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 I am an IT professional since last 28 years working as Sr.Vice President in major power sector company. I have started astrology in 1998 as a gift received from my family as my father was also an astrologer by hobby and a horary expert. Continuing Vedic astrology and predicting since the year 2000 helping a person through remedies to solve the problems of needy people.


I have recently since last 8 years started predicting using Nakshatras, and Jamini Sutram principles also. I wish to help mankind through this wonderful science Astrology by small and useful remedies to mankind. This science of prediction creates wonders in everybody lives.



 Mercury Retrograde in 3rd House --  Communications, Relationships with Siblings 🎭

Mercury has special affinity with 3rd house so it’s being retrograde in this position can be especially aggravating everyday routine actions will tend to run into problems. It can give misunderstanding between siblings and neighbours. Yours efforts and intentions will likely to be misinterpreted by others. 🚦



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🌚 Moon and Venus in 8th house – Exchange of blames for reason or without reason 🎭

The combination of two soft planets in 8th house. Exchange of blames for reason or without reason is a usual element of the nature of these individuals, No doubt these individuals have a touch of blame-worthiness in their conduct and character. If they do or can do nothing else, they at least friends and followers, or even in the company of elders and superiors. These individuals feel happy, at home and well received when in the company of ladies or audience of larger number of women than men, provided they have some prominent place or part to play threat.

Natives (both women and men) have good physique and personality. They are always very keen for marriage with a top-class beauty or handsome person. If planets like Mars, Saturn and Rahu do not put a hurdle in this pursuit, they do get a beautiful girl or handsome boy in marriage.

In this combination, there are ample chances of risk to the individual from water, from food poisoning and also from brain trouble, though only of mild type, and often temporary in duration.


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 ↩ Mars Retrograde in 7th house --- Arguing more with your partner ♥


If you have Mars retro in 7th house, you may be arguing more with your partner. Re-assess how to handle conflict with one another. If you are not pushing hard yourself enough in your relationship, try to understand what is holding you back from affirming your position. Then persuade your partner that you mean what you say. ♥ But gently. ♥ If you are too hard to your partner, too demanding, then step it back a notch. Or several Notches.   


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💙 Mars  and Venus in 4th house  ---   Difficult combination 🔻


This is a complicated combination of Mars and Venus in the 4th house. The natives have sex oriented mind. Sometimes if linked with Saturn, or Rahu, they do not hesitate in indulging in incestuous relationship. They have a habit to visit  Call-girls, male or female prostitution, interest in unnatural sex generally considered wild, vulgar or unconventional. Some may exhibit lesbian / homosexual tendencies too.

If Moon is linked with Mars and Venus in 4th house, the person is very secretive about sex relations of self, though not of others .On the other hand  these individual make very good medical experts, in medicine or surgery, and radiology, and gain widespread fame for their knowledge and expertise.

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Effect of Jupiter transit to Dhanishtha on various Nakshatras

This transit is Good for Venus ruled Nakshatras (Bharni, Poorvaphalguni,Poorva Ashada) people will experience good energy, enjoy the transit of Jupiter.

Sun ruled Nakshatra (Kritika , Uttar Phalguni, Uttar Ashada) : Complex for this Nakshatra, People in this Nakshatra should double check the advices they get to avoid unnecessary risks. Sudden obstacles can come. Check for unnecessary risk connected to Jupiter as Jupiter is a planet of Expansion.

Moon ruled Nakshatra ( Rohini, Hasta, Shravana) Good transit for all these. Rohini Rahu is there Shravana Saturn is there Jupiter being in Dhanishtha actually supporting them giving them balanced energy. When Jupiter was in Shravana he was getting influenced by Saturn and Rahu .

Mars ruled Nakshatra ( Mrigasira, Chitra, Dhanishtha) : This is a re-birth time , but also for Chitra Nakshatra this transit is very positive at professional front. If you have Chitra moon it is good for professional openings, moon in Mrigasira fertile creative time due to Jupiter transit.

