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Priyanka G
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Expertise : Tarot Card Reader

Experience : 4 years

Languages : English, Hindi, Bengali



MON-SUN :: 10:00AM - 12:00PM

I'm a Passionate Intuitive Tarot Card Reader. I found myself always so connected to the spirituality and mystics of universe.. and during my awakening I came across with tarot cards! Spirituality gave me the chance to know to meet My Authentic Self! It fulfills my soul's quench.. I'm a Twin Flame.. Divine Feminine.. and a Starseed too. 

My life purpose is to serve mother Gaia. I help my clients to understand better their situations and guide them accordingly in their journey with the help of Divine tool tarot cards! My motto is to bring people in more awareness and get to meet them to their authenticity! Life is full of bliss. It's another chance to our soul to experience the universe differently this time and come close to our truth that we are none other than divine! There is no separation within us and God!
So, bring your authenticity out and let us do it as a team!
Love and light to all.

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