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We are all aware that life is unpredictable. It is a mixture of our luck and decisions we make throughout our life to make it perfect and happy. However, things do not always turn out as we want. Things always go up or down no matter how much we try. The results are mostly the outcomes of our own efforts and Karma. But it is not limited to those only.

Our three-fourth of life is controlled by our destiny and we have hand over only one-fourth of our life.

According to Vedic Astrology, the planets and the stars, two lunar nodes, and all their positions influences the life of a person.

Their positions at the time of our birth determine our whole life. But we should also know that the position of these bodies constantly changes. Therefore, their changes also influence the person and the decisions they make and the paths they chose to walk on.

A Life Prediction Report will help you have a brief and in-depth analysis of different aspects of a person’s life. These aspects include education, health, love, marriage, family, business, finances, etc.

When you get a life prediction report from an expert astrologer, they will analyze your kundli or horoscope according to the details of your birth like date, time and place, Bhav Chalit Chart, Navamsa and Dasamsa Chart and other divisional charts.

The report contains predictions and events which are most likely to happen in your life regarding these aspects. So, with the help of this life prediction report, we will get the answers to good and bad happening and what is right and what is wrong for us.

These answers will further help us control the mishappenings and have a better future for ourselves. It will help us lead a positive and happy life.

Some unknown power is behind all this that these celestial bodies controls our lives and lead us all to different paths.

These bodies take us to places as well us confuse us with wrong decisions and their effects. All these so that we can experience and learn our lessons from them to lead to maturity.

The life prediction report is a detailed analysis of our horoscopes which will help us get a life prediction that is based on the years-old principles of Vedic Astrology. It will help you know the strong and weak points of your personality which will help you grow as a person.

Not only that, but this prediction report also recommends which gemstone will be suitable for you and provide strength to the planets.

Along with what gemstone you should wear, it also suggests the ideal weight, metal, and color as well as proper wearing instructions and mantras at the time of wearing and precautions while and after wearing the stone so that you get the maximum benefits without getting any side effects.

The Life Prediction Report will also have mantras, Vedic remedies, as well as yantras suitable for your well-being.

These will help you eradicate all the negative influences from your life and bring all the positivity to your life so that you lead a fulfilling and happier life.

What does Life Prediction Report contain?

Career Predictions

Life Prediction will give you brief details about your professional life. It will help you know with a career path and suitable for you and how can you achieve success. It will also showcase the problems you will encounter in your professional life.

It will also help you determine your strengths, skills, and weaknesses so that you can put them to use and able to control it where it requires.


The report will give you insight into your student life.

It will help you answer what and how you are going to learn, what will help you move towards your goals, and how you can perform the best amongst your peers.

It will also help you build a better reputation in your class and have a name within your teachers and professors.

It will also determine what are your chances of higher education, what problems you will face in your student’s life, which will be the best time for you to study to ensure maximum concentration.


In the report, you will get an insight into your financial condition in your life.

The answers to questions like when will you achieve financial stability, how will you achieve it, what can you do to increase your income and income sources, what are the best time for making investments for you, your long terms and sudden expense that might and will happen during the course of your life.

It will give details about the houses that signifies specifically to wealth, I.e. 2nd and 11th house. It will help you determines the flow of income in your life.

Marriage and Relationships

The Life prediction report will let you know what will be the time of your life you will meet the love of your life, what will be the name and personality of your spouse, when will you get married, what will be the best age and time to get married, are there any chances of divorcee or remarriage in your life, what will be the compatibility level of yours with your spouse.

It will also let you know the good and bad periods of your married life.


The report will give you a brief description and insight into your health, what are the problems you might face both physically and mentally, what will be the time periods your health will be at their lowest.

It will also provide measures and Vedic health remedies you can adapt according to your body and lifestyle for a healthy life.

Sade Sati Period

The report will provide you a prediction about the Sade Sati period in your life. It will also give you remedies you can adopt to decrease its negative effects. 




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