Birth Time Rectification

Birth time is a very crucial thing to know especially in Vedic astrology. However, it is not always that everyone knows their correct birth time. This could be a bit of a situation since without accurate birth time, forming the correct horoscope is nearly impossible.

If you are one of those who do not know your birth time, you don’t need to sweat. Because, in Vedic Astrology, there are many ways through which you can determine your exact time of birth.

Birth Time Rectification Report

The exact time of birth and day is very important from the view of astrology since it is used for various purposes like making the kundli or horoscope of a person, making astrological predictions based on kundli, forming natal chart, analysis of future events as well as matching kundli for marriage purposes.

So, if you only do wild guess about the birth time and shift it even for a few seconds, your whole life prediction will be wrong.

That is why, if you want to have correct life predictions, you need accurate birth time details.But if you do not know the exact birth time details or are confused about it, you can seek help with Birth Time Rectification Report. 

The number of people who do not know their exact date and time of birth is high. It is tough or says nearly impossible for these people to access the benefits of astrology. And in this regard, you cannot guess your time of birth.

You need a precise hour, minute as well as even seconds for making predictions since the positions of celestial bodies change every second. So, what is the exact position of any specific planet at the exact time of your birth determines your life predictions and influences your kundli in every aspect?

Therefore, with the help of the Birth Rectification Report, your correct date and time of birth are calculated using different astrological methods as well as they are further analyzed by the expert astrologers.

Birth Time Rectification Report is always prepared by expert astrologers who use various techniques and methods to determine a person’s exact birth time.

The different methods used here are Parashar Method, Varahamihira Method, Krishnamurti Method, and Nadi Method.

All these various methods are employed to determine the information regarding birth details like Lagna, Nakshatra as well as planetary movements and positions at the time of your birth.

This will help in predictions as well as analysis of various life events.

However, determining the exact birth time of a person is not an easy job to do. That is why the expert astrologers who are preparing the birth time rectification need to put a lot of hard work as well as time to present the precise and accurate report.

The average time required to prepare this report is around less than 72 hours.

In this time, period, a report is presented which not only presents birth time details but also is informational and reliable. 

Finding the accurate birth time is a bit complicated as well as time-consuming process.

Along with methods available in the astrology, astrologers use the details of the major events of your life like your education, job, business, marriage. When and how these events happen in your timeline of life are used to determine the birth time.

Before determining the accurate time, the astrologers find out an approximate birth time according to the positions of ruling planets and the time band provided by the person.

Astrologers try to fit several time slots until these events fall accurately according to the planetary positions.

 Significance Of Birth Time Rectification Report

Through Vedic astrology, people get an insight into their future. It helps them know about all the opportunities, risks as well as developments beforehand through which they can prepare themselves. It also helps people identify what is right and what is wrong for them. For example, we cannot form a bond with everyone when we are getting married. That is why kundli Milan happens to check the compatibility of the bride and groom. This way we will know who is the right partner for us. However, having a kundli itself requires details of birth time and date.

In order to make future predictions and get these insights, we need birth time.

But most of the time people forget these details since these kinds of details depends on our parents or people around us to keep.

However, it isn’t necessarily a major problem since Vedic astrology has a solution to every problem. By preparing the Birth Time Rectification Report, you will get all your details accurately. 


What does the Birth Time Rectification Report contain?

A proper and well-informed Birth Time Rectification report contains the following details:

*Your accurate birth time.

*Kundli based on your date of birth and time and the details of planetary positions at the time of your birth.

*Lucky and unlucky numbers, colors, days, years, directions, etc.

*Your Ascendants/Lagna, Moon Sign, Nakshatra, and predictions according to them.

*Meaning and implications of placements of different planets in your horoscope.

*Auspicious and inauspicious ‘Yogas’ present in your kundli and their effects in your life.

*Your education prospects, higher education, suitable profession as well as your chances of success during specific periods.

*Suitability of job or business, which option is best for you?

*Predictions about your love life, marriage, relationship with your partner as well as divorce.

*Time period and details of Sade Sati in your horoscope and the major upheaval it will bring to your life.

*Astrological remedies for decreasing the negative effects of malefic planets and ‘yogas’.

*Suitable gemstones and rituals specifically for you.

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