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Poonam Sethi
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Expertise : Tarot Card Reader, Reiki Healer

Experience : 3 years

Languages : English, Hindi, Punjabi



MON-SUN :: 01:00PM - 07:00PM

My name is is Poonam Sethi I am a Tarot reader and a reiki master I am practicing reiki since 10 years and tarot  since 3 years in my practice I have closely observed problem areas of life karmic accounts related to them and of course effective and simple remedies I believe all of us who are in this field can do a lot to help people in their journey of life.


We cannot change their karmic account but at least throw some light on their path to make their path visible. Tarot reading and Reiki healing both needs divine connection so I do meditation and self healing everyday, this helps me in my predictions and remedies also.

Bhagwat Bhagwat, Geeta chapter- 1 Arjun's dilemma verse- 50 says

Devote yourself to yoga the essence of work, acting this way one gets rid of good and bad Karma, that affects him if he attaches himself to the fruits of his actions


Jagriti Singh

too good


very sensible and to the point. values money of clients.


very satisfied interacting with u ma'am. you are so accurate and helpful.


Very clear in her reading..and patient..


It’s nice talking to her. She is good. Thank you!! Her previous prediction came true


to the point always

Vijay Arora


Manoj Sharma

She has Eternal blessing of perfect readings and predictions, she's mentor and positive vibe for me to overcome the situations of life.

Supriya S

Extremely good and she listens very patiently and prediction came true

Gurveen Kaur

thank you ,will connect again

Bloom Bella


Taniya Jain

Sobha Singh

thank you the the lovely session

Shrishti RK

Thank you so much mam for all the predictions and helping me in tough times

Parul Tyagi

incredibly honest and confident with her predictions. Good command overdetails. Kudos to you, Maam.

Parul Tripathi

she is brilliant and very helpful. must reach out to her as she is very supportive and patient.

Debabrata Mishra

She is polite

Amrita Singh

one is the best on this app. have always come back to connect with her . tells u very clearly what u ask for and doesn't waste time

Rajendra Rane

very accurate & precise predictions

Nawal Prakash

Nawal Prakash

Thanks mam

Nawal Prakash

Very much satisfied, feeling very positive after her counselling, she is a true guide

samiksha nanda

very positive conversation , accurate predictions, thankyou so much mam

Pushpa Suri

Very accurate predictions, I highly recommend

Pushpa Suri


yamuna k

money wasted

varuna sharma

i think super fake

Naman Singh

Thankuu so much mam you are great. Prediction is upto mark.


Her last reading didn't turn out true. I had high expectations but later realized she reads though people's minds and thoughts. I don't know how cards work like that but will see if her other predictions will become true or not. No hard feelings just an honest review

Sanjeev Srivastava

glad to have spoken to her, a very positive conversation. superb astrologer.

Jagriti Singh

Always there to help you & guide you. She's just like a friend on whom you can rely & open your heart to. She will give you accurate and honest readings quickly.


Mam pls come online on chat

Kailash Jotwani

very positive


Thanks, very satisfied


She is so good, I felt tingling chatting with her. She was so fast as well. Reading our mind with the cards

saket barde

good suggestion

Aman K

mam is so nice. She has given me right guidance.thanks so much mam

Abhilasha Thaiya

Thank you so much ma'am for being a counsellor. I can truly trust your predictions based on past instances. You are a real guide

Vaishnavi Singh

Her predictions was very accurate. will contact soon again. thanks mam