Rahu ruled Nakshatra (Ardara, Swati, Shatbhisha) : Positive transit although Shatbhisha is under sade-sati one should be careful in risk taking decisions. God opportunities will come for people in this Nakshatra or planets in the Nakshatra. For Shatbhisha this can bring many opportunities but move slow as you are running through sade-sati

Jupiter ruled Nakshatra (Punarvasu, Vishaka, Purva Bhadrapad) : Good transit many opportunites will come to the people under these Nakshatra. Friends will be helpful opportunities of making good friends will come. Relationship issues will be resolved.

Saturn ruled Nakshatra( Pusya, Anuradha, U Bhadrapada) : Jupiter gives idea of spiritual helpt o Dhanishta,be careful of wrong advises. This is not the best Jupiter transit, as Jupiter is the Guru, you may get the wrong advisor or Guru. As Jupiter is not challenging as Rahu or Saturn.

Mercury ruled Nakshatra( Ashlesha, Jyeshta, Revati) : Good transit, many opportunity good thinking. Ketu has been in Jyeshta Nakshatra must be bothering persons in Jyeshta.But Ketu will move out of Jyeshta. Jupiter is giving positive energy to planets in Mercury Nakshatra. Try to add to your spiritual wealth, Jupiter influence on Ketu will be quite good.

Ketu ruled Nakshatra(Ashwini, Maga, Moola) Not the best transit for these Nakshatras. Energies of Jupiter may not be received to these Nakshatras





Combination of Mars, Venus and Rahu  False promises of marriage and seperation


The Combination results in extreme sexual indulgence and false promises of marriage.

If the combination is in a girl’s horoscope, she will start going through all kinds of physical enjoyment at a very tender age. She develops sexual relations with the person she lovesand would regard him as her husband. Unfortunately it has generally been observed in many cases that the boy and the girl fail to marry despite having relations with each other for years together. The marriage does not take due to infatuation among boy and girl. Rahu separates them. Sun and Saturn and Rahu creates separative tendencies where as Mars and Venus attract each other and create passion, lust and adultery. Mars and Venus are extremely sensual. This combination has special reference to the ascendants ruled by Mars and Venus i.e. Aries, Taurus, Libra and Scorpio. One makes contacts with a number and obviously marital life and conjugal happiness suffer.



Siddhamsa D-24 Chart for Education /higher education


The 12th house is the immediateTpast and hence the dwadasamsa represents the people who are our immidiate predessors or elders like father,mother and grandparents. The Siddhamsa (D-24 Chart) is the higher  harmonic of this chart in the plane of mental conciousness and indicates the learning process.

Important houses and Karkas::

a) 4th Formal Education:Mercury,Moon

b) 5th ; Knowledge :  Jupiter 

c) 9th ; Higher Education : Jupiter, Sun

Milestones in Education Career::

We know that 4th is the house of formal learning or schooling, where the child learns ways of the world, 9th is the house of advanced studies, where the child attains the knowledge of the teacher and capable of guiding others. It is well known that 9th is the house of higher education and shows graduation in any discipline. Note that the 9th house is 6th from  4th house indicating a marked change or growth(6th is an Upachaya or house of growth). Thus, by completing formal school education and going to college the native has grown. Extending the same principle, we can say that 6th house from 9th , i.e., the 2nd  house shall represents further education or the masters degree and then the 7th house (6th from 2nd house) will represents even further education such as doctorate or so.

The Sun and Moon in Siddhamsa

The Moon :: Moon, is the Karka of mind. Whether a person will have fixity of mind in studies is seen from the Moon in Siddhamsa. If the Moon is placed in Fixed(Sthira) Siddhamsa, the native has stability of mind and has concentrated, focused mind while studying.However the moon is placed in movable sign, the native will have difficulties in pursuing his studies with full concentration.

The Dispositor of Moon if well placed and associate with the Lagna through aspect of conjunction gives good analytical skills and prepares the stage for a good scholar.

