Sagittarius Moon Sign Horoscope

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Sagittarius Moon Sign Characteristics : Sagittarians are defined as optimistic. They do hope that there will be good things. They always see their soul on the luminous hand of a case. Sagittarians are always directed by blessed stars, and they always get the good stuff. Sagittarians are very autonomous. They are dynamic and expansive figures. You are naturally curious and are always searching for information to increase your insight. We are also religiously conscious. They don't want to stay in the past. They become Restless and exaggerated at times. They desire to know something about everything. Their relationship is cheerful and happy. They are adaptable, simple-life material. They are an art lover and has the ability to create wonder with their creative self. Civil enforcement is seldom followed by practice. They are more of rule breakers. They want to learn philosophy and hidden subjects. Neatness, orderliness, analytical methodology and discipline lead them to excellent performance. They are trustworthy and do not leave the work unfinished. To Sagittarius, the mixture of charitable and travel directions is a logical step and a sensible choice for those who want to explore theological forms of being a missionary. Sagittarius is usually very committed to his cause, and when devoted he can make a real difference. People who are born under the sign of Sagittarius are a very fun-loving person.
20th September to 26th September

You will have lots of energy this week, but your workload may cause problems. Despite this, because Rahu is travelling in its exalted sign in your sixth house during this period, you will be able to enjoy food with your family and experience wonderful moments. This week, with Ketu in its exalted sign in the twelfth house, you will have unexpected financial benefits. As a consequence, you will be able to significantly increase your financial position and, as a result, you will be able to financially assist a member of your household. Participating in social festivals will provide you with the opportunity to meet a variety of significant people in society. In such a case, don't let these entire opportunities pass you by; instead, attempt to make the most of them. This week, all of your previous adverse employment situations will work out in your favour. In this regard, you should make the most of this opportunity and try to gain admiration from your superiors. This could also assist you in obtaining financial benefits. This week will be fantastic for students studying IT, fashion, medicine, law, and interior design who are born under your sign. Because Mars and the Sun are conjunct in your fifth house at this time, you will be able to comprehend all subjects and make important decisions about your future.

Donate black objects and take a bath with black sesame seeds added to the water as a remedy.


August month of will give mixed outcomes for the natives of zodiac sign Capricorn. In some parts, you may not notice troubles, there may also be troubles in others. Regarding career, August will not be enjoyable for employed people, but it will be incredibly good for business professionals.
August month can turn out to be a little unsatisfactory in terms of education. Students attempting for higher education can receive some good news in the concluding days of the month. Domestic life will also be filled with ups and downs. Increased interference from the in-law’s side can make the house hold environment a bit tense. There will be assistance from the sisters and brothers.
This month is probable to be extremely good for love affairs. Relationship game is going to be strong and native will spend a pleasant time together. A wedding may also be expected. There is a likelihood of getting married in August month. The economic situation is expected to be noble this month. If the allowances and salaries of the employed people may upsurge, subsequently the business professionals are also probable to get good benefits.
Don’t try to save tax via wrong ways, or else you may have to pay in additional ways. In the 1st half of the month, because of your habits, you may encounter health problems. Health will be comparatively healthy in the second half.



Recite Aditya Hriday Strotam daily.
On the day of Saturday, recite Sunderkand.
Put certain amount of cardamom seeds in yellow cloth and then keep it with you.

Chant Bhairav Chalisa.

Yearly Horoscope - 2021 - Sagittarius

The New Year horoscope for the Sagittarius natives is very auspicious and give positive results due to the positive influence of Saturn as well as Jupiter. With the benefice influence of these planets, your performance at your workplace is going to improve. This will help you build a good reputation amongst the people at your workplace. You might receive a transfer letter soon but it will be a place of your liking and it could be a foreign location too. Furthermore, you will have a strong financial foothold due to the influence of Shani Dev.


Sagittarius natives who have been facing financial restrain throughout the year 2020 is going to get relief in the new year and their financial condition will improve. Due to the favourable influence of Jupiter and the favour of luck, your financial health will become strong. But you still have to put some efforts and make investments by calculating risks and returns thoroughly. Also, even if your financial conditions are better now, you should still control your expenses.


This new year will bring good health conditions for the Sagittarius natives. And since there are no malefic planetary transitions, nothing is going to affect your health negatively. But even though there is nothing doesn’t mean you shouldn’t care about it. You should still eat a balanced diet and do exercises regularly to maintain both your physical and mental health. Furthermore, there may be some health issues arise in the initial months of the years but they will only be minor ones.


The marital life of the Sagittarius natives is going to be average. However, you can still find the moments in between. There will be an understanding and passion between you and your spouse. But as time passes, these will start getting lost in the course of life. Therefore, to maintain the same relationship you have earlier, you should make some efforts and spend some quality time with your spouse, maybe go on a trip to recharge the lost passion.


The new year is going to be very auspicious for the professional natives as they will achieve all the success they have worked for a long time. Your performance will improve very much and you will gain recognition from your seniors because of this. You subordinates will look up to you. The initial months of the year are going to be very favourable for you and career graph will rise significantly. You will create a name for yourself in your field and you will be known by your work.


  • Wear Pukhrak gemstone embedded in gold metal in your index finger.

  • You can offer water to the Peepal tree every Saturday.

  • Wear three Mukhi rudraksha on Tuesday.