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Hi ! Iam a professional vedic astrologer located at New delhi.By qualification, Iam a  B tech graduate and holding a post graduate degree in Banking & Finance.I have worked as a Bank Manager in top rated Indian & foreign banks in the past.


However, the interest and passion for occult science have drawn me into astrology as a full- time pursuit.


Iam well versed with the concepts of vedic astrology, KP astrology, predictive analysis and Numerology. Iam also a spiritual healer who try to help the masses with the knowledge of our ancient science.


My expertise lies in career problems/suggestions, marriage analysis, relationship issues etc.


I believe in the saying as -"Millionaires dont have astrologers, billionaires do".




 Role of Planet Saturn in our life.


Live session on money making aspects of astrology 


Change Alert # Jupiter goes into Aquarius from Capricorn

The planet of wisdom, Jupiter moves into Aquarius effective from Today i.e. 6th Apr 2021. Jupiter has been into its debilitated sign(Capricorn) from long & hence this new transit will be beneficial for all for sure. We can expect some technological advancements, discoveries OR some kind of technical development in the world.  Also, as Jupiter leaves the conjuction with Saturn, it will now be in it's full power to give positive results. I hope the Guru bestows us with it's positive traits & a new time rises.    बृं बृहस्पतये  नम: II


Happy Makar Sakranti/Bihu/Pongal to Everyone!!

The natural Atmakarka(Suryadev) has now entered Capricorn('Makara') & will be 'Uttarayana'. All auspicious events will now begin be it marriage, Mundan Sanskara, home warming etc.

It's good to chant 'Om Shree Suryaya Namah' 108 times on this day by taking a dip in the holy river. One can do the pooja at home also if not possible at a riverside.

Hope that the Sungod will bestow his kindness on all of us and wish everyone luck & prosperity! Jai Suryadev!


Tip of the day

Our ancient culture is full of secrets, sharing one such as below -

Question - what's the significance of chanting a mantra 108 times?

Answer- Because there are nine planets and twelve constellations. When nine planets revolve around the twelve constellations, it brings 108 kinds of changes(9x12). If there's something wrong in any of the planetary effects, these are often rectified with the positive energy of the mantras.

This is why it is recommended to chant a mantra 108 times.


Change Alert: Jupiter changes its position from Saggi to Capricorn on 20 Nov. 2020. 

Since the debilitated Jupiter will be in conjuction with the slow moving planet, Saturn, this won't be a good sign. As per me, the pandemic will be much intense after this date, hence please take care f ur health & be extra vigilant.

Keep praying for a better time ahead!
ॐ बृं बृहस्पतये नम:


Venu Ch

Not clear no proper information provided , confused, he is completely different waste of time and money

Amrita Singh

highly recommended

Vivek S

very nice astrologer plz everyone take consult from him thank u sir for the consultation

Yamini Gautam

Very Very Accurate, Polite and Professional ! Guided me just like a family member !!! Thank U Sir !

Alka Sharma

Things happened as it was discussed with Sir. Brought hope to my life

Rahul Mishra

he is very good.. most amezing person..cant explain in to words thnk u so much i will be in touch to u sir

Rajat Sharma

nice to hear u again sir...thanks


By when can u be ol please?


Thankyou, will connect with you soon on this topic , please keep the charts saved

Astro Saurabh

Hi Ms R K Please note out of the 2 charts we discussed, boy may have a hard Time in 2023. Hint: see his 7th house and Saturn transit from moon. Note: can disclose this much info only in here, we shall discuss in detail later if needed.


Please let me know here if u can, the remaining pointers, would highly appreciate it


Please again.


Explained me everything so well , just loved the conversation


Thankyou so much


Please wait I am connecting back


The chat keeps disconnecting, difficult to chat


Thanks so much

Prithwish Singha


Thankyou so much for your help, can you please respond the month, just writing the month that will be helpful.

Amit K

Had another wonderful session with Him. Excellent and Intelligent as always. Highly Recommended

Shreya Arya

He is a great astrologer and also does mental Counselling. He suggests very minimum remedies with best effect.

Arvind Kumar

excellent.....predication came true.....highly recommended

Shivam Singh

His every single prediction comes true .. predicted about my visa and it came on the same date

Nitin Kumar

Crisp and clear predictions. Must be consulted by anyone who comes across talktoastro.


Didnt answer any of my questions. Went on telling whatever he liked. Talked all bullshit. Very very slow n rubbish. Wasted time wasted money. Just bullshit.

Chandan Singh

very good in analysis ....superb!

soumya k

Nishigandha Adulkar

Thank you sooo sooo much sir

Astro Saurabh

Dear Nishigandha Ji The mantra is- "Om sham Shaneshcharaya Namah" , Wish you all the very best!

Nishigandha Adulkar

apne abhi jo mantra diya thana sir shani bhagwaan ka wo chat nhi dikhri. Aap se baat karke acha laga. Thank you Sir

Ravi Thakur

Very nicely delivered about everything what was asked

Devyani Prasad

Honesty always appreciated thank you So much sir

Abha Verma

Negative approach

Jay N

i dont know why people just cant deep dive and give proper detailed predictions. they will start with upday!!!!! should disable such astros here.

