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Rajesh is a renowned vedic astrologer with an experience of more than 32 years in this field. His core expertise is matchmaking, marriage, love and relationship, travel abroad,career and business, legal disputes, medical and gemstone consultation. He is a cerified Jyotish Praveen, Jyotish Visharad and an expert in KP (nadi astrology), Prashna and Lab Kitab.


His valuable advisories seemed to have changed the lives of many. He comes up with the most effective and relevant solutions to bring positive changes to the lives of his clients. Once you seek the guidance of
Rajesh Vashisht, you will not come out as a dissatisfied customer.


He has done more than 3500 horoscope readings and consultation. His remedies are very simple and customers are satisfied with the results. He also has an experience more than 5 years in teaching astrology.

Importance of match making in marriage 

One should take care of kundli Milan (Matchmaking) before marriage. Because our nature and karma is dependent upon planets. In a  nutshell our total life is dependent on planets. 

In matchmaking one must check manglik dosha. If Mars is in lagna(Ascendent) 4th house 7th house 8th house and 12th house of boy or girl gives manglik dosha. 

lagna  is self and 7th house is of marriage. If fiery Mars is placed in these houses. It will burn the karkatwa. 1st house is 7th from 7th. Which is also house of love and attraction . 8th house is 2nd from 7th growth of partnership is known as maraksthan. Mars here can spoil the married life. 12th house is 6th from 7th house in counting. Which is house of obstacles, disease and  enmity. Mars here also gives trouble in marriage life.  Similarly 4th house is 10th house (karamsthan)  of 7th house. Mars placed in this house will destroy it's karkatwa. 

6th house is 12th from 7th house which is house  of loss of marriage so Mars placed in this house may give bad result. 


1.If both boy and girl are manglik then this dosh get cancelled. 

2.If Jupiter is strong in girl’s horoscope and Venus is strong in boys’ horoscope and Mars is in debilitation in above said houses  then marriage may happen.

3.Boy and girl rashi  should be of  friendly sign and should match more than 27 gunas then manglik Dosha  gets weak .


Importance of tithi in panchang

In panchang lunar tithi  has been  given a great importance .These thiti's are associated with what work  one should do according to them.

4th 6th 8th 9th and 14th tithi of either paksha are considered to be chidra (hole) tithi and are not auspicious for traveling. Even if the 14th tithi has a good nakshatara, still one must avoid traveling. 

1st 6th and 11th tithi are known as nanda tithi . It is auspicious to buy new clothes , ornaments and  also  to enjoy good food. 

2nd 7th and 12th are known as bhadhra tithi .This is considered good to join a job or take a power and chant swasthi vaachan mantras.

3rd, 8th and 13th are known as Jaya tithi . These are good to file a suit, defense related work to manufacture arms and ammunition, defense deals and good for business men to get profit by selling and purchasing goods.

4th 9th  and14th thiti are rikta  tithi .No new work should be initiated on these tithi 's either of moveable Nature  or fixed nature. 

5th 10th and 15th tithi are Purana tithi .These tithi 's are good for construction and development  work. 


Jagriti Singh

Very great astrologer,and expert in the field of astrology.

Sravani Sharma

You always provide clear answers and leave no space for doubts. One of the best astrologers on this platform. Thank you for giving honest and true readings

Abhishek Soni

Good knowledge and exact prediction. he gives you alternative for your problems

Shrishti Singh

Excellent prediction skills. A highly knowledge person.. You will feel that you are talking to a learned person who explain things very calmly and politely. Highly recommended.

Arya Pillai

Sir please first learn difference between nadi and kp astrology .both are different techniques . please remove expert word from profile ,you are at not even in beginner level .

Arya Pillai


Anurag kashyap

Rajesh ji has immense knowledge of remedies and he listen very patiently to the queries and finally gives simple doable remedies. I amazed by his vast knowledge of Astrology. Strongly recommends him. Thank you Sir for your valuable time and remedies.

Preety Agarwal

Thank you sir for your straight and positive opinion

Archana Singh

Realistic predictions given which is better than sweet talks that other astrologers give

Shudhanshu Mishra

Very accurate and genuine. He tells you everything before you asked. Optimistic, Positive, and very calm while conversation. Thankyou Guru ji I will contact you again. God bless you

Vivek Jaiswal

Super bakwaas

Manju Sharma

Manju Sharma

accurate prediction. Worth talking.

Jagriti Singh

wonderful experience worth talking to him


Great .Very accurate prediction.Highly recommended.