Yogini Ekadashi

Yogini ekadashi meaning

According to the North Indian Hindu calendar, Yogini Ekadashi falls in the Ashadha month during the moon's sinking phase (Krishna Paksha). According to the Gregorian calendar, this occurs in the months of June or July. According to Hindu tradition, the Yogini Ekadashi fast is the most important Ekadashi fast since it aids in the treatment of various maladies and disorders. Those who follow this vrat will be blessed with good health and pleasure. This vrat is also known to redeem a person from sins and wicked acts and aid in the attainment of salvation. On the day of Yogini Ekadashi, Lord Vishnu is worshipped. One is fortunate to have excellent health and happiness.


Significance of yogini ekadashi as per the Vedic lunar calendar

Yogini Ekadashi is an auspicious day, and fasting on this day while following all of the Ekadashi regulations meticulously can wipe away an individual's sins and lead to salvation. The notion that following Yogini Ekadashi will heal bodily diseases and give good health on the devotee adds to the significance of Yogini Ekadashi.

The ancient Hindu texts have Lord Sri Krishna (an avatar of Lord Vishnu) stating the importance of Ekadashi fast/vrat, where the Lord has claimed it is greater than all sacrifices or alms to the needy or the sacrifice of Horses (Ashvamedha) or even meeting Lord Vishnu Himself. According to legend, everyone who fasts on this day and follows the commandments would be emancipated and granted a place in Lord Vishnu's abode.

Lord Sri Krishna mentions in the Yogini Ekadashi katha that observing Yogini Ekadashi pulls followers back to the spiritual path from drowning in the materialistic ocean of the world, giving Yogini Ekadashi a unique meaning.


Yogini ekadashi 2022- date and time

Following Nirjala Ekadashi comes Yogini Ekadasi, which occurs during the waning Moon phase or Krishna Paksha of the Hindu month of Ashadha, which corresponds to the months of June and July on the Gregorian calendar. Ashadha-Krishna Ekadashi is another name for Yogini Ekadashi.


Yogini Ekadashi on Friday, June 24, 2022

On 25th Jun, Parana Time - 06:03 AM to 08:42 AM

Ekadashi Tithi Begins - 09:41 PM on Jun 23, 2022

Ekadashi Tithi Ends - 11:12 PM on Jun 24, 2022

On Parana Day Dwadashi End Moment - 01:09 AM, Jun 26


Those who fast must break it after daybreak on Ekadashi the next day. It should be emphasised that the fast (Parana) should be broken during the Dwadashi Tithi. On the 6th of July, Dwadashi comes to an end at 9:32 p.m. Another key point to remember is that during Hari Vasara, the fourth day of Dwadashi, one must not break the fast. Pratahkala is the finest moment to break the fast (morning).


Important things while observing fast

Before you go on a fast, be sure you're in good health. Consult your doctor beforehand because fasting for several hours might be harmful to your health, particularly if you are on medication or undergoing treatment. If you are medically fit, however, follow the guidelines below:

·  Get up early in the morning (if possible during Brahma Muhurat - two hours before sunrise).

·  Take a bath and change your clothes.

·  With Sankalpa, practise Dhyana (meditation) (a pledge that you will sincerely keep the vrat).

·  As you begin your vrat on the Dashami Tithi (tenth day), maintain your chastity (tenth day).

·  Onions, garlic, pork, rice, wheat, lentils, and legumes are all things to stay away from.

·  Tobacco and alcohol should be avoided at all costs.

·  Fruits, milk, and vrat dishes like Sabudana khichdi or vada, kuttu or singhare ki puri or paratha, are all allowed.

·  Make a charitable donation or help those in need by providing food and/or other necessities. Perform admirable deeds.

·  As many times as you can, chant the mantra "OM Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya."


Most important rituals is to be performed during yogini ekadashi vrat

Yogini Ekadashi fasting and worship begins on dashami tithi (the tenth day of the Hindu calendar) and lasts until dwadashi tithi (the eleventh day of the Hindu calendar) (the twelfth day of the Hindu calendar). This vrat necessitates a satvik diet and full abstinence from tamasic foods. He or she should also abstain from any bodily pleasures. The devotee should think favourably and pray for his or her well-being when presenting flowers and sweets to Lord Vishnu's image or idol.

An incense stick, a deepak (light), a water container, and a bell are among the other puja materials to be offered to the God. Tulsi leaves should be acquired the day before Ekadashi to prevent plucking them on Ekadashi day. All worshippers present it to Lord Vishnu. Working on a Peepal tree is also considered auspicious on this day.

Other family members can participate in the puja by singing the bhajans and aarti loudly for the family's health and happiness, even if they are not fasting.

Everyone is provided prasad after the puja, which should consist of either sweets or fruits.

The quick observer must remember to eat only one or two meals each day that are free of wheat and salt. He or she should avoid drinking excessive amounts of water.

The devotee expresses devotion to the Lord, lights a lamp, and distributes prasad (sweets) the next day at daybreak, bringing his or her fast to an end.


Benefits of yogini ekadashi fast in Indian religious culture

·      This Vrat’s extremely satisfying in terms of overcoming numerous ailments and diseases.

·      Fasting allows worshippers to be liberated from all sins and bad acts.

·      Spiritual awareness is provided.

·      Increases your devotion to Lord Vishnu and your faith in him.

·      Fulfills all of your desires and allows you to enjoy the finer things in life. Swarga Loka is reached using this path.

·      Fasting allows worshippers to be liberated from all sins and bad acts. Spiritual awareness is provided. Fulfills all of your desires and allows you to enjoy the finer things in life. 


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