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Rajendra Sarin
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Expertise : Lal Kitab Astrology, Vedic Astrology

Experience : 20 years

Languages : English, Hindi


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"YES WE CAN" Astrology is the most ancient science from time and memorial. This science is continuously researched and updated by various scholars, saints and best astrologers which culminated into the most concise, accurate and practical Vedic branch of astrology known as LAL KITAB. I am Rajendra Sarin, Lal Kitab Astrologer. I have gained my Astro knowledge from Palmistry and then Vedic astrology. Eventually,


I came to know about Lal Kitab astrology from world-famous Lal Kitab Astrologer G. D VASHIST. It is not very different from Vedic Astrology but the calculation and study of the horoscope are different. It is an innovative and simple way to study horoscope. I was shocked by its effectiveness. The calculation and predictions are unique and simple and its remedies are very simple to do and work magically to sort out our problems. I followed it very seriously for a long time and worked hard to get the core knowledge of this vast subject.


I am in this profession since 2004 and helped numerous clients to get to the right path. Its remedies are simplified, effective and not bound by the laws and practices of any religion as evident from his clients and followers from all parts of the world. For Education and Talent For getting success in your life. For Happy Married Life. For capable and talented children For peace and satisfaction in life.


For strong health and Wealth For sorting out problems of your life. You should take our services. My experience is my teacher and all the comforts that I have given to people are my degree. In the last for Astrology, I have to say Brains guide us but astrology has the ability to guide Brain.

malika narang


Abha Verma

Very negative and waste astrologer

Richa Goyal

Mala Sharma

always great in his explanations. thanks a lot for ur efforts

Jagriti Singh

Thanks sir for giving me clearence


Very accurate prediction.




Providing very satisfactory online horoscope reading,Rajendra sarin is someone you can trust. He provided me with an accurate assessment of my future and my business has been booming since.

Suraj Rastogi

I consulted Sir for myself and later for my family members too. His predictions were on spot and helped us in gaining insight regarding the present and future. I would surely recommend his services to all. I often seek his help before doing any business or taking a new step.

Kartik Dutta

Great Astrologer

Pragya SHarma

Highly appreciating and recommending.


He is very knowledgeable astrologer,good predictions.

Shailesh Puri

His explaination and way of talking is awesome, tell almost everything about my future and give easily remedies.

Arya Pillai

Very bad ,no value for our hard earned money ..he was in discussion with other person instead of analysing my chart .later started telling do remedies everything will be fine .you people r doing bad karma by not doing good work and wasting other money .shani dek lenga tumhe :)

pkji pk

good knowledge

Harleen Kaur

On point and knowledgable


Good astrologer highly recommend

Manjushree Venkatesh

Really happy

Naga Bora

Highly recommeded

Naga Bora

Feeling happy

payal bora m

Highly recommended

payal bora m


Rupali Johri

He explained everything quite well. His analysis was detailed. Liked the way he explained everything

Arya Pillai

Good prediction

madhur kapoor


Diptomoy Mukherjee

Thank u sir

Mukta N

Good Astrologer


I loved the way he gave the astrology predictions. He is a very calm and polite person