Arjun Ashok

highly recommended

Sayali Saundankar

good astrologer

Reeshika A

very good !

Deepika Verma

thanks .its nice to talk to you.

aishwarya kamboj

thank you so much you were wonderful and precise

Satish Singh

thank you sir again ... your knowledge and way of talking is v good

shivani Krishnamurthy

Sir was positive. I ran out of funds. I liked his methodical approach.

Mayuri Nathan

Ran out of fund but thank you

Radhika Rawal

very precise. in depth knowledge. thankful for the guidance


very informative session.

kavi heer

Excellent reading, very considerate and efficient

Akassh S Lakhaani

report is in depth and he explained every expect of planetary combinations in detail.

kalyani shirbhate

Priyanka Srivastava

It was nice talking to you. I wish to see changes soon.


Precise, well spoken and to the point,provides honest and realistic predictions and remedies to fix challenges. thanks alot

Jagriti Singh

Best consultation, thank you so much

Archana A


Kunal Saxena

Has very good knowledge and provides very good guidance.

Rahul Vashisht

he is very true . great knowledge.

Lema Dantu

Professional astrologer

Alka Mahajan

Excellent. God bless

kavi heer

This is an astrologer who actually cares to respond to your questions. Really a good person. Thank you .

Prachi Desai

Good, knowledgeable, realistic and have true solutions of the problems

Lema Dantu


Priya Singh

Relieved after talking to him. Very polite and good listener. have an eye to details. Highly recommended.

jasmine bhasin

I hope your predictions come true

bla t

sorry sir balance khatam ho gaya, very nice analysis!!!

Nidhi Pancholi

thanks alot sir for the wonderful help

Gyan Ranjan


Shreedhar Ilapavuluri

Excellent Astrologer

Antony Joseph

wow... its superb analysis and explained all the things in detailed.. He is superb and one of the best astrologers. just try once and i bet you, u will surely consult him again..


What an experience, I had with him. thanks for clearing my misconceptions. You are excellent and shows real path.

Chandan Shukla

Explained each and everything in a simple way.


Good astrologer with accurate prediction and remedies

Jagriti Singh

Good and positive insights

shruti Agarwal

The most amazing astrologer i have come across. I would suggest to please consult him

Gurleen Kaur

Thank you Saurabh :) You're my go to person now on .. Goodluck ????

Gurleen Kaur

Hi When will you be online ?

Gurleen Kaur

hii when are you coming onlineee ?

Gurleen Kaur

Wonderful talking to him. Beautifully expressed. Recommended. Efficient 100/100.

shruti Agarwal

Very detailed


Have good astrological knowledge. Can read the birth chart accurately.

Deepika Verma

its very nice to talk.with you.very satisfied


very positive

shashank paliwal

Not only a vedic astrologer, you are spiritual guide sir...!!! Before consulting you, I had a lot of doubts ..I had no idea how to proceed in it... however you cleared my mind and guided me, now m able to perform well, just coz f u !

Samiya Mujawar

great consultation, highly recommended. thank you sir


t was so nice to get consultation from you. You are the person who specifically answered my queries in pin point manner. Thanks for simple and easy remedies. I strongly recommend you to everyone .


Very polite and humble person as well master in his field , properly answered all my queries , thank you sir .

Manoj Sharma



Hello sir...could you please reply to the report submitted?

Aditi Singh

Best astrologer I have ever connected with.Thank you for your guidance.

Diptomoy Mukherjee

thank u sir. call got disconnected. very positive approach. will get back to u. clearly understood your analysis.

Vinayak Kolhe

Positive response. Thank you sir.

thank u very much.


He has very good knowledge in astrology. He listens whatever you say and provides you the solutions. He is very polite and his predictions are so accurate. I am very much satisfied. Very friendly while talking. Thank you so much sir. He guided me so well. Thank you very much sir.

Parccham Kansal

Very clear, crisp and logical report with explanation given by Saurabh ji. I’m extremely satisfied and content with it. Highly recommend him. Thanks a lot.

Sahil Mahendru

he predict well i love his analysis

Prasanta Chatterjee

He speaks truth .No sugarcoat . His approach like gentleman . Polite . His prediction very well . Todays, So many astrologers give phone consultantation with sugarcoat words and destroy money of customer wasting of time . But saurabh ji is not in this list . He knows that value of a customer . He is talking like friend . His Prediction to the point . He answers all the queries of a customer .

Abhishek Sharma

So much of positivity I felt when I consulted Mr. Saurabh, very accurate predictions with easy solution of complex problems. Consult him if you are clueless about what’s happening in your life and you need a guidance. Thank you so much Saurabh ji.

Pallavi Sharma

Had a great time consulting Mr. Saurabh ! I have never seen an astrologer with so much of accurate & precise knowledge on such a vast subject. I will definitely contact him again for future guidance, thanks a lot sir !!