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Diptiman Das

Expertise : Tarot Card Reader

Experience : 4 years

Languages : English, Hindi, Odiya, Bengali



MON-SUN :: 06:00PM - 11:00PM

I am a tarot reader and counselor. I  aim to provide you a personalized Astrology services to individual seeking guidance and insight into various aspects of their life. My specialty lies in sharing vast expertise ,knowledge and experiences and goal is to spread happiness with everyone. Each reading is a sacred experience, where I channel the energies of the cards to offer you personalized, transformative insights. With compassion and honesty, I empower you to make informed decisions and embrace the path that aligns with your highest self.

I have been into this field since last 5 yrs around and helping people with career, Healthcare and relationship guidance.  I did my certification from the Tarot School. Where I did the Basic Tarot courses and Advance level courses. If you seek profound insights, spiritual guidance, or answers to life's mysteries, I invite you to experience the magic of tarot with me. Let's connect and discuss more.

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