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 I was born and bought up in Gurgaon (Haryana).


I was always fascinated by various Astrologers and subject of Astrologers since the time I grew up and finished my college. I didn't even come to know and it became my passion. I love numbers and strongly believe that numbers play a great role in affecting all of us. This curiosity and love for this field of study named Numerology pushed me to learn more in depth and I did my Acharya course in it.


And it became my profession.


Since then I have been working in this field. I feel happy when people get a smile after solving their problems with the use of my predictions.

Planet Moon and Numerology
Number 2 represents moon. These individuals are Romantic, Sensitive, Emotional and get hurt easily and they also feel confused sometimes.. 
These are the people born on 2,11,20,29 of any month.
They have good compatibility with people having numbers 1,4,7,2.
They are creative have great imagination power and mostly love poetry, music.
There lucky colours are white, cream, green and all other light shades.
They should avoid dark colours as much as possible.
To increase the positive energy of their ruling planet they can do some simple remedies -
1. Standing in moonlight every day for 5 - 10 minutes.
2. Keeping a check on water taps, pipes for leakage.
Remember lekage or wasting of water will attract negativity and loss of money.
3. Drink water in a Silver glass.
4. Do Meditation 
All these things will increase positivity in their life.
Shefali Sharma 


Numbers and their impact on our life

Numerology Secrets 2021-05-20

                          Numerology and Planet Sun

People born on 1st, 10th,19th, 28th of any month are ruled by planet Sun.

Such people are Confident, Optimistic, Positive, Energetic and want to rise to higher position in their lives.

Numbers 1 people love to shine like Sun in the sky.

These are all positive traits and characteristics of people born on 1st, 10th, 19th, 28th of any month.

But every planet has its own positive and negative affects.

To increase the positivity of planet Sun in their life, individuals born on the above mentioned dates can-

Do these simple remedies -

- Offer water to lord Surya at the time of Sunrise.

-  Do Surya Namaskar... Then looking at their own face in the Mirror after that

- Applying Kesar tilak every Sunday.

These small remedies help to increase positive vibrations of Sun and Number 1. 


                                                               Role of Numerology in our Life

Numbers are all around us so they have a great impact on our life.

Our Date of Birth, Name number, Phone number, Account number, Vehicle number, Flat number and many such things associated with us affect us in a large way.

Some people work so hard... But do not get success but few others who work less hard get good results.

Have you ever thought why?

The possible reason could be wrong vibration of numbers surrounding them with their Date of Birth.

Here is when Numerology comes into play and helps us, guides us in attracting good luck and good fortune by bringing numbers around us in good vibration with us.


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