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Supriya S
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Expertise : Tarot Card Reading

Experience : 5 years

Languages : English, Hindi, Punjabi



MON-SUN :: 12:30PM - 08:00PM

 I am Supriya Suri, a Tarot Reader hailing from Delhi, with over half a decade of experience in reading Tarot Cards. I have helped countless individuals in their quest and yearning to accelerate in relationships and professions and everything in between. With a high accuracy percentage of decoding the past, present and future, I not only provide answers to the questions at hand, but also suggest relevant remedies to deal with situations. If you are looking for some answers or want some suggestions, don't hesitate to reach out to me. I'm a soundboard for anyone in need. Get your Tarot Reading today!

Jagriti Singh

good session


She is so calm and composed with her prediction .. it was a lovely experience. Thank you mam


Her predictions work and remedies bring the best results out.


Excellent session. The chart analysis & predictions are very accurate. Simple Remedies were provided.


Thank you mam and stay we need people like you

Karim Ali

She is absolutely amazing very easy and nice to talk to Her predictions are very accurate and she is a great guide in making any kind of decisions She is intelligent and extremely capable in her profession and the accuracy in her predictions is amazing

Jagriti Singh


poli das

she's my go to person whenever I am unsure about things very positive must definitely come to her

Sharad P

it's always great to seek guidance from you... positive vibes and wonderful support...can't thank you much for all your predictions

Jennifer fernandes

Thank you for the knowledgeable session. Felt nice talking to you.

Gyan Ranjan

clarity of thought

Karim Ali

She is kind welcome and her accuracy is amazing

Poonam Sethi

Very accurate reading, mam you are gem on this platform, everyone should consult, I highly recommend

lakshmi yasho


Rukmini Mukherjee

very good

Karim Ali

An amazing experience with her Her accuracy is amazing likenmind blowing as she read the cards that’s exactly how things happened

lakshmi yasho

She give good gudiance

Ankur Nagpal

i don't recommend. more then prediction , she asked question to find out possibility as per answers ...

Karim Ali

Very good

Karim Ali

She is absolutely amazing

Reeshika A

Very good

Reeshika A

Very good

Kamal Prasad Badajena

Nice to talking to you Mam accurate predictions. Thank You for your guidance.

Neeta Pungle

Very good …. Guiding a lot…. And true prediction


Thank You Mam......Straight forward and to the point.

Jagriti Singh



very detailed session will connect again


Amazing reading


Thank you so much for the amazing guidance! Will come back surely


Very good reading . Really helpful . Thank you so much for always guiding me in the right path


She is the most beautiful and amazing person I came across in my life . The one who has an amazing positivity listening and advice are always


Highly recommended.. she is always to the the point.

Samskruthi Dayawar

very good

lakshmi yasho

Mam is very good just go for her

Ashish Golechha

Extremely Talented n Gifted. She listens to you with Patience n calmly suggest remedies too. A one stop solution she provided n she wants the best of us. God bless. Highly recommended

Labani Mallick

not recommended at all. I verified later and they are all bogus!!

Labani Mallick

well, I know the meaning of introspection. but I wanted to know in detail what is he introspecting for and why?

Rajendra Pandey


Edha Muley

extremely accurate, perfect to the point, very positive vibes, she also gives remedies, gave me one to be positive

Edha Muley

extremely accurate, perfect to the point, very positive vibes, she also gives remedies, gave me one to be positive

Akmal Seraj

one of the finest astrologer here . she is very good ,calm and patience.

Jagriti Singh



Very encouraging always loved it. I hope something positive happens soon


Very inspiring... Very humble... Perfect... Fast responses... Thanku so much mam...


Listens to you patiently.. Will help u in every capacity.. Very open and gives family member vibe.


really grateful for mam's insightfulness. shall be consulting again.


mam is so accurate n honest don't give loose hope..she tells wat true ... thank you so much mam

Manoj Sharma

Accurate and explained predictions with easy remedies. Highly recommended.

Murali V

Nice person. Her readings are very close personal experience and reality of the situation. She tries to answer any questions to the best of her ability. And clarifies things in simple fashion. Her predictions & suggestions feels reliable. Overall good experience.

shubhangi shukla

positive prediction ...feel good

shalini gupta

very nice

Abha Verma

Useless lady . Doesn't deserve a single star too

Labani Mallick

Authentic! highly recommended

Gagan Gagan

Very Kind, empathetic and knowledgeable

Bloom Bella

Awesome tarot reader. WILL get another reading.

Sanjana R

Extremely knowledgeable and very informative. Thank you so much

Sanjana R

She was extremely informative and was very knowledgeable.

Reeshika A


Rajendra Ranr

Excellent suggestions,very simple remedies

Km Bhawana

very good conversation

Gyan Ranjan

very clear suggestions

Vijay Singh

Thanku For the Guidance Mam..I wish whatever you said to me will happen Soon


thank u mam for all your suggestions and predictions. will do remedies u have suggested .thank u.

Himani Shahi

true n accurate prediction....a true guide.. thank you mam for everything

Hemant Anand

best astrologer, clear the every question to the point and very logically


it was awesome to talk actually I am happy with the response