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Sonam S

Expertise : Vedic Astrology

Experience : 4 years

Languages : English, Hindi



MON-SUN :: 06:00PM - 10:00PM

Astro Sonam is a highly skilled and accomplished expert in Vedic Astrology, and Marriage Matching. With close to a decade of experience, she has mastered the intricacies of these ancient sciences.

Astro Sonam possesses profound knowledge of Vedic principles and their practical applications in various aspects of life. Her expertise lies in analyzing birth charts, evaluating compatibility for marriage, and providing effective remedies for harmonious living spaces. With her deep understanding of planetary influences and energy flow, she offers valuable insights and solutions to individuals seeking guidance.

Astro Sonam's compassionate approach, coupled with her precise predictions and accurate analyses, has earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor. Her dedication to assisting others in finding happiness, love, and prosperity is evident in her meticulous work and commitment to empowering her clients.

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