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Astro Taksha is from Kolkata. His upbringing has been in astrological background. His Ancestors were closely associated with Kamakhya Temple.


He has experience in occult science from past 7 years. He use techniques of vedic astrology, Lal Kitab astrology, Gem Therapy, Horoscope reading to analysis the birth chart and providing solution.


He has Expertise in solving problems related to delayed marriage, love, divorced, financial problems, childless couples, education carrier, job less etc.His analysis in horoscope readings and predictions are quite accurate.


In his analysis he incorporate birth chart readings, dasha readings, rashi nakshatra readings, present planets movements which makes his predictions accurate.He has solved problems of many clients using scientific methods and gem therapy and simple pujas.

Vastu and Relationships

Vastu and Relationships? Never heard of it? This is probably the first article that deals with Vastu’s influence on relationships. The present-day Vastu experts continue to deal with the effects of inanimate objects on the occupants of a house or workplace but fail to explore their influence on relationships between the members occupying the house in any detail.

We, being social animals, interact with one another at all times throughout our lives. From birth to death, our success or failure is measured by the kind of relationship we have had with others.We nurture friendships, indulge in romances, consolidate work and school-related connection, strengthen family ties,and quite often , get involved in relationships that defy categorization! Relationship are central to our existence, et none is simple or can be taken for granted. If cultivated properly, they have the potentioal to enrich us, adding to our feelings of self-worth , enjoyment and growth. On the other hand, there are relationships that may make us uncomfortable. Family not treating us properly, spouse cheating on us, chidren getting out of hand, lovers being dishonest, colleagues back-stabbing, elders not getting the respect they deserve and the like. Remember that in all kinds of kinships, there is bound to be some disagreement, need for compromise and times frustration, but they don’t necessarily make a relationship unhealthy.

Through my years devoted to solving people’s problems through Astrology, I have found unhappiness afflicting a majority of households, mostly resulting from strained inter-personal relationships between family members. This friction, occurring between mothers and daughters-in –law, amongst brothers, between teenage children and their parents or between others, if left unattended, generally becomes a sure shot recipe for desaster.

In addition to Astrology, Vastu Shastra, the ancient treatise on architecture,is another powerful science that emphasizes ways to attain happiness by components within. It has a wealth of information on the enhancement of human relationships. I have studied it in detail and am surprised to find that the principles and techniques available in this treatise can be employed to the restoration and cultivation of relationships too.

Before I commence with the remedial measures for, say, health problems afflicting a household, my first step is to find out the interpersonal equation within the house or are there some tensions? Only this approach gives me the full picture of what ails a house.

Jai Mata Di



Jyestha nakshatra

I am starting nakshtra series from this star as it is clearly visible nowadays and easy to idientify at sky around 2000hrs appx (depending upon your location)  to whole night. While it arise at horizon aroud 1600hrs appx but visible after sunset only. I wish that all should watch this constellation and admire its beauty. Like all other equater star constellation (our 12 zodaic sign) all planet arise from east and set west. Mainly those  star which is parallel to equater belt there energy influence us mainly. Our ancestors took 8 degree from equater up and down side so  total 16 degree belt at our equater where all our zodaic sign and planet move affect us.Otherwise there are plenty of  other constellation in sky. But our ancestors did not took them to predict the event.

Jyestha nakshatra scientific name is Antares is on average the fifteenth-brightest star in the night sky, and the brightest object in the constellation of Scorpius. It continouslly blink Antares is 4.57 degrees south of the ecliptic, whileAntares is a red supergiant, a large evolved massive star and one of the largest stars visible to the naked eye. Its exact size remains uncertain, but if placed at the center of the Solar System, it would reach to somewhere between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter. Its mass is calculated to be around 12 times that of the Sun. Every year around December 2 the Sun passes 5° north of Antares

Etymology and mythology

In the Babylonian star catalogues dating from at least 1100 BCE, Antares was called GABA GIR.TAB, "the Breast of the Scorpion" In MUL.APIN, which dates between 1100 and 700 BC, it is one of the stars of Ea in the southern sky and denotes the breast of the Scorpion goddess Ishhara.

