venus in Aquarius

Venus in Aquarius

Saturn, a neutral airy planet, rules Aquarius, a fixed air sign. Saturn and Venus view one another as friends. Saturn is a teacher, though, and it presents challenges to help you learn from your errors. When Venus is in Saturn's sign, the person experiences obstacles in marriage and love as well as a detachment from romance. Venus in this native's birth chart indicates a lack of care for society, family, and friends.

However, these locals value their own independence and private space. Venus in Aquarius natives are free spirits with their own set of guidelines for how to live and behave. They have a calm, composed approach. They have a vivacious personality that is enhanced by being around friends. Venus in Aquarius natives approach relationships honestly and directly, and they have a good understanding with their partners. Venus in Aquarius individuals marry later in life. They do not necessarily want a lover, more of a buddy. They have little spiritual knowledge since they are more focused on the interpersonal and material sides of life.


Traits of Personality for Venus in Aquarius


The adjective unconventional is used here to describe both Aquarius and itself. Venus in Aquarius natives are not interested in a traditional relationships based on what society considers to be healthy. They set their own guidelines and go their own route. They also desire a companion who shares their understanding.


Forward Oriented

Venus, the forward-looking planet, is a metaphor for sex attraction, romance, ambition, love, partnerships, enjoyment, money, and beauty. In order to impress a possible partner, Aquarius flaunts their academic prowess. They are seeking a partner who values their sharp thinking. They take great pride in being progressive. They also require a partner with whom they can discuss and argue all of their ideas.


Positive Traits of the Venus in Aquarius

Aquarius is an air sign, thus it has little interest in the material world. It is all about how smart they are. Admire their intelligence and innovative thought processes. The fundamental core of their personality is that they are original and creative.

They will surprise you with unusual date suggestions, and they will be impressed if you come up with your own. Additionally, they require a partner for intimacy who is not only their lover but also their best friend. Venus in Aquarius is fervent, but her passion is for their convictions rather than for sex.

Being around Venus is never monotonous. So, be ready for anything to happen at the places. One day, you are lounging in front of a movie at home. Then, the next thing you know, you are whitewater rafting down a dangerous river you have never heard of before. They require someone who can go with their flow because they love to surprise people.


Negative Traits of the Venus in Aquarius

Because they dislike outbursts, those who are more emotional than intellectual may find it challenging to deal with Aquarius. They cannot become passionate about anything because of their realistic character, but it does not imply they do not care. But when dating that special someone, they need to watch out for coming out as behaving superior.

When speaking to others, they frequently come out as distant or aloof because they believe they are beyond social norms. Additionally, if you do not know them well, this could be off-putting. The Aquarius, though, will not understand what you are saying about them. They have a peculiar method of doing things that makes perfect sense, which accounts for their lengthy impact. 


Effect of Venus in Aquarius for love and relationship

People with Venus in Aquarius want a buddy as well as a lover—someone they can challenge, play with, and bounce ideas off of. They absolutely approach every circumstance with logic and reason, and their mind definitely dominates their heart. Because of this, they can come out as a bit distant, and they find sentimentality and PDA repugnant (their ideal Valentine's Day or anniversary is best spent at a weird, odd dive bar rather than a pricey restaurant or hotel).

Couples can anticipate an unusual, distinctive spouse who is willing to try anything, sets no restrictions or boundaries, and suggests amazing, impromptu dates (and they look for someone to really go with their flow). They are intelligent, receptive, and eager to discuss anything and everything—the stranger, the better. Here, freedom is a recurring subject. They will offer their lover as much space as they need to roam and discover the world. Therefore, if you enjoy such mood, this sign is a fantastic fit for you. Otherwise, good luck.


Effect of Venus in Aquarius on Career

Venus is a natural buddy of Saturn, the ruling planet of Aquarius, and its placement in the Aquarius zodiac makes Venus feel happy and pleased. In the Aquarius enclosure, this combination is balanced.



This explains why Aquarius people dislike restrictions that they perceive as being too restrictive. They require the freedom to investigate things in their own way and formulate their own conclusions. They will reciprocate by being themselves with you if you let them be. Additionally, because they are so adaptable to whatever transpires, it prevents them from getting envious.

Venus in Aquarius natives will open your eyes to a whole new universe of opportunity if you are not rigid or difficult. Venus in Aquarius natives take great pleasure in expanding their knowledge base. So join them on their special excursions. Venus in Aquarius natives desire someone to share their life with in the future, despite the fact that they might occasionally come off as cold. Just not the right time for an Aquarius woman or man to exhibit it frequently. But if they genuinely enjoy working for you, you will see that they spend more time and money with you than anyone else. And if you play your cards well and keep a straight face, they will be fascinated by your distinct personality. They are drawn to challenging puzzles to solve.


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