Libra Moon Sign Horoscope

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Libra Moon Sign Characteristics : Individuals brought into the world under the zodiac sign of Libra are quiet and reasonable, and they detest being distant from everyone else. A social group is significant for Libra and with their successful attitude and participation, they can't remain separated from everyone else. The Libra is an Air sign, with communication keenness and a sharp personality. They can be motivated by acceptable books, unconquerable dialogues and intriguing individuals. Individuals who are born in Libra sign have an elegant body: for instance a pretty individual with a round head and a with a pleasant face, for instance, a high temple; a dainty nose; a dimple; pale, and thick eyebrows. They are likewise charming. The image of Libra is parity and Librans tend to keep up balance in all that they embrace. They are loving and abstain from getting into contention. They are known for their excellent grin, lively air and sentimental disposition. They are conciliatory, elegant, serene, optimistic, friendly, delicate, sympathetic, considerate and legitimate. They can be effective craftsmen, business people and government officials due to their reasonable methodology. Popular for judgment gauges upsides and downsides altogether before arriving at a resolution. Desires the thriving of others yet never neglects to support friends and family. Upstanding and thoughtful however adaptable and touchy. Librarian considers others more than self and contend with clearness and foreknowledge.They desire Continuously for equity, congruity, love and harmony at any expense. Being a breezy sign, they are passionate admirers of nature and its wonders. They love changes dwelling place, embrace visit, voyages and adores elevated expectation of living. Librarian makes great colleagues. Powerful and adjusted in their methodology, they are good at showcasing and making introductions.
20th September to 26th September

You will make regular modifications to better your lifestyle during this time. You can also decide to take yoga and exercise every day for a happier and healthier lifestyle while stepping outside of your comfort zone. However, you should avoid taking on too much work at this time. You can easily accumulate some money this week thanks to Ketu's passage in its exalted sign in the second house. Because you can get the money you lent to others during this time. There's also a chance you'll be able to make some money to put toward your new endeavour at this time. Due to his or her sloppy and indecisive behaviour, this individual with whom you have an emotional connection may upset you this week. As a result, it is preferable to treat them well while also improving their nature. The planets' positions this week suggest to the chance of some conflict situations forming in your relationships with siblings, friends, relatives, and coworkers during this time. The result will be negativity in your head, causing you to be unable to plan anything related to your career. Those studying for tough exams should rely on their hard work rather than their luck this week. Because you are fully aware that while luck does not always favour you, your education remains with you until death. As a result, you're wasting your time waiting for the stars to align in your favour. In such a case, put the past behind you and focus on your hard work from now on.

Remedy: Give green products and recite Mercury's mantras.

The month of September will bring you a mixed bag of results. Overall, you will need to be on the receiving end of either extraordinarily positive or incredibly bad results. The professional life will prove to be fruitful. Your income sources will expand, and your commercial activities will gain traction. Domestic life should continue to be prosperous, but third-party intervention should be avoided.

Your adversaries will do everything they can to wreak havoc on your home life. Your income will stay the same while your costs will decrease marginally. You'll be more likely to spend more on high-end things. My cheeks flushes when I think of romantic relationships. You'll have to put up the necessary effort to have your love life take off. The lives of a couple will be simple. You will not confront any such difficulties in terms of your health.

In terms of health, the month of September will yield a mixed bag of outcomes. The first half of the game will be enjoyable. The Sun, Mars, and Mercury will all be in the third tenth house, and they will all be aspecting the house of diseases.

In addition, Jupiter and Saturn will be retrograde in the fourth house. Rahu is in the ninth house of the horoscope. Overall, it may be detrimental to your health. Despite the fact that Venus will be in its own zodiac, it will provide some protection.

The fifth aspection of Jupiter will stay in the eighth house, and Rahu's wrath will be contained. As a result, there will be some health issues, but not many. There could be issues with bile or the stomach. Acidity, gas, and indigestion are all possible side effects. Maintain a healthy diet. It is also very important to have a healthy lifestyle.


Every day, worship Lord Vishnu and recite the Shri Vishnu Sahasranama Stotra if possible.

'Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya' should be chanted as often as possible. Pay your respects to the temple.

Seek the blessings of your forefathers and mothers.

Recite Durga Chalisa while lighting a Diya with ghee at home.

Yearly Horoscope - 2021 - Libra

The New Year 2021 will be the year of changes for the Libra natives. You will witness significant changes in different aspects of life. These changes will mainly be positive and you will achieve success but there will also be mixed results in some areas. Professional natives will remain prosperous in your career and achieve all your goals. Businesspersons will also have a very positive period where they will earn great profits as well as be able to grow their business. However, natives dealing in partnership businesses have to be cautious as some problems may arise.


The New Year will bring a strong foothold in the financial aspect for the Libra natives. However, there may be some problems that arise with your investments due to the malefic influence of the planet Pluto. Therefore, it is suggested to keep an eye on this planet and its movements. You are suggested to not involve yourself in big money where risks are also high. To streamline your expenses, you should always try to plan and make budgets regarding your income and potential expenses. Budgets help you save and track your expenses too.


This year, Libra natives should focus on achieving good physical and mental health. You should not let the workload get into your mind and give you stress all the time. Always try to break from your work to enjoy what you like. This is the only way to maintain your mental health. You also have to learn how to control your emotions. You should adopt doing exercises or meditation regularly that will help you maintain good physical health. Problems may arise around the stomach area with digestion for some natives. In such cases, you can take prescribed medicines.


Libra natives especially the married ones, in the new year 2021 are advised to be very careful and not engage themselves much in social works, otherwise, it may hinder your marital life. You should always be supportive of your spouse and be there for them during their lowest points so they won’t feel alone. The key to a happy married life is emotional support and understanding. Therefore, you should always try to give these to your partners.


The new year is going to be full of prosperity for the Libra natives as this year will be full of good results for you. Your hard work and efforts will be very much recognized and you will create a name for yourself. There may be some ups and downs but you will be able to overcome every challenge with your efficiency. The hurdles you are facing are bracing you and making you better at your job. Thus, due to your problem-solving abilities, your reputation is going to spike especially amongst your seniors.


  • Wear diamond or opal gemstone embedded in the silver metal on your ring finger on Friday.

  • You can also wear a Blue Sapphire gemstone on your middle finger.

  • Free a pair of birds on any Wednesday.