In ancient Egypt, Antares represented the scorpion goddess Serket (and was the symbol of Isis in the pyramidal ceremonies).                                                                                                                                            The ancient Chinese called Antares 心宿二 (Xīnxiù'èr, "second star of the Heart"), because it was the second star of the mansion Xin (心). It was the national star of the Shang Dynasty, and it was sometimes referred to as (Chinese: 火星; pinyin: Huǒxīng; lit. 'fiery star') because of its reddish appearance.                                                                                                                                   The Māori people of New Zealand call Antares Rēhua, and regard it as the chief of all the stars.In India, it with σ Scorpii and τ Scorpii were Jyeshthā (the eldest or biggest, probably attributing its huge size), one of the nakshatra (Hindu lunar mansions).                                           



Jyestha characteristics


Jyeṣṭhā -

The Power-Wielder

Jyeṣṭhā is excellent wherever power can be obtained through strategy, cunning, and intrigue.

its planetry lord is mercury so they come in power by cunning while lord of this nakshatra is indra ( the god of thunder). i try my best to complete this nakshatra story in short as the first indra was shatbhisha who have 100 eyes and who could watch all over universe at all angle and was a asur(demon). that time a conflict arise when vritra (a demon) confine (goddess of water) apa. that time the battle between indra and vritra is found in the rigveda in which vritra is described as the demon of drought. then indra killed that demon and spreads rumors that due to vritra also a deomon the shatbhisha did not took any step and unable to take decision while also asked to shatbhisha to leave chief god position and told him that  all gods thought you are not capable of this position while shatbhisha did not object and went to earth and become varun and reside over ocean. in short these people are daring also and ready to fight for position and always ready to give any price to become power or acquire higher post by any means.


it is also excellent in difficult situations, since it has a knack for turning strife and conflict to its own advantage. as a result, sun, mars, saturn, rāhu and ketu tend to indicate positive outcomes here. sun depicts an expert and unassailable ruler. mars depicts an expert strategist and opportunist. saturn indicates being impervious to counter-manipulation, due to clear, rational perception, patience, and detachment. rāhu and ketu depict those who can overthrow stronger opponents through subterfuge and misdirection. jyeṣṭhā is not welcome where straightforward honesty is required. nor is it welcome where peace is sought. softer, gentler planets in jyeṣṭhā tend to indicate being beset by jealous rivals and ensnared in their cunning, intrigue, and politics. the moon brings this out. venus brings it out and adds a romantic and sexual undertone to the nature of the politics. mercury indicates being embroiled in complex diplomacy. jupiter indicates mistrust and abuse of trust for personal gain.

it is quite intresting fact which i observe that whose jyestha rise at lagna are eldest among siblings. in greek mythology it consider army commander like mars due to its red appearance but also a rival of mars. so peoples whose lagna or moon in jyestha nakshatra may work in milatary, police department or may have issued with them.




Akshaya tritya is the third lunar day of vaihsakh month and this is the Special day becouse The Sun and Moon both exalted on that day and make this day special in many way. while our ancestors used to do an act of generous, kind, and gave gift(daan) to needful people of society as we see that The two lunar god exalted same time only once a year while the lord Sun is a great example of doing work for others as the incarnation of lord Ram (who is the avtar of the Sun)  spent whole life for the benifit of society while the Karna ( lord Sun son) who was a great philianthropist (daanvir). while krishna ( the moon incarnation) also did lot of leela for soceity well beings.

there is a temple in vrindavan where the lotus feet of lord krishna displayed at the temple only on Akshaya Tritya day. all devotee of Krishna should visit it and it will work wonder for those in whose chart The Sun or Moon were diblitated or eclipsed or weaken while also boost those who have good placement of these.


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