A person’s horoscope helps them get an insight into their life’s past, present, and future. It will help them predict the upcoming challenges and ways to overcome those. Your horoscope will also help you determine the possible hurdles you may face while walking the path of your destiny and success. Having your horoscope made with India’s best and knowledgeable astrologers who present your horoscope on a regular basis of weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. Therefore, everybody should get their horoscope prepared to unlock the secrets of your cosmic alignments.
Horoscope of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly is made based on the planetary movements in transit and change of Nakshatra.  It is believed that the concept of ‘Horoscope’ was introduced in an ancient scripture named as ‘Brihat Parashara Horasastra’. these scriptures were written by Sage Parashara thousand of years ago. ‘Brihat Parashara Horasastra’ explains different planetary positions at different times and different places.
Basically, we can say that the ‘Horoscope’ is a forecast of planetary positions at the current time period based on your ascendant. If an astrologer has to take a glance at your life or your future to make predictions, they will either use ‘Janam Kundli’ or give predictions based on planetary combination in transit on your ascendant. That is why Horoscope holds great importance in astrology. 
Horoscope can help you take decision about the events which is about to happen in the near future. It is to make your prepared and deal with circumstances and situations in a better manner.