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Supriya S
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Expertise : Tarot Card Reading

Experience : 5 years

Languages : English, Hindi, Punjabi



MON-SUN :: 12:30PM - 08:00PM

 I am Supriya Suri, a Tarot Reader hailing from Delhi, with over half a decade of experience in reading Tarot Cards. I have helped countless individuals in their quest and yearning to accelerate in relationships and professions and everything in between. With a high accuracy percentage of decoding the past, present and future, I not only provide answers to the questions at hand, but also suggest relevant remedies to deal with situations. If you are looking for some answers or want some suggestions, don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'm a soundboard for anyone in need. Get your Tarot Reading today!

Dr. Labani Mallick

Authentic! highly recommended

Gagan Gagan

Very Kind, empathetic and knowledgeable

Bloom Bella

Awesome tarot reader. WILL get another reading.

Sanjana R

Extremely knowledgeable and very informative. Thank you so much

Sanjana R

She was extremely informative and was very knowledgeable.

Reeshika A


Rajendra Ranr

Excellent suggestions,very simple remedies

Km Bhawana

very good conversation

Gyan Ranjan

very clear suggestions

Vijay Singh

Thanku For the Guidance Mam..I wish whatever you said to me will happen Soon


thank u mam for all your suggestions and predictions. will do remedies u have suggested .thank u.

Himani Shahi

true n accurate prediction....a true guide.. thank you mam for everything

Hemant Anand

best astrologer, clear the every question to the point and very logically


it was awesome to talk actually I am happy with the response