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Astro Riya is a renowned Vedic Astrologer with an experience of more than 8 years in the field of Astrology. By Qualification, She is a PHD from India’s most prestigious technical institute.


 However, Due to her passion and interest in astrology, she pursues and guides people wherever get some time. She is an expert of Vedic Astrology, Prasahana Astrology, Lal Kitab Astrology Apart from this, she is a very good psychological counsellor also who can guide you to the right path with meaningful solutions and remedies.


Working in this field from the last 7 years, she has made herself a person who can address your queries with accurate answers and one who can provide you with solutions to all your problems that are creating hurdles in your path of success.


Moreover, the remedies she provides are completely based on your birth chart as she doesn't include any personal opinion in her reports and that is the reason she is considered among the best Astrologers of today. Besides this, you can also consult her regarding various life issues such as Marriage problems, Property, Health issues, Legal matters, Foreign travel, Matchmaking, Education, Career, Relationship problems and much more.

*************Remedies for defeating COVID**************
This time is very critical for everybody in India. This article includes the basic
remedies for the protection of COVID and Viral infection through Vedic
astrology. Here I will discuss about the importance of these remedies
1. Chant Hanuman Chalisa twice a day if you can’t chant just listen
2. Chant Sunder Kand twice a day either Hindi, English or Sanskrit.
3. Chant Gajendra moksh shrota once a day if possible
4. Drink Plenty of water everyday
5. Burn Camphor with clove, cardamom, and nutmeg. If somebody can’t
purchase all just burn Camphor in the room of patient
6. Take few pieces of camphor, Carom seeds (ajwain), cloves in small
cotton and smell it
7. Eat papaya, Sugar beets, kiwi (if possible), apple as much as you can
8. Take kadha of Giloy and basil leaves or seed twice a day
9. Take Vitamin “C” rich foods
10.Do meditation specially the Bhramery pranayama, Anulom-Vilom
pranayama and Om pranayama. Other pranayama is also acceptable but
these three you should regularly follow for defeating COVID.
Camphor increases the flow oxygen in human blood. Thus, its use at present
time is very important because it balance the oxygen saturation level in blood.
Camphor is used for religious purpose for the removal of all negative energies.
I have written all the best remedies for defeating COVID, here every remedy
has its own meaning and these are very much effective. Everyone should follow
It is difficult to described the importance of all the remedies, few of then I have
already done.
Stay Blessed and safe
God Bless to all of you


**********************************************Importance of Navratri and remedies**************************************

Navratri are the most auspicious Hindu festival celebrated for 9 days according to the Vaishnava puranas.  It is the major festival in India in the honor of divine feminine. There are 4 Navratri in a year, in which two Navratri’s are fall in the month of spring and in the month of autumn. These two Navratri’s are called as Chaitra Navratri and Shardeey Navratri.  Both are symbolizing for the weather change. Other two Navratri’s are called as Madha gupta Navratri and Ashadha gupta Navratri. But the Chaitra Navratri’s and the Sharad Navratri’s have more significant importance. The worship during these time period has significant importance, for the initiation of any new business, meeting and any kind of new work these days are considered very auspicious.

Here I will discuss about the simple remedies for the removal of all obstacles in life and getting success in life.

1.      If someone wants to fulfill his/her any wish, he one should do Durga Shaptashati path by any priest either on all 9 days or any one day as far their convenience. Follow all the procedure for worship such as kalash sthapna and all as suggested by priest.

2.      If possible do fasting for 8 days and on last day (Navami) offer food and gifts to 9 girl child. Fasting for these days are good for health also because according to science, light foods can be easily digest during weather change.

3.      If someone has limitation for doing then do fasting only and on the 9th day visit any of Durga or Bhagwati temple and offer some gift to 9 girl child.

4.      If someone is not able to do fating because of any reason, just worship of Maa Bhagwati every morning (if possible before 12:00 pm) and in the evening (6 pm to 10 pm). There are different ways for worshiping but the chanting of Durga Shaptashati either in Hindi, English or in Sanskrit is the best.

5.      In Durga Saptashati there are different mantra’s for solving different problems in life.

6.      Everyone should do proper worship (the kalash sathapana, Saptashati path, and on last day by offering gifts and food to girl child) of Maa Bhagwati in Navratri at least once in life.

