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Upali A
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Expertise : Tarot card and Numerology

Experience : 5 years

Languages : English, Hindi, Odiya, Bengali



MON-SUN :: 11:00AM - 04:00PM

My name is Upali Aparajita. I am basically from Bengaluru and am a second generation astrologer from my family . I am a certified tarot card reader. Sometimes in life we are not able to decide which way to go . Apart from this, you can also contact me regarding Marriage Consultation, Career and Business, Love and Relationship, Wealth and Property, Career issues and much more.

With my intuitive powers and god's blessings I am able to help people make decisions in their career and relationships.My readings are accurate and also help people to grow . I completely believe in the power of the universe and am always in the path of spreading positivity .



Supriya Kumari

Truely gifted

Kriti Ashishh

Upali ji I must say people run for readings and are already in stressed situations upon that readers just today try to encourage on business of it with lots of money for readings wasted like water. Only few are on spiritual path and work as healers. Ofcourse financial money is needed but not to an extent where audience should be demoralised. Your readings shows your inner strength and balance both. Totally admirable. God bless and please go on as many will need you at lighthouse.

kritika Sharma

well explained , highly recommended and very positive person.

Jagriti Singh


Raghu Rajagopal

Highly positive, correct directions,Highly recommended

Raghu Rajagopal

Highly recomended


Highly recommended


very nice guider


Best astrologer ever seen


I enjoyed talking with you. You are great.


Thankyou so much!


Very very good and positive, I hope whatever you told comes true


very nice astrologer great reading.


Such a nice guidance Thankyou so much mam for your blessings