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What is Gems Stones ?

Gemstones are precious stones that have a huge influence on the people who wear them. These stones are very effective and bring luck to the people. These gemstones are suggested to the people according to their sun sign and on specific days.

Gemstones are known for reducing the negative effects and bad influences from people’s lives.

Gemstone calculator will help you determine the suitable stone for your according to your birth ascendant and provide you with other vital information regarding those stones. You will only get the good results from the stones you wear only if you wear them according to your sign and planets.


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How Gemstone Recommendation Calculator Works?

The different gemstone represents different energies and uses to attract the energies of different planets. Wearing a gemstone which attracts the energies of the positive planet according to the kundli of a person can make a huge difference in native life. However, gemstone should only be wear as per the person moon sign and ascendant. A gemstone which is positive according to person ascendant and moon sign can give positive results. In Gem recommendation Calculator, we identify the gemstone which will make positive difference in your life as per your kundli.

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