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 Belonging to a Brahmin family, I have been connected with Yogi's and Astrologers since childhood and it was in our family routine of understanding astrology for various purposes in life. For the last three decades I have taken this in my profession and have been helping out my clients from various parts of the world.

You can connect with me for the guidance related to Education, Career, Marriage, Health, Wealth, Finance, Relationship and any other issues which are bothering you in your day to day life. I can help you out in understanding the reasons behind it and show you the path to overcome the challenges of life so that you can Transform your life through your Karma. Light and Peace.


                                                                            Compatibility of numbers

In numerology drver numbers & conductor numbers should be in tune with each others otherwise we have to adapt, in order to understand compatibility of numbers i give below the nature of each number.

number :1 --  this is the number of Sun & treated as King of all planets.

number : 2  --  this is the number of moon & treated as Qeen.

number  : 3 -- this is the number of jupitar & is treated as the councelor or dev Guru ji.

number : 4 -- this is the number of rahu & is treated as Robinhood [the gunda] .

number : 5 -- this is the number of mercury & is treated as the prince.

number : 6 -- this is the number of venus & is treated as councelor or daitya Guru ji.

number : 7 -- this is the number of ketu & is treated as shadow.

number : 8 -- this is the number of saturn & is treated as the lord of justice.

number : 9 -- this is the number of mars & is treated as commander.

From the above list we choose friendly, nonfriendly or neutral numbers & thus we change the use of different colours, spellings & other remedies which suits the subject to effect wellness of life.

Infact numbers always chase us right from the birth till the end of life very frequentely & are always around us. Numerology suggest us to make best use of numbers to our benefit. anybody willing to understand beneficial numbers in his life, he or she may contact me through 'Talktoastro'.

wish you best of luck.                                                                                                             RADHA KRISHNA PANDAY.



                                                                   Loshu Grid

In chinese Numerology the use of loshu grid is a prominant method of predictions. Many of us have 

not heard about it. I shall give below right from the beginingof this method of numerology. First of all 

I give below the auscipicious Lakshmi Yantra upon which this method is based.

                                                                 LAKSHMI YANTRA

                                                                      4      9      2

                                                                      3      5      7

                                                                      8      1      6

Now if you count it & add up, you shall find total to be 15 in all the direction.

On this LAKSHMI  YANTRA  we prepare Numeroscope of any person using numbers in date of birth .

The numbers found in our date of birth are used to be written at their specific place in above grid in 

chinese numerology.

For example i use date of birth as 24/08/1945 & prepre a numeroscope for this:-

                                                           4,4    9      2


                                                           8       1      6,6     

Since driver number (total 0f date of birth) & conductor number (total of date month & year) 

are also six , hence these are written twice. as 4 comes twice , it is also written twice.

Thus you find 2 horizontal lines  , 1 verticle line & 2 crossed lines which are complete.

Top horizontal line indicates strong mental level, bottom line indicates strog will power , 

verticle line indicate success while 2 cross lines are indication of raj yog I & raj yog II .The 

tuning of driver number & conductor numbers is also neccesary for successful & peaceful

life.This grid also indicates insight meanings of wood element , earth element, fire elements, 

water element & two metal elements --- Gold & Silver which give insight of person's personality.                                           

The missing numbers are the deficiency of that element in the person's overall personality.

Now as per this grid the predictions are given & deficient numbers are supported by that elements

by that elements available with us.

we also check the numbers in the spelling of one's name, the city in which they live , house numbers, & 

mohalla etc.and required correction is suggested.

since for using this method lot of writting work is required .I shall take up to write Report through this method.

So  anyone interested to utilise Loshu Grid method of numerology, you may book REPORT for this.

THANK YOU.                                                                           RADHA KRISHNA PANDAY..




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