Yellow Sapphire Ring

How one should wear Yellow Sapphire Ring?

There are a total of 9 kinds of Gemstones called Navratna. From which Yellow Sapphire is estimated as the most and auspicious beneficial stone and holds especial importance in the astrology . Yellow Sapphire is also known as Push Raja, Yellow Pukhraj, Guruvallabh, Gururatna and Peet mani. It is believed to hold the strength of the planet Jupiter.

Jupiter is heaviest planet among others in the solar system, and therefore Yellow Pukhraj is imparted with distinguishing powers from the other gemstones. One must assure the appropriateness of the gemstones from astrologer to get the maximum benefits of the stone.

Origin of Yellow Sapphire is in India, Afghanistan, USA and Srilanka, Pakistan.


When one should wear Yellow sapphire

A duly consecrated and energized Jyotish quality Yellow sapphire ought to be worn on Thursday morning of waxing moon period in hora of the Jupiter.


Preferred color of yellow sapphire gemstone

Yellow sapphire naturally comes in many shades which ranges from those with only a hint of yellow to the pale yellow to the butter yellow to the rich canary yellow. Since with all the colored gemstones- richer the color better is the gem. When you consider buying yellow sapphire, sapphire with a color range from the butter yellow to the rich canary yellow are the finest.


Who should wear Yellow sapphire?

Astrological gemstones must only be worn only after ascertaining appropriateness through suitable gem recommendation. Folks with Pisces or Sagittarius ascendant must wear since they can eagerly gain the advantages of a Yellow sapphire gemstone. According to the Hindu astrology, rings of yellow sapphire are particularly good for the female folks since Jupiter is the implication of marriage as well as marital paradise for them.

Let’s check the disadvantages and advantages of wearing Yellow Sapphire.


1. What are astrological profits of wearing Yellow Sapphire?

Yellow Sapphire is gemstone of the Jupiter planet. It is the signifier of finance, and Jupiter blesses the wearer yellow sapphire gemstone with wisdom and prosperity. It also assists in attaining superior solace with the spirituality. It assists the wearer in being determined, defining the motives of life and conquering them and taking right decisions.


2. What are the transformations in personal life post wearing Yellow Sapphire?

a) Wearing Yellow Pukhraj may protect you from the wickedness and get material satisfaction and happiness.

b) If you are a female, it provides you with a prosperous and loving bridegroom, heirs, love, happiness and conjugal satisfaction in your marital life.

c) Yellow Pukhraj builds up your capability of dealing with your ambition. It assists you to take right decisions, be in order, setting the goals of your life and attaining maximum success.

d) Person can enjoy the occasional joy of life that is the victory, strong friendship and intelligence by wearing it.

e) Person is blessed with wealth, a child, wisdom and fame.


Yellow Sapphire is chiefly in the dispute that right after putting it, it would give the individual something huge. People say it may immediately make you poor or wealthy. There are lots of speculations about the sapphires. The truth, nevertheless, is that it’s nothing like this. Horoscope itself makes decision of every gemstone. Nevertheless, when one wears Yellow Sapphire Ring, method and the after doing decides whether you will obtain negative or positive effects of the stone.

Yellow Sapphire, also known as Pukhraj Ratna in Hindi is extremely auspicious amid the other gemstones. Yellow sapphire stimulates the optimistic energy of Jupiter. Jupiter is planet of wisdom, good learning, fortune and teaching. Individual with a powerful Jupiter in Kundali could do miracles in their life. While, a person with fragile Jupiter would suffer from a shortage of learning, good health and goodness. As a solution to Jupiter, the finest astrologers of India advices wearing Yellow sapphire or Pukhraj. Nonetheless, you must remember how to wear the Yellow Sapphire Ring correctly for good results.


Finest metal to wear a Yellow sapphire?

The finest metals for wearing Yellow Sapphires are platinum, silver, gold, or the Panchadhatu. When you are selecting a metal, you should ask an astrologer and the ring must be designed in such a manner that a part of sapphire should be coming into contact with wearer’s skin to communicate its energy to the body of sapphire’s wearer. When gemstone possesses a direct contact with skin of the wearer, it fetches the most of its advantages and effects in their life.


How to correctly wear a Yellow Sapphire Ring?

On Thursday, after bathing in Shukla Paksha, yellow topaz must be worn along with a golden ring in the index finger of right hand. It is required to wear the ring in such a way that lower end of the gems should stay open and in touch with your finger. Weight of at least 4 carats or 4 Rattis or more must be used to make ring.

Do remember that in Guru Nakshatra or on Thursday, generally between sunrise and 11 o’clock, Pukhraj ring must be made.

Firstly, bathe the gemstone using the Ganga Jal, after that with raw milk, and once more with Ganga Jal. Next, chant the Guru Mantra, which is “Bri Brihaspataye Namah”.

Individuals who are uncomfortable wearing a ring must wear a Guru Yantra in gold locket.


Five Things to remember when person wears a Yellow Sapphire ring

Chant the mantra “Om Streem Brahm Brihaspatayee Nama”, meanwhile offer the gemstone hundred and eight times with the Shammi wood. This will stimulate gemstone, providing positive energy.

Do not give fake assurance to anybody after wearing a Yellow Sapphire Ring. It can fetch drastic results in life.

Don’t consume either meat or liquor on Thursday. It repels the positive energy surrounding you.

Be courteous of elderly individuals at home. If you don’t value them, you may never get positive outcomes of Pukhraj. Also, be receptive to individuals with disabilities.

On Thursday of Shukla Paksha each month, offer gemstone water mixed with some ghee, milk, Ganga Jal, sugar and the sesame.


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