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Ashutossh Ahuja
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Expertise : Numerology, Relationship, Marriage, Business name, Foreign Travel.

Experience : 3 years

Languages : English, Hindi, Punjabi


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MON-SUN :: 09:00AM - 07:00PM

This is Certified Numerologistt Ashutossh Ahuja. Much of one’s character is determined by His/Her birth date. Numerology Gives your life path number and gets you closer to the real you.

I have been considered as one of the best Numerologist by 1500+ clients in India as well as overseas, I have given 3years of my life practicing core numerology. As a numerologist I am specialized in:

• Marriage Compatibility
• Foreign travel (Can tell specific country too)
• Property selling
• Court case
• Business card numerology
• Vehicle numerology
• House numerology
• Signature numerology
• Name change
• Spelling change
• Mobile number suggestion
• Lucky dates
• Lucky number
• Lucky stones
• Lucky months

With power of numerology I can also let you know that which guy/girl will be lucky for you for marriage/friendship/partnership.

I also provide special Name Correction report about name spellings. This report will tell you about whether your birth date and name matches numerology or not. Since your date of birth cannot be changed, but we can definitely make modification to your name by adding or deleting of alphabets in your name, so that your name can bring vibrations to create better destiny.
Unlock the secret of happiness & success in your life. Minor change in your name can turn your bad luck into good.

Reasons for choosing Numerology as carrier :

I want to help as many people as I can with my knowledge. If they have strong & favourable name number which is harmonious with their date of birth, they will easily get success, happiness, and love without much struggle.
The limitations which your date of birth have we can overcome them by changing your name spelling & making your name come on fortunate numbers.



People who are born on 3,12,21, 30 

You will be able to convey thoughts from past years & can execute the pending plans. People who are into Teaching field will have a positive year. 

People into stock market will be able to achieve results from their knowledge.

Students have high chances of gaining Rank in their field.

Concentrate on your health as little issues might causes laziness problem which will impact your professional life. If you are thinking of learning a new course , it is the best year to invest your time.

Lucky Number : 1 & 7

Best Months : March, July, November


For detail prediction

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Numerologistt Ashutossh Ahuja

" Your Numbers, Your Reflection "


People who are born on 2, 11, 20, 29.

It is a good time for planning business as you will be clear headed. If you are into creative field it is the best time for increasing promotional activities to gain more customers.

Avoid Intra-Day tradings in stock market.

This year will decrease your mood swings and give you support from family &  children. If you are a student, Your performance in academics will improve. 

Lucky No. 1

Best Months :- March, October & December.


For detail prediction,

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Numerologistt Ashutossh Ahuja



Never end your signature at Downward or Backward in the end.

Every body wants to move forward want growth and success in life. 

By making last alphabets design in downward direction or backward direction unknowingly we are feeding data in our subconscious mind that we don't want success in our life. 

Even after doing so many efforts people face problems in there Life, Career, Business etc.

So check your signature , check whether you are doing such mistakes ?

And If you are doing such mistakes immediately immediately change your signature, These small things may change your life.

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Numerologistt Ashutossh Ahuja

"Your Numbers, Your Reflection"


Marriage/Relationship doesn't make you happy ?

You Make Your Marriage/Relationship Happy . . . 

Numerologistt Ashutossh Ahuja



Kartika Singh

Good knowledge about numerology. Will contact again in near future


Very helpful and listens carefully...will surely do his remedies...

Hemalatha A

I hope his words come true. He is very calm and clear in explaining things and remedies. Thank u sir!

Prabhu Nagpal

I got all my answers. sir is very good counsellor. I'm feeling motivated after consulting him. highly recommend. thanks alot sir!!

Harpreet Kaur

It was a great session with him. Lots of knowledge.. and also gave me some remedies too.

Tushar aggarwal

Good Remedies

tushar aggarwal

good knowledge

viivek Royy

wery nice to chat, good knowledge. good remedies.

rashika Kalra

Provides good remedies .

Deeksha Tandon

Thanks sooo much. You are soo accurate . Highly recommended.

purti vig

purti vig

anything else you can tell about my marriage

Sweta B

Sir, can you please confirm on the stones please? Rose quartz crystal Clear cut???

Sweta B

Appreciate your time Sir. He was well accurate with the information I wanted and he suggested 2 stones for the fulfillment of my life goals which I would be doing it. He was accurate with his predictions regarding my career and finance management and suggested ways to pave it towards success. Will wait till year end and get back with consultation and review again. Thank you

Abhishek Singh

Words to consider before one takes the next step forward to efficiency.

Srivani Raptadu

Speaks very polite answers every question and suggested good remidies thank you very much sir looking forward to share results with you????

Meenakshi A

Huge thanks sir, Due to spelling corrections in my business name & my own name given by you, I started getting some work. Gratitude.

Neelam Malhotra

God bless you sir.

Neelam Malhotra

One of the best Numerologist on talk to astro. Great session, fully satisfied and will recommend others too. Thank you sir.

Manoj Sharma

Nice session

Anmol shaw

Thank you for a wonderful session.

madhur kapoor

madhur kapoor

nice & humble.

Radhika Rawal

excellent. thanks for the guidance

Suresh K

Excellent guidance provided, which has been an eye-opener for me.

Rahul Gupta

Best Numerologist, Very quick response, He had given me name change in just some minutes while talking over call it is much time consuming but he just did it in minutes only. Great experience, Small remedies. Always shower your blessings sir.

asg s

not recommended

Kritika Singh

I wish and believe everything u say comes true , will come to tell you soon if my desire really comes true . thank you , take care sir , bless me


He’s very quick and intuitive with his predictions! Recommend

Parth Saxena

Wonderful ..., thanks for the dated prediction you are wise and experienced and I highly respect you because of your great knowledge!!