Sun:: The placement of Sun shall indicate, where the knowledge would come from., e.g. if Sun is placed in 9th house, then this could be from higher education. If Rahu anyway influences him, then there are chances of native gaining knowledge from foreign countries or his studies influenced by foreign culture.

Influence of various planets on the subject of education::

Jupiter joining/aspecting the above planets in the 1st/5th will give all around knowledge, both traditional and modern and profiency in atleast one branch.

Mercury :: Karkatva is communication and speech and hence it governs Communication through electronic journalism,media etc. This is why Mercury also governs Mantras and astrology. Saturn :: Saturn is a great teacher.It teaches through punishment and making one realise the purpose of Life. Hence it signifies philosophy and spirtualism. Saturn signifies the knowledge of creation. When coupled with Jupiter it generates fruitful Brahma Yoga which grants the fine knowledge of creation and also shows passing down of knowledge from tradition through a Guru (Jupiter) 

Venus :: Venus rules the real world and hence signify the knowledge of private sector and rules the operation level management skills. The combination of Moon Venus can signify sailing or navigation.

Mars:: The ability governed by Mars is that of logical and analytical reasoning . Being a fiery planet, Mars can also give knowledge of Jyotisha. when it joins Jupiter

Ketu :: Ketu gives the knowledge of Mathematics, Statistics and astrology

Rahu:: Rahu signifies studies or knowledge on Imports etcc..

The Disruptors/ Badhakas/Markas ::

3rd house :: 3rd house is 12th from 4th house of formal education, hence 3rd lord can disrupt education, when it aspects the dasa rasi or associate with in any other way.


10th house :: The 10th house is second (Marka) for the 9th house and indicates termination of education and the beginning of career /profession.





Shashtamsha D-6 Chart for diseases.

This chart is seen for proneness to physical illness and its cure. The attitude or anxiety in the profession, debts, litigations, disputes and enemies are also seen from this varga. The general health is studied.

1-->6th lord in the birth chart is the main significator in D6 chart. When this afflicted 6th lord is placed in lagna of D6, it denotes problems. The problems are visible in the dasha of most malefic planet.

2--> Mars even in 6th house of D6 is good and stops illness. The placement of Mars with respect to 6th lord of birth chart is seen in D6. If it is 3/11 or 4/10 then good and stops illness. Association of Mars with 6th,8th,12th, 2nd house /lordsd gives no resistence to disease.

3--> 6th house is 11th to 8th house. A strong 6th house contribute strength to 8th. It gives longivity and disease free life.

4--> Relation of Lagna lord od D1, Lagna lord of D3 and Ketu is seen in D6 for cure.

5-->Ketu is the significator of illness. The relation of Ketu with 6th lord of natal chart is seen in D6. When they are badly placed from each other then we can expect trouble from illness.

6--> When 6th lord of birth chart is afflicted by Rahu , Ketu or Saturn in D8, the person suffers crippling disease like cancer etc.

7--> The 8th lord of the birth chart when similarly afflicted by Rahu, Ketu or Saturn, gives serious physical accident.

Remedies mus be performed in advance to get rid of diseases.



Happy or problems in Married life


Married life will be happy if :


a-->  7th house is free from the influence of lords of 4th,6th,10th,12 that is none of these lords is placed in the 7th house or none of these lords aspects the 7th house.


b--> Lord of 7th is free from the influence of the lords of 4,6,10, 12th houses.


c--> Lord of 7th house is not placed in 4 or 6 or 10 or 12 houses.


d--> 7th house and its lord are free from Saturn's influence. It is said; Saturn remains a eveil & monster at heart. Its lust are completely sickening.


e---> There should be mutually good relationship between Moon, Venus, Mars, and Saturn.


F---> Lagana and its Lord should be free from the negatively excited Mars or Saturn or any planet for which the house is the house of debilitation or detriment. All planets are said to aspect the diametrically opposite i.e. 7th house from the house they occupy. Being debilitated or in detriment they cause perversion in the native   and disturbs the 7th house significations.


