Scorpio Moon Sign Horoscope

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Scorpio Moon Sign Characteristics : Scorpio is a powerful and strong astrological sign. Scorpios are extremely deep, powerful. They offer a cool, unmoved air into the world, yet the underworld is powerful, extremely powerful and passionate, strong and determined. Scorpios have a very penetrating attitude, are not surprised when they ask questions, try to deeper and figure things out and examine the situation. You always want to learn when, when, and any other information you may ask. Scorpions are very strong and very aware of the games others are trying to play. They become self-centred and selfish if they feel that their interest can be hampered. It is an inexhaustible symbol of rulers, fire. He can't show a shallow knowledge until he feels thorough. They have Huge confidence in managerial skills. Even successful Scorpion conversationalists and writers rely on their own intellect too much. Scorpions are natural investigators and it is not easy for them to take on the face value of things. As they deeply desire to find answers, they might be attracted to fields such as medical research, psychology and journalism, especially research journalism. People often trust the born Scorpio with their innermost secrets and valuables and therefore.
20th September to 26th September

Due to the presence of Ketu in the Ascendant's house this week, your frequent eating habits may cause you problems. As a result, recognise that while it is a fun activity, it is also unjustified to jeopardise and play with your health. As a result, you should limit your calorie intake this week. If you've been thinking about making a house investment, this week is predicted to be considerably better than usual. Because this investment will benefit you, and you will be able to earn additional income from any area of your home through rent and other means. The most beneficial thing for you this week will be that your husband will help you reunite with your family. Yogas are also being created with the hopes of receiving a beautiful present from your relatives and friends. Remember that taking responsibility for any errors you've made at work will display your knowledge this week. Because admitting your mistake in the office can work in your favour right now. However, in order to improve it, you will need to analyse it right away. According to your weekly horoscope, this is a very wonderful moment for students pursuing higher education. Because Mars and the Sun are conjunct in your fifth house at this time, you will be able to comprehend all subjects and make important decisions about your future.

Donate black objects and take a bath with black sesame seeds added to the water as a remedy.

September will continue to be a good month for you. This month will be very eventful in terms of your work life. You will be on your way to achieving your objectives while also receiving a fair number of perks.

September will prove to be a fruitful month for academic pursuits. You will be overjoyed because money will come into your hands. Life at home will be perfect. You should, however, keep a close eye on your words. Relationships are predicted to suffer some setbacks. Natives who are married may have a good time overall.

There is no risk that you will develop any serious health problems. In general, September will be a cheerful and fortunate month for you.

Your health will be free of all kinds of worries and concerns during the month of September. You will stay in good health. There is a very slim chance of any form of health-related issues. There may be some minor issues as a result of the weather change, but they will not be cause for panic.

Because the weather will inevitably change, you should pay careful attention to your food. Pay close attention, especially in the second half of the month. It is important to have a way of living. A mild disease may affect children. Children can get boils, acne, and other skin problems.


Lord Ganesha should be worshipped on a daily basis. Durva and ladoos (sweets) should be offered to him on a regular basis.

Recite the mantra: ': / om gan gaanpataye nama:'

Organize Sunderkand's path or listen to it every day at home.

On Lord Hanuman's forehead, apply a Sindoor Tilak.

Yearly Horoscope - 2021 - Scorpio

The New Year 2021 is going to be the year of auspicious events and full of opportunities for the Scorpio natives in different aspects of life. In terms of your career, although it may be going through some tough times right now. This is happening due to the malefic influence of Saturn in your horoscope. But changing its course is right in your hands. You have to realize that you can achieve anything through your hard work and consistent efforts. Through hard work, you will reap good results at the end of the tunnel.


The New year 2021 is going to be auspicious for the Scorpio natives in terms of financial aspects. The money inflow in your life will rise along with a significant decline in the expenses and luck will be in your favor. You will have a very strong financial hold, through which you can buy any comfort and luxury you want.


Scorpio natives should be careful regarding their healths and should take care of it properly. The positive influence of the Sun will help you overcome all the issues which might come your way. Through this, you will feel energetic. Natives who are suffering from major health issues will now see improvements in their health. There is also no malefic planetary position that may potentially impact your health negatively.


The New year is going to remain favorable for the married natives as there aren’t any malefic effects of planetary positions that may ruin your married life. This year is also very positive for single natives as they should go out and explore. Who knows you might find the love of your life. Natives who are going to marry this year should know this is a very auspicious period for them and their married life will be very blissful. The relationship with their spouse will have great factors like understanding and compatibility.  


Professional natives are advised to take every decision regarding their career very careful in the year 2021. There are going to be many ups and downs and your only way to get through the tough times is to work with your full potential. With hard work and persistent efforts by completing all your tasks timely, you can build a very positive reputation for yourself at your workplace. However, things that are pulling you down are your issues. Therefore, you first have to resolve those.


  • Wear Pearl gemstone embedded in a silver crescent moon necklace around your neck.

  • You can also wear coral gemstone.

  • For good results, do Rudrabhishek at your home.