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Aacharya Vatshaal
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Expertise : Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Name Numerology, career Astrology, Medical Astrology, marriage and progeny Astrology

Experience : 17 years

Languages : English, Hindi


Order Report : Starting @ 250*


MON-SUN :: 10:30AM - 11:00PM

Vatshaal is practicing Astrology and Numerology from decades and has till date helped thousands of Indian and International clients on personal and professional fronts by his immense experience in Vedic Astrology, Name numerology and his divine intuition. He is acclaimed as a Man with “Divine Power” who by his special access to the divine; plays with numbers and planets to extract the best possible harmonies from nature for his clients. Vatshaal can help you succeed in every aspect of life, be it a career, family, marriage, litigations, kids, foreign settlements or business and hence direct you to attain all the success and happiness that you dream of.


He is unparalleled in terms of striking New baby name or Name corrections as he takes cues from both Astrology and Numerology in order to strike the most powerful name for his followers in order to make their life happy and successful. With the mere addition or deletion of alphabets, he creates a NAME that is balanced and channeled to receive the missing planetary benefits that aid followers to lead a successful life. 


His remedial measures are coming from his immense experience in Vedic Astrology and Numerology which has resulted in magical outcomes. Vatshaal is famous all across the globe and many of his famous clients make decisions every day based on his guidance which he renders after a detailed evaluation of the planet's position and running time.

Are you generating more Negative Energies which are impacting your personal & profession life significantly?

- You create all kinds of different energies, which are positive as well as negative & which immensely affect your overall being. Always remember that you have to be always high on positive energies compared to negative.; and that's not a big ask! If you are suffering in your major areas like Job, marriage, marital life, kids, property etc, it clearly reflects that you are being laden with more negative powers.
You need be aware because there is a cure for it but you need to approach the right medium. Sometimes negativity is so intense that it stops you even from approaching the divine medium like me.. But in such cases, a good read or a post or a positively vibrating person forces you to rethink your approach towards life and dealing with it.

A perfect Name, divinely attuned Gemstones and few rituals gives you the much deserving positivity which are missing in you currently; adding which can change your life in the most positive way...Like i have always said- " The greatest gift you can give to your family and yourself is the positive powers which are missing currently"!

You can connect with Aacharya Vatshaal on TTA platform, in order to receive the guidance and change your life remarkably. Your journey to a rewarding life is waiting to kickstart..You just need to connect and reap!


Think before you NAME:

An earnest advise to all the people, please seek proper guidance in not only coming up with the name of your new born child or reframing your existing name but also your Company or Business name. People put lot of energy, effort, resource, time and hard earned money to run a business, similarly you put your entire life nurturing a child and aspire for them to be successful in respective fields.  You or your child and your company can only prosper and reach your dreamt heights, when both the names are in sync and vibrate positively in accordance with your favourable planets and Nakshatra. Ponder over it !


Looking for Job or Change?

Trust me, it’s just the matter of FAITH & FATE. Faith in You is what you have done so far- be it the academic line you chose or career decisions you undertook, Fate is when you chose ,you made the right decisions-Decisions for which in reality you are tailor made and which justifies the sole purpose of your existence! Also fate with regards to your selection of Guru, be it your line of study or occult(which i call Divine power by which only a selected few are blessed in this world!)
When roads ahead are rough, its natural you seek divine help by approaching some astrologer or occult experts to bring luck and planets in your favour and that's very much where your both faith and fate together plays key role! Your faith makes you approach the concerned but your Fate makes you not to fell victim to some fraud and shell out your hard-earned money rather approach the Right astrologer/concerned who can align your planets to get you the desired results by Divine blessings. Ponder!
I do not have counts on how many have reached me so far with the jobs concern but by the blessing of GOD almost all of them are/would be satisfied and happy. That's something i can do from my part to keep the Faith and Fate..!!

You can connect with me on this remarkable platform and i shall show you, your golden light which will take you to roads of success and happiness..


14 January 2021 is bringing forth a 'stellium' which is a conjunction of more than three planets in a sign. It will have Sun, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury in one sign of capricorn. Hence its of utmost importance to take guidance and remedies as per your chart..

May Sun & Saturn GOD bless you all!


Are you in the race of winning rather survival?
- Everyone is consciously or subconsciously. And the irony is majority of individuals think that they can easily win as they have good degree, experience and perform harder than the rest.
The quest is for being neck above the rest! The train of thought currently is, you can survive by proving others weak; be it by any means. It could be anything and everything!
But in this tussle, one tends to forget and realise that those who win are not the ones who have fancy degrees or slough but the ones who are high on positivity. The ones who have an aura of positivity built around; like a castle, so that no negativity can harm them. They just do what is essential and not what is supposed to demean others. And trust me, such individuals only win the race of life in long run.

I have umpteen number of clients doing remarkably well under my guidance because they have the best remedies from me and hence high on positivity. It could be in any form like Gemstones, colors, Corrected Name or Godly rituals. You simply have to follow them..

So, in case you are suffering on your Professional and Personal front, you can conatct me through this platform and i shall guide you to become happy and successful.


Jagriti Singh

Very knowledgeable astrologer, detailed analysis, highly recommended.

Aacharya Vatshaal

Singha P: You had a very impactful chart but the positive impacts of planets were missing as they were lacking in power. Now once the positivity is established, you have started witnessing the positive results.. Now the planets are helping you. do not worry at all..I am there!