7.      Maa Bhagwati path can fulfill all the wish of person. In this year the Chitra Navratri has started from 13 April and will end on 21st April.

You should follow these remedies from today

Shardiya Navratri will start from 7 October to 15th October 2021.

Jai Mata Di..God Bless to all of you...





Timing of Job change in Vedic Astrology


                                                              **************Double transit in astrology**************

Double transit is one of the very effective and interesting effect in astrology. The event associated with double transit is very promising. In this year (From 23 Nov 2020 to Nov 2021) Jupiter will transit in Capricorn sign and Saturn is already seating in that sign. Both planets in the astrology are very effective and strong planets, their transit is strongly influencing the lives of human. This event is not occurring regularly in life thus this transit is very much interesting and effective in the year 2021.

Double transit is an event in which Saturn and Jupiter both simultaneously influencing one house, or any planet seating on that house. It is very influencing event in astrology because of the association of Saturn being a kaal (giving time for the occurrence of any event) with Jupiter karak. If this transit is in association of marriage house or lord then it becomes more prominent because the Saturn is the kaal and Jupiter being a karaka of the marriage thus increases the chances of marriage at that time period. Similarly, if this transit is in association with 5th house or lord it will enhance the chance for conceiving during this period or enhance the knowledge of person if he/she is in the age of study because Jupiter is guru also. Thus over all the conclusion is it is very effective event and not much dependent on dasha, I wrote not much it means up to certain aspect it depends on dasha, suppose if you are running through the dasha of planet which opposing the occurrence of that particular event, activated by double transit than you may get failure or hurdles depending on the placement and the aspect of the planets.


                                                                           Six of cups Tarot card

Among all 78 cards in the deck, this card is the very good card for partnership, meeting and love. It represents pure innocence connection with association of past memories. This card represent a past sweet memories weather as child, teenager or adult. This is representing your school friend, collage friend after a long break. In the figure the old men walk away a distance showing a protection and passing a message to children’s to follow their heart. The filled four cups with flowers also indicating sense of happiness and pleasant environment.

This card represent a boy carrying a cup with a flower and offering it to a girl, this indicate his feeling of pure love towards the girl and the girl is also seeing to the boy with hope and love. The flower in cup represent love, harmony and respect of boy towards a girl. This indicating a strong and pure connection of both. It is also representing reconnection of past lovers. Overall it is very positive card in aspect of love. Although it is also representing child birth. But it is one of the very positive card regarding pure love.


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Dear R K, you had tough time till Feb 2021, but from Feb 2021 you will have good time for all aspect, From the aspect of money, the good should start from July 2021. But from carrier front the success and stability you will get after march 2022. Don't worry coming time is good for you in all aspect. May God Bless to all of you

Astro Riya

Hello Yes, Dear R K, I checked your horoscope there are chance for coming India is in second half of 2022 or 2023.


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Astro Riya

The chances for meeting is from Nov 2021 to Dec 2022, more strong will be after April 2022.

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Dear Vivek, I have shuffled card for her feeling for u. All cards are positive, thus I can say she feels good for you she wants to restart her life with you, she feels that you are good and creative person but she is struggling with her feelings sometimes. So have patience things will resolve soon.

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Astro Riya

Than you. Wishing and praying for everyone. May God Bless to all of you.


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Dear Gnanam Saahil, please check you chat list I have answered all of your questions

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Astro Riya

Dear Jaspreet, You are lucky person. For job you will continuously change your job, you will have good gain in job. The period from now to march 2022 you will have some struggling phase in job but after this period, you will job related problems will resolve and you will get good gain from job.

Astro Riya

Dear ss, There is high chance for ur marriage or in relationship from june 2021 to nov 2024. The boy time of birth was not give so can't tell more.

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Anu shree

She is very polite, down to earth and humble personality. Listen everything very calmly and provide accurate predictions.

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Shweta Arya

Nice consultation

Shweta Arya

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Nikhil have patience, next year will be good for you according to your question, all tarot cards are positive for next year.


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Dear Ms. Gupta, every event has its own time in our life, you should have patience for that. Thanks you for accepting that I have basic knowledge. Basics are the most important for dealing a big problems.


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Having Great Knowledge on Subject got my calrification

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