Unhappy Marriage life :


a-->7th house is under the malefic influence of Lords of 4,6,10 or 12th


b-->> Lord of 7th house is under the malefic influence of lords of 4,6,10,12


c--> Lord of 7th house is placed in 2,4,6,10,12


d--> Saturn or Mars afflicts Lord of 7th house.


e-->Moon , Venus, Mars and Saturn from unhealthy or malefic relationship amongst themselves or with respect to 7th house and its lord. It is believed that the conjunction of Moon and Venus is not conducive to happy married life. This is probably due to the fact that Moon is lord of 4th house in the natural zodiac and its conjunction with Venus being the lord of 2 and 7th in natural zodiac is equivalent to the influence of the 4th house (12th to the 5th house) on lord of 7th as well as the chief governor of sexual life.

its however  suggested that we should not jump to conclusion that this combination if present in the horoscope will cause for disturbed marriage. If this combination is present in 4,6,10,12 house, there can be some reason to believe that this may amount to disturbance in married life.We should be sure that Moon or Venus has acquired enough malefic  in the horoscope to provide their negative characteristics. 


f--> Ascendant Lord should not form very strong relationship with 4th, 6th, 10th  12th house.



Sun the king transits to Capricorn on 14th January 2021 :

The Sun is considered to be soul,father, ancestors, goverenment job and respect to elders. If the Sun is in auspecious position in the chart the native enjoys good career in goverenment jobs and success in political career. If Sun is afflicted or not placed in auspecious places than the native struggles for good career, problems with the seniors in personal and official life. Afflicted sun devoids person from promotions in professional front and the person work is not appreciated.

Sun will be transiting in Capricorn on14thJanuary 2021 the transitof sun from one house to another  is known as Sankranti and this transit is known as Makar Sankranti very auspecious for starting new works,jobs and change in climate as Sun rules all the climates. It is observed that after Makar Sankranti climate changes.

Its auspecious to distribute Rice Dals to Poor and needy people on this day. Lot of natives perform Bhandara on this day serving food to poor people.

As  a karminc remedy every one must donate to brahmins on every sankranti this will reduce thenegetive impacts of planets in the native horoscope.



10th house of profession and source of Income.

The 10th is the most powerful Kendra. Strong planets gives a person a good profession. Benefic planets make a native generous. A benefic in 10th from lagna or Moon gives rise to Amla yoga and yoga of nobility and prosperity. According Phaladeepika when a benefic planet is placed in the 10th house or if Lord of 10th house is placed in Kendra or trikona in its own sign or sign of exaltation or when lord of lagna is in the 10th house one becomes very famous and does meritourous deeds.
According to Varahmir see (10th from Lagna, Moon and Sun) and find out which is strongest of the three. This would show profession. The source of wealth would be as follows. This also applies to lord of the D-9  10th lord if there is no planet in the 10th. Out of three, Lagna , Moon, or Sun the planet whosoever is strongest will suggest the profession. If it is :
Sun : State services administration and management. A strong Sun in the 10th house, aspects by benefics raises person to great social, political and economic heights by his own effort.
A week Sun aspected by malefics leads to many obstacles and frustrations in life.
Connection of Sun with Saturn is not good combination, and causes difficulties in career especially if Sun is within 7 degrees of Saturn. Good aspect of Saturn makes one a high government officer.
Moon : Exalted Moon in 10 as a lord of 12 means income from  exports. Get wealth and recognition from the state, gain from women from high family .As the Moon is female planet and indicates females, women might be having some influence over him or he may get wealth from his mother.
A good degree of Moon indicates stable career or longevity in career no breaks. But if the Moon is afflicted or less degree than the person has to face lot of Job changes no stability in career.
Jupiter : Legal work, religious preaching, classical and religious learning, teaching, Banker.
Saturn : Saturn in 10 without benefic aspect means frustrated career. Affliction with Mercury menial jobs. Saturn and Mars in 10th house aspected by Moon and Jupiter manufacturing industry.
Rahu-Venus : Many Lovers. It is also combination for computer engineering. Electronics Engineering IT.
Ketu : Foreign languages, Computers.