Singha P

Keep blessing me Vatshaal ji.. have started seeing the positive results first time in my life under your guidance..I will consult you for all my family members..

Singha P

Vatshaal ji has changed my life. I was without Job, without money, without any relationship, in short without any life! I truly believe, GOD has directed me to this platform to take guidance from Vatshaal Ji. He is such a scholar in vedic science and on top a very divine being. He listens so patiently, investigates the chart so deeply and then give you life changing solutions.. You just need to connect and seek his guidance. After following his remedies, i have got everything in life. I am so blessed to have you in my life Vatshaal ji.. All the people who are suffering in JOB or seeking for marriage or kids or property or good source of income..Connect with him.. I so highly RECOMMEND Vatshaal ji always!

Lakshmi L

Not very impactful

Aacharya Vatshaal

Harnoor Singh Ji - GOD Bless you..You have so many positive planets which is creating sea of positivity. May you be blessed with the divine light always..You will always do well in life!

Harnoor Singh

Good analysis.. and positive conversation

Arya Pillai

3 stars for sharing past info correctly but not happy with remedies as he recommended gemstone.90% gemstone are fake in market and it will not change destiny else everyone will be Ambani .Also not considering nakshatra while Analysis.Overall ok ok

Riya Singh

Excellent astrologer.Highly Recommended

aradhya V

i was struggling from every corner of my life. My marriage was not getting fixed. I was without job for 1 year. I had few health problems. But everything good happened post consultation with Vatshaal. My marriage is fixed now, i have got a job with 50 % hike and i am totally healthy now. I am thankful to you and believe that it is GOD who made this meeting happened for my good. GUYS, Vatshaal is the best. Consult him and you will start receiving huge benefits. I was so negative that i started thinking that my marriage is not in my fate but Vatshaal told me in detail the remedies and timeline- And it happened.. Listen to him patiently and apply the remedies and name corrections given by him.. He is the most genuine Astrologer and i highly Recommend him to all needy people...!

upendra Babu

Vatshaal Ji: You are the best Astrologer..Again your prediction came out 100 percent true for my wife. I am witnessing magic daily post your consultation..You are a GOD's child..! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND your Astrology services to everyone..

Aacharya Vatshaal

Abhishek k- You are a blessed soul! Now i have established the missing positive power of your few favorable planets. You will always do well per your aspirations..Stay positive, dream big and go ahead and achieve it..There is no stopping for you!

Abhishek k

Awesome Infact Best Astrologer on any platform! The way you explained my life challenges and planets related to all problems; I don’t think any other astrologer can have that level of knowledge. I have consulted many astrologer and Numerologist before, but you are D Best. I am immensely benefitted. Now, I have taken name correction Advise for all my family members along with gemstone advice and very easy to follow remedies for concerning planets. I am sure all of us will do very well by your divine blessings. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Aacharya Vatshaal

Deepa B Singh: Thank you for recommending me. My mission is to spread the power and benefits of this divine science to all in need. With your corrected name and potent remedies given by me, you have established an immense positivity for you. You will always do well.

Aacharya Vatshaal

GOD Bless you Aaudha Sinha ji, there is no turning back for you now!

Aaudha Sinha

Vatshaal ji – Aap great ho! Aapke jaisa Astrologer se maine apne es Jeevan mein nahin mila. Infact I had consulted all wrong astrologers because of which my struggle in Job became intense and then even aspirations for getting married became very difficult. Now with your advice and remedies, I have got a very good alliance and marriage is fixed at your said date. I am so happy! Even I have changed my job and have received better designation and 40% hike. I owe my happiness to you. You helped me at my darkest hours of life. I highly highly recommend VATSHAAL to all of you. Feel free to consult him and reap the benefits. He is a blessing for all people in need. I am so happy and recommend him always.

Deepa B Singh

Aacharya Vatshaal ji, you are simply great. Your knowledge in the field of Vedic Astrology, Gemstones and Name numerology is unparallel. You gave me Gemstone, a refined Name and few weekly rituals to follow when I consulted you on my concern of delay in MARRIAGE and lot of problems in CAREER. I got married exactly in the time frame given by you and now as foretold by you; I am well settled with a good job in foreign with my husband. I can’t THANK YOU enough for changing my life from nothing to everything. Now I have consulted for my husband and wish that he also be blessed by your power. I highly recommend Vatshaal ji to all people who are suffering in any fronts of life- be it job, marriage, health, property, foreign settlement or be it anything..He is simply the best.

upendra Babu

I have consulted many Astrologers but no one like you! Your analysis, prediction, remedies are simply GODLY. I had so many problems in life be it JOB or marital life or health. You not only gave me remedies, with gemstones, mantras but even corrected my Name which worked like magic for me. Now i have a stable high paying JOB, my conflicts with my wife is completely resolved and i own a lavish house which was my dream. You gave me remedies after proper explanation and effects of each of them and also told me the bad effect i had of wearing incorrect gemstones. You are simply divine..I recommend Aacharya Vatshaal to everyone in case you are suffering and looking for a perfect guide. Simply follow him and you will witness the magic. I highly recommend him. My intention of writing this feedback is to inform all the needy people and pay a small tribute to all the good work he is doing..

Jagriti Singh

He given me accurate prediction about career and struggle. He give me great guidance.

Gyan Ranjan

To the point and very professional. Will be following the said steps.

Abhishek Singh

Awesome experience and postive feelings

Shweta singh

Highly negative, suggested wrong remedies , do not recommend