person can obtain a lot of Real Estate or Vehicles from his job, except this time it might be more vehicles than real estate.


Venus in 10th house For Leo ascendant

If the ascendant is Leo, Venus rules the 10th and 3rd houses and resides in Taurus' 10th house. Since Venus still rules the 3rd home, they should still continue to nurture their passions and desires and transform them into a profession. They have a great working relationship with everybody. Similarly, they have a great relationship with Father and learn a lot from him.


Venus in 10th house For Virgo ascendant

Venus rules 9th and 2nd houses in Virgo and resides in 10th house in Gemini for Virgoascendant. Since Taurus is the sign of wealth and assets, and its ruler is in the tenth house of profession, it indicates that someone may pursue higher education in the fields of finance and commerce, and then apply what he has learned in his profession. As a result, we can see someone working in the field of finance or commerce. Venus in the tenth house is usually interpreted as a career in the media, but houses associated with the media should be activated.


Venus in 10th house For Libra ascendant

Venus rules the 8th and 1st houses and sits in the 10th house in the Cancer sign if the ascendant is Libra. Venus represents duty and commitment, while Cancer represents nourishment and caring for others. As a result, it may be someone who assists people in times of need. It can now be done by direct services or counselling.


Venus in 10th house For Scorpio ascendant

Venus rules the 7th and 12th houses in Scorpio and remains in the 10th house in Leo. Since the planet of creativity is in the sign of creativity and in the house of Career, it indicates a partner who is exceptionally innovative and may be seeing the same creativity in their career. This is one of those jobs where you just want to marry someone with a lot of power, status, and celebrity. Here, the partner enjoys a luxurious lifestyle. They want to eat at the best restaurant in town, even though it's just for brunch.


Venus in 10th house For Sagittarius ascendant

For Sagittariusascendant, Venus rules the 6th and 11th houses and is debilitated in the 10th house in Virgo. It demonstrates that, despite the fact that an individual makes money from his job, he is never satisfied with his earnings. Debilitated Venus would become a karaka of Divorce for a man, but the actual event of divorce may necessitate dasha/transit/etc. It also depicts someone falling in love with a coworker, which did not go well.


Venus in 10th house For Capricorn ascendant

For Capricornascendant, Venus rules the 5th and 10th houses and resides in the Libra sign's 10th house. This job exemplifies a successful artistic career. This individual would use his artistic abilities to seek a career and is often seen in society as Artistes, Actors, and Singers. Their ingenuity gives them all the glory and power. The fact that Venus is in all of these roles indicates that the individual is meeting his love interest at work.


Venus in 10th house For Aquarius ascendant

Venus rules the 4th and 9th houses in Aquarius and remains in the 10th house in Scorpio if the ascendant is Aquarius. They can work in any field that involves sculpture, decoration, skills, or imagination. The only drawback is that their romantic relationships are still on a roller coaster trip that might end badly.


Venus in 10th house For Pisces ascendant

Venus governs the 3rd and 8th houses in Pisces and resides in the 10th house in Sagittarius if the ascendant is Pisces. However, since Venus is in Sagittarius, which is Venus's enemy symbol, it does not produce its full potential in this location. As a result, it may depict a professor or teacher who works in the world of higher education.

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