Promise for Marriage connection of Navamsha D-9 Chart  Navansha

We review D-9 Navansha chart for marriage .  This chart can be seen independently also for marriage analysis:
1. Navamsha lagan is the major consideration for marriage. A strong Lagna and Lagna lord gives marriage.
2. Wealth and speech .It also shows longivity of spouse. An efflicted second house is not welcome as it gives tensions in married life.
3. The conflicts and problems faced in marriage life . A powerful 6th house has no conflicts and the married life is smooth.
4. Intelligence of married life. Thought process one has towards marriage. An efflicted 5th house carries bad intentions and is a spark to ruin the marriage. A benefic 5th house can avert an ugly situation.
5. All about marriage partner. A strong connected  7th house gives a good life partner.

Navansha lagana is the primary consideration. If the lagna has a benefic planet  or is aspected by benefic  planet then marriage is assured. 2nd house and seventh house are next consideration. These houses should also have benefic association. Association with lord of the 2nd and 7th house even when a malefic is considered good.
When all three i.e. lagna, second house and seventh house have malefic planets and aspected by malefics  then marriage is denied or delayed.
Another method is to look for the seventh lord and lagna lord of birth chart in navamsha. If these lords are placed in 2,6,8,12 houses from birth lagna  and from the sign occupied by it in birth chart or in navamsha, then marriage is denied.

Affliction to Venus is also hinderance to marriage.Venus in strength and well placed in birth chart and navansha assures marriage.


Extra-marital relationship or plurality of sexual relationship

Ascendant indicates the mental set-up of the native. If planets that are negatively excited influence Ascendant they will force the native to involve in unsocial acts. If these planets simultaneously form relationship with the 7th or the 9th house (9th being the 3rd from 7th is the house of multiplications of 7th house signification) the person will involve in sexual intrigues. In general, when planets in Ascendant are not finding the sign rising on the Ascendant to be in accordance with their positive attributes, they will by their aspect on the 7th house cause for disturbed married life.

Sun and Mars in Aries cause for sexual intrigues because of their acquiring more than normal passion or sexual instincts. Similarly, if Ascendant lord is Lord is under the influence of Mars, Saturn or negatively excited Moon or Venus and it establishes relationship with 7th or 9th house the native may involve in extra - marital relationships. The influence is more pronounced if the Ascendant lord is placed in 1st 5th or 7th house.


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I just consulted Sir and must say he is very polite. He listens to your problem completely without interpreting and conveys answers to all your queries. Thank you Sir for your guidance.

Supriya P

He is an extremely positive person and very very helpful. Goes out of his way to guide us. I am very grateful to him for his valuable advise. His report gives us all the details and remedies of the problem. Thank you Anurag Sir!

Supriya P

He is an extremely positive person and very very helpful. Goes out of his way to guide us. I am very grateful to him for his valuable advise. His report gives us all the details and remedies of the problem. Thank you Anurag Sir!

Priyanka Srivastava

It was nice conversation

Apurva Saxena

Very experienced and good analysis of the birth chart! Knows extensively of the subject. Do consult!

Deepak Divakaran

Received very good analysis. I was really satisfied at the end of the call. In this pandemic season astrologers like you provide deep strength to fight the bad time.

Rishabh Saxena

I got absolute correct answer to my query in jus 5 minutes. Very elaborate knowledge of Prashan Lagan and very courteous while conversation. He has answered my query within 5 minutes, very quick response.

Arya Pillai

Didnt get answer of only 1 question after talking for 6-7 minutes .no point charging per minutes if cannot answer just one question within given time as other astrologer provide so much details within less minutes .