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I  studied Environmental Engineering from on of the renowned Engineering College of Gujarat in year 1990. I am engineer I beleived in science and maths. Intitally astrology was fake for me. Some incidents in my life made change my view towards astrology and vastu. I always curious about unknown and oculate.


I started studying astrology it was unbelievable for me that the planets in sky milions of Kms away from earth can effect our life. Finally after years of study I understand that planets not decide our fate but our past deed (Karma) decide our fate. Planet give us indication that what kind of results of our past deed we will receive and when. We can get relief from adverse result upto some extent.


Same way I studied  vastu and how our surrounding things, area and environment affect our life and up to what extent it affect and harm our life if not favourable. How we can make it favourable to our life, profession or career.


I also learnt planetory gemology how we can use various precious and non precious stones to improve our life and bring happiness, wellness , success in our life.In same line I learned hypnosis self hypnosis and many more subjects. Continue my journey I have just complete Life Coach course in Apr 2020


I studied various stream of astrology under guidance of experience astrologers, work with and under many senior scholer of vastu and astrolgy for many years. And same time practices astrology, gemology, vastu and hypnosis for many years


I belive in scientific application of astrology and vastu not as traditions, belief nor superstition.I never say you can  achieve any think without hard work (Karma). Astology can guide person but person has to follow aastological advice to achieve results.

Live Q&A session on Selection of educational stream


Getting name and prosperity by karma


This article is for, those who expecting miracle from astrology and astrologer.

Most of the time person goes to astrologer and expecting astrologer to tell about good future. But in most cases people goes to astrologer when they face trouble and realise results of their past. 

In my view person has to visit astrologer as they are visit financial planer or investment planner. So they can plan their future karmic plan.

I some cases person reach to astrologer in hope of remedies to overcome their troubles. Here I like to say remedy will not work until you pay your karmic dues. After that you realise sweet fruits of remedies not before that. At the most you can convert results of karmic deed in instalment just like buy anything and pay in instalment. You have to bear results in any form. 

So, if you visit any astrologer with such thoughts you will be befitted in future.

Astrologer who does not make you to face reality and tell truth about future. In such case astrologer playing with your future by talking only goods to you. Cheat his client. For some coins.

Beware of such astrologers.

Sometimes person ask astrologer to tell truth but himself not capable to understand truth and ready to face truth..

So, I like to say when you visit astrologer keep following point in your mind;

1.      Consult astrologer for future planning

2.      If you are in trouble and looking for remedies never expect miracle.

3.      If you want to know truth in that case make your mind and emotion stable may be good news or not.


Jagriti Singh

Had a really good session. Things were accurate and explained really nicely. Thanks a lot for the time. He is such an angel. Will definitely do as advised.

Abha Verma

Only negative vibes and negative predictions. He is not a positive person to consult with. Not worthful

Chandan Singh

Chandan Singh

deep analysis accurate excellent communication!

Amrita Singh

Thanks for clarity and guidance. Accurate reading, highly recommended. Best astrologer here. God bless you!

Jagriti Singh

thank you so much sir!! being very clear about my doubts!!

NItin Kumar

thank you Sir. feeling very relaxed talking to you

Chandan Singh

superb ....very accurate!

Radhika Singh

Great Human Being. it was nice talking with him.

Samar Tripathi

very accurate and apt readings, to the point and helpful.

Rajdeep Bhalerao

Thankyou for your valuable guidance in this pandemic....will be in touch soon on other issues......Mr Ashish recommendation is worth

Ashish Singh

I am glad I connected with him. I strongly recommend his expertise for astrological consultation.


Very precise and accurate predictions. His sincere guidance and advise for my future is greatly valued and appreciated.

Jagriti Singh

nice explanation

Jagriti Singh

very polite....


Incorrect predictions! Calculations are wrong

Shreedhar Ilapavuluri

Excellent Astrologer. Thank you so much sir


While speaking to this learned Gentleman, I felt very comfortable. He is very polite.

Aditya Rastogi

really helpful and motivated person. thanks a lot


to the point proper solution to the problem

Indranath Tripathi

Just a waste of money. I don't know how one can get such a high ratings which seems to be fake.

Aarzoo Mirza

Please sir help me

Jagriti Singh

He is a very good person, very kind in replying. Hope ur words cum true.


Great experience.


What an experience, I had with him. thanks for clearing my misconceptions. You are excellent and shows real path. Thank you Guru ji... I shall update you about the outcome of your remedies.


he is very genuine person, very good analytical, highly recommended .


Excellent predictions. Highly recommended Astrologer. Crisp and accurate predictions